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By Neal Preston

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Topic: No new album - not such a bad thing after all ? Return to archive
08-19-02 01:39 PM
gotdablouse Well (along with Matthijs) I was among the most diappointed that they wouldn't be releasing a new album...After listening to "Don't Stop", I'm beginning to wonder if it's such a bad thing after all !

It sounds like an outtake from "Primitive Cool" ! A blend of Throwaway/Kow Tow and Say You Will with he Another Night chorus thrown in for good measure. Wonder how Keith could let that slip by, after all he was telling everyone at the time that he'd "slit Mick's throat" if he went on a solo tour !

The hammond organ is a nice touch though...

I was recently telling a friend that unlike guys like Springsteen, up to now, the Stones had always been able to come up with a "sparkle" or shall I say a "glimmer" in their music...Have they lost it ? Maybe it's a good thing we're not gettinga new album after all...

Mick and Keith seemed to be very proud of the new output and particularly that it was really NEW stuff...Instead of focusing on new stuff they could have unearthed the lost but not forgotten "Honest Man" from the VL sessions. Now that would have rocked !
08-19-02 01:54 PM
sandrew Never was crazy about "Honest Man" - it's what I like to call sterile Mick rock. "Don't Stop" is way better. I couldn't be more pleased...
08-19-02 02:03 PM
Mr T Don't Stop isn't bad - it just doesn't impress me, doesn't really have an edge. It was ade to be a Stonesy single & that's what it is. It's pepetitive, it's laid back & it's got the same Keith style they've always been using. After the last few very non-Stonesy singles went nowhere - I'm not surprised they tried to go with something 'safe' - especially with the whole 40 year retrospective thing going on, I can't see them pushing new boundries. I don't believe they've lost their tounch at all. When they do push forward it turns out great - Don't Stop is just the Stones proving that they can still write hits like Start Me Up - how many years have people been going around saying that was their last great song? Looks to me like their just going back to the original formula of the good old days - I'm sure a new album would have more creativity to it. Besides - there's still 3 more songs (well, really 27) where that came from - who knows?
08-19-02 05:22 PM
Boomhauer Well then.....what is the fucking problem with the song? Everything I've read, people say "it is typical Stones song, but........"

What the fuck do you want them to sing then? Hall & Oates? No, wait, how about Phil Collins?

This song was written by this band. They ain't gonna write IORR part 2, for fucks sake. Enjoy what they put out these days.
08-19-02 06:52 PM
gotdablouse Well it's typical Stones circa "Emotional Rescue" or "Primitive Cool", i.e. uninspired Mick periods !
The more I listen to it, the more it reminds me of the Primitive Cool album, some bastard child to Throwaway, Primitive Cool (especially the toning of the voice), Say You Will and even...Let's work !! Arghh...Just replace the nice Hammond Organ of DS with the cheesy 1986 heyboards and you've got track #11 !

Ironically, at 3'20'', Mick lifted the "There's a hole where there once was my heart was" from "Honest Man" with "There's an opening where there once was a stone (?)" in DS !

Pedestrian Stones a la "Too Tigh" or "Let Me Go", far from the class of "Anybody Seen My Baby" or "Saint Of Me" !
08-19-02 07:59 PM
Mr T Actually - what I dislike about the song is it's kinda IORR pt 2. I mean - they aren't too similar -but its a typical Stones song. Nothing wrong with that - just nothing outstanding. Then again - I havent heard the real version - but when I do I intend to enjoy it. Personally I liked Bridges To Babylon a lot - it wasnt typical Stones - but it still had Mick & Keith doing what they do best, it still sounded like them. I thought that was a pretty god transition. What I've heard of Don't Stop didn't do much for me - but its a good track & I can't wait to hear the studio cut
08-19-02 08:14 PM
KeepRigid You guys think you got it bad now, but what if the actual single comes out and it's got programmed drums? Or what if it's got a slick, overproduced mix?

Remember, this is only an audience recording of the first time they've played it live. So what if the bare-bones arrangement is only to suit the intimate club setting?

Okay, just screwing with ya...but I bet the finished track has a faster tempo than what they played live.
08-19-02 08:21 PM
gypsy I agree 100% with KeepRigid.
08-19-02 09:08 PM
Boomhauer I agree. We are listening to a new song for the first time LIVE, and the sound quality is not good at all. I think you can't judge the song until you hear the way it is meant to be.
08-19-02 09:17 PM
Sir Stonesalot Yo gotdablouse...That reference came from Dear Doctor, and was recycled for Honest Man.
08-19-02 10:27 PM
Mr T KeepRigid is right - it could go either way - but I'm sure it'll be better. Your right they could use drum loops & such - but I doubt they are gonna polish the song to be total pop. Remember, this is the Stones, not Aerosmith

But considering this is almost definitly meant as a return to the classic Stones style - I doubt they will fuck it up. I don't find it to be an overly creative track at all - I can only guess that may imply they won't be too liberal with the studio version.
08-20-02 12:57 AM
gypsy Yes, KeepRigid is right yet again.
08-20-02 01:39 PM
padre It seemed to have the handclaps like Start me up, so maybe the production of the studio version is more or less similar to SMU in other ways too. Suits me! Hopefully it's not overproduced like Mixed Emotions was.
By the way I listened to Bridges today after a while and it sounded better than I remembered. Especially Out Of Control. It really shoulda been a huge hit! If that one didn't make it, I doubt that Don't Stop will. Hopefully I'm wrong.
08-21-02 07:46 AM
gimmekeef It's funny you mentioned BTB which I also like a lot.However isn't Out of Control just Papa Was A Rolling Stone remixed???
08-21-02 09:26 AM
padre Papa Was a Rolling Stone is one helluva song. Deserves easily another treatment! More than Constant Craving.

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