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Topic: Jerry admits Mick wasn't the only one to have affairs (NSC) Return to archive
08-19-02 10:26 AM

JERRY HALL admits that while Mick Jagger got all the bad press for serial adultery during their 11-year marriage, she was not altogether the faithful wife.

Speaking of her happiness now that she has found true love with 36-year-old Tim Attias, she says: "I honestly didn't know life could be so easy and fun with someone. I haven't got that much experience of men. But I'm not saying I was completely faithful all the time I was with Mick." Now engaged to Attias, 46-year-old Hall has not written off the idea of having children with him. "Who knows?" she asks the Sunday Times. "Motherhood's the greatest."

Jerry, who recently landed a contract as the new face of Tag Heuer, is determinedly not going to develop a complex about being older than her man and claims that she would never resort to cosmetic surgery. "When I'm talking to women who've had face-lifts, I can't concentrate because I'm so busy looking at their foreheads, how their eyebrows are sticking up over here and how their eyes do weird things when they bend down," she says.

Set to star in Benchmark, in the West End, next month and to take on Bette Davis' role in the stage adaptation of All About Eve next year, Jerry is convinced that true love will keep her young. "If you are so worried that you have to cut your face up to make yourself happier, you're with the wrong guy. Or at least, that's what I say. But then I'm with the right guy…" (August 19 2002, AM)
08-19-02 10:45 AM
sandrew All I can say is, "Time can tear down a building, or destroy a woman's face ..."
08-19-02 01:44 PM
Sir Stonesalot This does not surprise me. She hit on me at a club in Germany. She was really wacked out, mumbling about men in uniform.

She was all "Hey, ya'll wanna fuck my brains out?"

I was all "Like, no."

She was all "Awwww shucks, come on Hun. Mah legs go all the way up....I wanna wrap 'em around yer head!"

I was all "EEeeeeeewwwww. Mick sticks his cock in that thingy, if I were to give it a lick, it'd be just like licking Mick's cock! I like the guy, but I don't like him that much!"

She was all like "I'm pretty sure I washed it since last time....come on, lets get you outta that fine lookin' uniform, and into me..."

I was all "Not on your best day, and not on my worst day."

She was all "Fine then, I'll just fuck yer buddy then..."

My partner was a black guy with a really huge penis. we used to give him standing ovations when he walked into the shower. He left with her. When I talked to him the next day, I asked him what happened. He said that she passed out in the cab on the way to her hotel. So he took all her money, and told the Turk driving the cab that she wanted fucked real bad. He also liberated her of about a 1/4 oz of really good blow.

08-19-02 01:53 PM
jb I don't know Sir, I would have glady taken Ms. Hall up on her offer!
08-19-02 02:06 PM
Sir Stonesalot Heck jb, at the time my girlfriend was a stewardess(they still called them that back then) for Lufthansa. She was a German/Japanese girl....and she was HOT. In other words, I had better waiting back at the apartment.
08-20-02 01:46 AM
Prodigal Son This can't be true. If it is it has to be one of the most defining moments a board member has ever had associated with the Stones. I can't believe it. This must be made up. Not sure what to think. Oh well.
08-20-02 03:18 AM
F505 Stonesalot, there's just one Sir and that is Mick
08-20-02 07:16 AM
bez85 sir stones, you are a funny mutha're the main reason i read this board ..keep up the good work...
08-20-02 07:31 AM
cocksucker sir stones you're the greatest cocksucker on this board with your puberal shittalk. Fuck you man! Put your cock in your own asshole
08-20-02 08:22 AM
Sir Stonesalot Dude, if I could put my cock in my ass, I'd probably never leave the house.

Of course this was made up. I can't believe anyone even thought it was true for even a second! I mean, when I posted it, I was shooting for so over the top that it was obviously a joke.

My army pal, Harold, actually was a big black guy from Georgia. And the part about his cock was true. He used to bitch all the time about not being able to keep a girlfriend. It would come time to "consumate" the relationship, and those chicks would just bolt for the door when they saw that thing. It was crazy big. He could hold it with both hands, and twirl that fucker like a helicopter! He told me that he'd never been able to get more than half of it in a chick.

So really the only part of that post that was true was about Harold's big dick.

Oh, and my girlfriend. She really was a stew for Lufthansa...and she really was hot. It was perfect. I stayed in her apartment, drove her BMW, and I hardly ever saw her. When we did see each other, we were too busy fucking to fight. One of the most perfect relationships I've ever had.
08-20-02 08:25 AM
Scot Rocks LOL

08-20-02 06:24 PM
BrianH This thread was extremely humorous.

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