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Prince of Walles Trust Concert, Hyde Park, London June 29, 1996
By Neal Preston

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Topic: Unbelievable! Return to archive Page: 1 2 3 4
08-20-02 10:43 AM
Honky Tonk Man First Off Josh,

Gazza is from Northern Ireland. Not England!

I thought the States loved the Beatles as much as England?

Elvis Mania is Everywhere. Its over now anyway!

There is no point in bringing fucking England into every post. The fact that i am English means jack shit to me, except when it comes to Football. I am not Patriotic, we are all the same, Stones fans are Stones fans.

Dont give me this "Welcome to our nation" bull shit either. Im coming to America because, i like the Country, want to see the Stones and thirdly, im actually looking forward to metting some of you
08-20-02 10:45 AM
Moonisup Are you coming to Holland to?
08-20-02 10:47 AM
Honky Tonk Man Id love to see them in Holland,but i doubt i could afford it. Ask jb, hes ugly and rich enough to go

08-20-02 10:48 AM
Sir Stonesalot Don't worry Alex, I won't let them make you the Pivot Man.
08-20-02 10:51 AM
Sir Stonesalot How do you know he's ugly Alex?

Even if Josh were ugly, he has the money to pay some plastic surgeon to make him pretty.

Besides, I heard Jerry Hall hit on him too!
08-20-02 10:52 AM
Moonisup Do you mean all the rich and ugly come to Holland! I'd love jb here, he has a great sense of humour
08-20-02 10:52 AM
jb I am looking forward to meeting you too....please arrange your schedule for a S. Florida visit and I will ensure your good time. In fact, we have a English pub where all of your countrymen go to watch futbol and drink ale! We also have Arthur Treachers Fish-n-chips which is now owned by Miami subs..they have 4 restaurants in 1 place!(Miami Subs, Arthur Treachers, World famous Nathans, and kenny Rogers(also big in England) Chicken).
I want to thank you again for being such a good sport and please do not mistake my hatred for the Beatles to a reflection on you.
08-20-02 10:53 AM
F505 Honky Tonk Man, you're more than welcome. But concerning JB: no infiltrants allowed.

08-20-02 10:54 AM
jb I am not ugly..look closely at the Avatar and please note I look like a young David hasselhoff of "nightrider" and "baywatch" fame.
08-20-02 11:00 AM
Honky Tonk Man Nah, dont worry about it jb. You not likeing the Beatles is fair enough. Id like to come to Florida to see the Stones, but it all costs money! Cant afford it. The thing about Florida, is that it is where every English person goes. I reckon theres as many English as Americans in Florida during Summer time.

I know your a rich man, but saying you were ugly was abit harsh! You did say you needed to get in shape for the Stones though.

This is my daily diet

10.00am Packet Of Crisps

1.00pm Lunch, usually just a roll or something

6.30pm Dinner, no desert

6.45pm A couple of Marlboro ciggaretts. Taste great after a meal!

08-20-02 11:15 AM
Sir Stonesalot Holy fuck boy! You need to start eating better!

No doughnuts, no pizza, no General Tsao's Chicken, no hot sausage sandwiches, no pot pie...

08-20-02 11:23 AM
Honky Tonk Man I know, i know. Maybe i do need to eat better. A while ago i tried to quit smoking. I found my self eating McDonalds breakfast every day. Sausage and Egg McMuffin, Hash Brown and Orange Juice. When im married, settled down like you SS, i will bloat out and eat whatever. Up untill i discoverd girls i would eat everything. I used to come straight home from school and eat the Fridge

jb, follow my diet!

08-20-02 11:38 AM
Sir Stonesalot Wait Alex, are you trying to tell me that you are trying to stay skinny to attract chicks? Are you nuts? That will never work! Chicks don't like skinny guys...they want MEAT! Beef up boy!

Chicks don't want some little skin flint trying to jump on them....they want something with a little heft to it. Something that they can wrap their arms around and grab onto. Chicks don't want to see your ribs.

If you want a quality woman, you need to start eating more pot pie!
08-20-02 11:54 AM
jb Alex, I did gain weight last year...I went from 190 to 240! I attribute most of it to stress and a anti-depressant pill my doctor friend put me on called Zoloft...Since getting off that weight gaining/libido stiffling drug, I have lost 29 lbs and my wife may very well be pregnant with the 3rd kiddie..I'll let you know next week!
08-20-02 11:58 AM
Moonisup Congratulations jb!
08-20-02 12:04 PM
jb Thanks..but no definitive word until wife sees doctor...we have had false alarms before!
08-20-02 01:16 PM
Moonisup Hoping for you that evrything goes well and in good health
08-20-02 05:53 PM
F505 JB don't stop after the third one. One more kiddie to go! John, Paul, George and... Ringo. Send me a birthday card. You know the adress: Exile on Main street
08-20-02 05:56 PM
Honky Tonk Man Sir Stonesalot, it all depends on your image. Its not just girls. Leather Jackets and long hair do not look good on fat guys. I cant join a band and be fat! All i need is vodka and cigaretts my good freind!

08-20-02 09:05 PM
Prodigal Son Hopefully you will not be a blob like me at 6'2 and 230 lbs. Damn, and I'm not even 17 yet. But I'm not fat as in big tubn of lard wider than a house just bulky using size 36 pants. I don't have a big gut sticking out either. But indeed I'd rather have a six-pac than folds! Who doesn't!? I should be playing football (American styled, Alex) but I just don't enjoy going out for teams and doing all that stuff. I'd just rather stay home and listen/tape music or work on guitar. I don't smoke BTW, but if I ever did it would be out of despersation to lose weight. I guess your ?-pack(s)-a-day policy keeps you thin. It sucks to be like this cause no girls ever ask you out or show interest (unless you inquire, but I'm just too shy and anti-social I guess). Plus skinny people eating unhealthy (like a friend of mine) don't gain weight, but I do and can't lose it very easily. Then again, it still doesn't do good for their arteries. A chubby guy eating healthier than a skinny guy doesn't reflect how healthy your arteries are.
08-20-02 09:09 PM
Prodigal Son That was your doctor's review for the day. As Joey would say, "I'm so proud of that post I think I'll take the rest of the day off."
08-20-02 10:17 PM
Fiji Joe What is this crap? Sounds like ads from a Gay pickup magazine. Perhaps you would be better off peddling your wares on the Queen message board.
08-21-02 10:19 AM
jb can you make a statement like that with your coquettish photo showing off your lovely breasts...Please place your "announcement " in the New York Times new gender friendly announcement section...
08-21-02 10:35 AM
nankerphelge Hey jb -- you kinda look like Bill and Al's pivot man in the avatar!! Why's Gore smiling so? What's he doing back there?

08-21-02 10:36 AM
Moonisup jerking off bill
08-21-02 10:51 AM
jb hello Moon...what time is it in Holland this moment. It is 9:50 A.M. here in beautiful South Florida....I usually post from my PC b/t 9:00 A.M. through 4:30 P.M. EST...
08-21-02 10:53 AM
Moonisup jb it's 16.55 here in Holland!! alsmot supper time
08-21-02 11:03 AM
jb So you are about 7 hrs ahead of us here in EST...
08-21-02 11:06 AM
Moonisup yep I am. jb read the post: "all he needs his love!"
posted by f505.
I think it handles about the b$#%s
08-21-02 11:19 AM
jb Quite amusing....However, the sad part is that F505 truly believes that the Beatles are far superior to the stones. He had the audacity to state that the "Cum album a/k/a White Album" and "Sgt. Pecker" were better than any of the Stones "big 4 albums"(Let it Bleed, Beggars Banquet. Sticky Fingers, and Exile). To me, this is not only patently false, but it offends me that someone who claims to be a stones fan, could make such disparaging remarks. Look, I am sure that F505 is a nice enough person and has a close group of friends that like to listen to classic rock, including the occassional big hit Stone song. However, lets make no mistake that first and foremost, this individual is a Beatle lover through and through...
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