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By Neal Preston

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Topic: A detailed review from SFJ Return to archive
08-19-02 08:15 AM
Sir Stonesalot Since none of our Toronto regulars are gonna post's a 1st hand account from Sticky Fingers Journal.

Stones Surprise Charity Warm-up Club Gig Rocked Toronto
by Skippy

Friday morning Toronto woke up to local radio announcers confirming rumors
that the Rolling Stones were playing a surprise gig in Toronto. Local fans
rushed to the venue where ninety people were in line awaiting the box office
to open for a chance to attend this rare Rolling Stones warm-up club show.

Diehard fans including Skippy & Misty with their little boy, Brian, Stones
Doug, Al Lali, Toronto Tom, Greg, Monte were among the jubilant but tired
campers. Stones stories were swapped, seats and food was shared. The
atmosphere was upbeat but mellow. Everyone in line knew there were
three-hundred tickets up for grabs and that they were going to get one!

A mobile sign was erected in front of the 2,000 person venue "Rolling
Stones, Palais Royale, Tonight, 8:30 pm Tix $10". Proceeds from the event
went to the Daily Bread Food Bank charity.

Tickets went on sale. People entered the venue a few at a time and came out

Later that day, fans lined-up again to enter the show. The Stones did a
sound check by running through "Can't You Hear Me Knocking" and "Happy" as
the crowd outside cheered!

4-1/2-year-old, Brian, was the most sought-after fan at the venue by News
reporters. "Do you like the Rolling Stones?," one reporter asked. "I love
the Rolling Stones and my Dad does too," Brian replied with a big smile as
he held up his ticket for the cameras. Then Brian threw his ticket up in the
air and ran off as people without tickets gasped from behind the barricade!
Dad swooped-up that ticket quickly.

Inside, little Brian found a new friend, Gaberial Jagger. Brian and Gaberial
played through a barricade beside the stage. Brain's Mommy and Daddy quietly
stood by as the boys of the same age shared some fun.

After a local warm-up band performed, the 1,000 fortunate fans in the
eighty-year-old historic venue gathered near the stage to hear Promoter
Michael Cohl announce, "the Rolling Stones."

The Stones casually strolled on stage smiling as the audience cheered. Then
the band broke into a nice well-done rocking moderated-tempo version of
"It's Only Rock and Roll." The song, strong with backup vocals, saw the
Stones display classic moves. Keith in his classic bent-over form wailing
the solo as Ron jammed the chords with animated faces and gestures. It was
the Stones were live in a small club. The band was hot. The boys were back
kicking off another world tour.

Mick went to the side of the stage to check on his son and daughter Georgia
Mae as he waved to them. Gaberial told Brian, "That's my Dad on stage."

After the first song Jagger asked, "How you doin'? OK? This is one we do
called "Sad Sad Sad." "Sad Sad Sad" was tight from the start! When the song
hit the "Elephant's in the bathroom" line, Bobby Keyes and three horn
players took the stage to and blew a few notes. Keith shifted to the front
of the stage and launched a great solo. Mick went back and strummed his
guitar in front of Charlie as they led the rhythm. There was no second solo.

"If You Can't Rock Me" featured a new twist to the old song. The guitars
smacked the chords out harder than before. Darryl's bass solo had more notes
than the song ever had. It was the great classic in a new style.

The band jelled on this song. Jagger had been cautious on the first two
songs while constantly checking the band and making sure the changes were
going to take place but was loose now. Chuck was now giving the signals for
the changes in the songs.

Before the next song Jagger jokingly remarked, "It's good to be out of
Masonic (rehearsal) Hall where we've practiced for four weeks. Don't say it
sounds like four days."

Then "Stray Cat Blues" was a big crowd pleaser because it is a beloved
classic and it went extremely well! The band was happy as Bernard and Lisa
were grinding off to the side. This new live version was close to the
studio version.

Next Jagger told us, "This one's called "Hot Stuff." The song sounded better
than ever. Jagger directed the band as he said during the song, "One more
can't get enough," the song changed to the middle part, "Music is might,
mighty..." Again, a classic had a new "Licks Tour" accent. The new horn
arrangement jammed! Lisa Fischer and particularly Bernard Fower's backup
vocals added much to make Hot Stuff strong and hotter than ever. It rocked!

The band was relaxed as they easily and perfectly performed the catchy
upcoming single "Don't Stop." This premiere of "Don't Stop" shows the
Jagger-Richards hit single song writing team in top form. With lines about
"poison darts," "lightning bolts" and being "hung out to dry" with up front
guitar work was reminiscent of "Too Tight" and "I Go Wild". Yet the song was
very pop with plenty of style. The song featured a cool break with Charlie
on drums leading the transition for hard the edged-guitars to build the song
into a cool ending jam. This song will easily be as big as many of the
Rolling Stones great classics!

"Honky Tonk Woman" was a nice change of pace to classic rock for the
audience to sway along with their hands above their heads going from left to
right. Little Brian, rocked back and forth on top of his Dad's shoulders.
"Honky Tonk Woman" his favorite Rolling Stones song.

We were treated to a great "Wild Horses" next. The beautiful ballad with
heartfelt performance by Jagger. Strong with electric guitars was an overall
beautiful and perfect performance. Jagger updated this a classic
line with, "Graceless ladies, you know how I am," changing the main focus of
the song.

"Are you feeling good? Are you feeling no pain?," We've never done this one
live before," Jagger remarked, and then launched into "Torn and Frayed."

As Mick sang the lyrics, this song seemed even more relevant than ever and
most appropriate for this tour's warm-up gig. With the lines, "Dressing room
filled with parasites," "on stage is a man whose got problems" and
"bag of nerves on first nights." I noticed that I wasn't the only that this
song brought a tear to their eyes while Mick sang "As long as the guitar
plays, it'll steal your heart away." "Torn and Frayed" worked well with a
new Licks Tour style. This style features harder-sounding guitars dominating
the music with plenty of picking by Ron on slide guitar. Ron helped to
slightly reinvent this Exile classic picking slide lead work. Ron was hot as
the rest of the band! At the end of the song Keith smiled and held his
guitar above his head like a trophy as if to say, "Yeah, right on."

"Happy" was on the set list for the first time in many years. This short
slower-paced rendition of Keith's alma mater saw Keith slamming the chords
as he belted out the lines. Ron used his slide again to pick leads with and
execute the guitar solo. "Happy" and "Honk Tonk Woman" were a fun change of
pace from the other songs where the band worked hard carefully watching each
other for changes in the songs.

An excellent rendition of Ottis Redding's "Can't Turn Me Loose" stole the
show. This soul song was very tight as if they played it for years. They
made it look easy and it sounded perfect like a studio recording! There
seemed to be three main prevalent rhythms; the guitars going back and forth
with bass and drums support, horns doing their main part throughout and
backup vocals with their major section. This all meshed as great as any live
song could. Mick overlaid the vocals perfectly adding some Jaggeresque jive
at the end, "Come on now, sugar now."

"Heart of Stone" was truly great and is very different than the version
first released almost forty years ago. It was the most revolutionized
Licks-Tour-style song so far. The Rolling Stones have always reinvented
themselves and their music live. Ron Wood's constant picking with on slide
guitar makes evident that Ron plays a big part in the new Lick Tour
techniques and style.

Brian enjoyed the "Heart of Stone" as he tapped his foot on the barricade
then gathered his Mom and Dad for a family hug. Dad then looked at Mom and
nodded. Brian then got plastered with kisses on his cheeks with Mommy on one
side of him and Daddy on the other. They laughed as people around them
smiled, laughed and said, "Ahhhh." That will always be a great moment in
Skippy family history.

For the first time of the night Mick seemed totally care-free about the rest
of the band. He looked into the eyes of the audience as he spun the sad
"Heart of Stone" tale with conviction. The guitars were in our faces as the
horns added a nice touch. Keith was grinning as he knew the song was working
well. The audience swayed from side to side in tempo. Everybody was in a
great groove! After the song Mick and Keith gave each other a special
hug, like brothers.

Then Mick walked to the microphone and said, "We never did this for ya
neither." Keith's opening chords of "Can't You Hear Me Knocking" came
blasting out of the speakers! Great groove from the start! Ron did little
fill leads through out. Mick led the band through the changes. The song
featured a Bobby Keyes saxophone solo that was even a lot greater than the
one he did on "Sticky Fingers." Everyone playing on the song was strong.

Ron's nice but conservative lead guitar solo came after the sax solo. Ron
hit all of the key parts of Mick Taylor's original solo in a choppy Keith style.

This live version of Can't You Hear Me Knocking" is obviously in an
embryonic stage. It could be compared to "Out of Control" at the 1997
warm-up show at the Double Door. It went very well with all of the basic
parts but there is much room for this to mature, grow and jam!

Then we were treated to a very hot short and powerful "Jumping Jack Flash"
with strong guitars with a hard edged sound. This is much different than
what we've been use to for the past twenty or thirty years. This was a
great version of "Jumping Jack Flash" live!

The band ripped through Brown Sugar for the show's encore as hot as ever.
Here, Ron playing some of the best lead guitar!

Little Brian went back to his hotel room as his Dad video taped him jumping
on the bed repeating, "I love the Rolling Stones. I love the Rolling
Stones." He turned to his Mom and Dad and said, "I want to see the Rolling
Stones again, just like tonight!"

08-19-02 08:37 AM
gimmekeef Finally some real details!..thanks so what a night.Let's Rock!!!
08-19-02 08:39 AM
denis wilson Thanks Sir Stonesalot, at last a review of the gig. From what you're saying, they were truly awesome. It's nice to see somebody who wants to share Stones news, rather than hoard it...I think we all know who I'm talking about, don't you?
08-19-02 08:51 AM
Jumacfly thanks Sir, thanks SFJ, a great review...Well, Ronnie s back and that s a great news!!!!!
just saw a few pictures of "brown sugar", was great to see him just....playing, which wasn t the case on the last tour....really looking forward CYHMK and torn n frayed!!!



08-19-02 12:44 PM
Martha Sir Stonesy...thank you so much for the incredible are the man! I kept waiting to hear more from the Toronto thanks for filling in the gaps and answering the questions...gawd it sounds like this tour is gonna blow us away!

Here's a really shitty newsblurb that came off my home home page....look they even got the day wrong!?! Duh!

Full Story 08/19/2002  07:04:36 EST
The Rolling Stones Play Surprise Show
By The Associated Press

TORONTO (AP) - The Rolling Stones played a surprise show in Toronto in preparation for their fall tour.

The Thursday show at the Palais Royale included such hits as "Wild Horses," "Jumpin' Jack Flash" and "Hot Stuff."

The Stones kick off their tour on Sept. 3 in Boston.

The band is releasing "40 Licks" - a double-compact disc retrospective that includes four new tracks on Oct. 1. The CD will include 40 songs, including classic hits such as "Brown Sugar," "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction" and "Miss You."

Copyright 2002 Associated Press. All rights reserved. This material may not be
08-19-02 01:09 PM
Sir Stonesalot wrote:
Since none of our Toronto regulars are gonna post's a 1st hand account from Sticky Fingers Journal.

Stones Surprise Charity Warm-up Club Gig Rocked Toronto
by Skippy

Inside, little Brian found a new friend, Gaberial Jagger. Brian and Gaberial
played through a barricade beside the stage. Brain's Mommy and Daddy quietly
stood by as the boys of the same age shared some fun.

This is false. Gabriella Jagger was in a private section
and she was playing with Dennis Quaides(sp?) child.

And it's also a disgrace that he got his 4.5 year old son into that show. There was an age requirement of 19 years old. That 4.5 year old kid's ticket locked out a die hard fan. And the little boy could have cared less. But I guess dad his thrilled that he can embellish and brag.
08-19-02 01:20 PM
Sir Stonesalot OK Ken, I believe you. But what about the rest of his account? Close?

You feel like spinning us a tale about your adventures?
08-19-02 02:31 PM
Sir Stonesalot wrote:

You feel like spinning us a tale about your adventures?

Yes, I'm not a wordsmith by any strech of ones imagination.
I'm still working on pulling my life back in order as well.
Im going to try and right a review in the early morning hours tonight once everyone around the house goes to sleep.

08-19-02 02:52 PM
Sir Stonesalot Great Ken!

Can't wait to read it!
08-19-02 02:59 PM
Ken wrote:
There was an age requirement of 19 years old.

Well, good thing I couldn't go - I would have cried like Joey at the door...

Although up here in Holland, they play them laws fast and loose - I had my first hard liquor last night - I know what Keith sees in it, now!

As for the review - go for it! Can't wait!

-tSYX --- Ohhhhhh yeah, Ohhhhhhh yeah!
08-19-02 03:04 PM
Stonesmillenium2001 great review.
08-19-02 03:49 PM
08-19-02 04:57 PM

Agreed . The richly cadenced prose is hypnotic, the research prodigious, the analysis acute, the mood spellbinding, and the cast of characters mythic in scale. I cannot conceive of a better review about The Rolling Stones . An unforgettable, epic achievement in the art of critique .

Bunny Joey

08-19-02 05:32 PM
glencar LOL@Joey! You funny!

I gotta agree with Ken on this one. That post is as much about his silly kid as it is about the show. I saw some a-hole from the Midwest who brought his two teenagers to the show. He was talking about how he had to convince his sons how good the Stones were. Who needs that? I look forward to Ken's review instead.
08-19-02 05:54 PM
luxury1 Gabriel Jagger is a little boy, by the way.
08-19-02 06:05 PM
luxury1 wrote:
Gabriel Jagger is a little boy, by the way.

Yea I know, I was just burning up and din't type what I was thinking. I'm not the sharpest tool in the shed.
08-19-02 09:38 PM
Sir Stonesalot Yeah, I can't gripe about Skippy taking his 4 1/2 year old boy...I'm taking my 6 year old to a show. I think it just shows how much the guy cares about his kid. At least we know the Stones legacy will be passed along to at least 2 of the next generation.
08-20-02 05:15 AM
Sir Stonesalot wrote:
Yeah, I can't gripe about Skippy taking his 4 1/2 year old boy...I'm taking my 6 year old to a show. I think it just shows how much the guy cares about his kid. At least we know the Stones legacy will be passed along to at least 2 of the next generation.

But the thing is there was an age restriction on that show.
There were only 200 tickets for FANS. I think the show your taking your son to is a little different?

08-20-02 08:57 AM
Sir Stonesalot Yeah, a bit of a difference between a club and a stadium. Still, it's not Skippy's fault that the club didn't stick to their own policy.

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