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Prince of Walles Trust Concert, Hyde Park, London June 29, 1996
By Neal Preston

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08-19-02 05:20 AM
F505 Is there no one on this board who went to the club gig and can report his impressions? How did they sound? Did Ronnie and Bobby played decent solo's on CYHMK? That's what I want to hear. Not endless and boring discussions about the 40 licks-album and the prices of the tickets.

I saw a clip on Dutch television of the Toronto gig today and it looked fantastic.
08-19-02 05:31 AM
stonedinaustralia check stonesdoug's message board

there's a bit of detail there, particularly from ken

he said he'll do a review, when he collects his thoughts -which is fair enough

hopefully he'll post it here as well
08-19-02 05:55 AM
Moonisup Where you saw it F505, I'm dutch too,but I did'nt saw it, on wich net has it been??????????

dank je wel

08-19-02 06:21 AM
F505 Rik, this morning on RTL 5. Het RTL Z nieuws.
08-19-02 06:38 AM
Moonisup Thanx I watch now!
08-19-02 06:40 AM
Moonisup Just saw IT!!! a little snap of CYHMK!!!
thanx F505, great for sharing

08-19-02 07:21 AM
F505 Yeah, you could hear old basher Watts loud and clear and the sound was great. This gonna be THE song of the upcoming tour!

Hear me knocking, I'm around your town!
08-19-02 07:28 AM
Moonisup I've got satin shoes, ta da da da da da
08-19-02 10:35 AM
jb F505, go to a Beatles web-site as that is your favorite group..Don't bandwagon in on the action now and pretend to be a stones fan...I know the true you!
08-19-02 10:40 AM
Moonisup here we go again (hahahahaahahahahaahahaahahahh)
08-19-02 10:41 AM
Moonisup JB, I don't always agree with you, but you really have a great sense of humour, this is a more openboard, at doug's this would probably be banned, but I love doug's to!!
08-19-02 10:56 AM
jb Moonisup-thanks...I started out at the old stonesworld message board....then Keno's great site. I got into a wee bit of trouble on Keno's site and was put on "vacation" for several months(never discuss mideast politics on a stones site!). I then discovered "Rocks-Off" and StoneDoug's site and the rest is history. 3 great site , each with their own uniqueness. StonesDoug, admirably, attempts to keep the focus on the Stones and very little room for personal attacks, etc;Keno is open to almost any topic and is often very heated debate(I admire Keno as he knows I despise the Beatles yet he allows me to post) and of course this site, which is sought of the perfect combination of Stones topics yet some tolerance for playful debate. The interesting thing about all 3 boards, is some people get it, and some never will!
08-19-02 10:58 AM
Moonisup jb, what's the url of keno's site?
08-19-02 11:12 AM
jb Just go to the links page on this site, and Keno's site is listed...
08-19-02 11:21 AM
Moonisup thanx!!
08-19-02 04:45 PM
F505 jb shut up your big ugly face. I'm only interested in talking to serious people so go play with your barbies. This is the last time I respond to your marrow minded small talk.
08-20-02 09:45 AM
jb F505-your Beatles obsession is very obvious to most who post here. We, as stone fans, can only hope that you leave this site never to return!!!!
08-20-02 09:52 AM
Moonisup here it goes again, the posts of you 2 make me laugh a lot!!
08-20-02 09:56 AM
F505 wrote:
Is there no one on this board who went to the club gig and can report his impressions?

Sometimes it happens, Lazy Bones attended Bob Dylan's show and Miss U couldn't get it.
08-20-02 10:01 AM
Honky Tonk Man F505, just hangf in there. I know you are not silly enough to take Josh's crap!

If anyone will be Fucking Off it will be jb. He has been warned before and told to "Fuck Off" plenty of times.

jb, your back on this board, posted some great posts, but leave us Beatles Fans alone. In the past few years ive liked both bands. Its like going back to 1964 with you! Get with the times

08-20-02 10:15 AM
jb HTM a/k/a Alex, I was never thrown off this board. After some heated discussion, I was reminded by the administrators to "cool it". Thereafter, a took a month long sabbatical to cleanse myself of the filthy Beatle propaganda that had infiltrated this site. I was pleased to return and as you can see, my posts have , for the most part, been less offensive. However, please do not mistake my new found kindness as a sign of weakness or aquiescense to the hideous Beatle lovers who ruin this, along with other, great Stone sites. I am no Neville Chamberalin, I shall not appease the Beatle lovers and sit by and watch the destruction of our Stone society. I personally have come to like you, since you seem not to hold grudges.However, (and I apologize to Gazza for this remark in advance)it is England that has allowed the Stones to become a mockery...your country's lack of respect for the Stones is almost as contemptible as your ceasingly never ended love affair with the Beatles(as well as Elvis for that matter). You have as much admitted your embarrassment for your nation as it relates to the Stones, and I still welcome you to our great country to attend the Giant Stadium show, despite the fact you can go to MSG, and see the Stones in a most historical envionment. May god save you and your country ......your friend JB.
08-20-02 10:19 AM
Joey "I am no Neville Chamberalin, I shall not appease the Beatle lovers and sit by and watch the destruction of our Stone society. I personally have come to like you, since you seem not to hold grudges. "

You make Joey giggle !

Well done Josh .

J. Bone

08-20-02 10:20 AM
Moonisup jb, just come to holland! Stone country number 1. Always nice here!! You'll see the stones and the crowd as never seen b4. Remind in 98 2 % of the population saw them, that's cool!!

You're great friend form holland

The moon is up aka Railing staine
[Edited by Moonisup]
08-20-02 10:23 AM
F505 People who smoke so much dope giggle all the time

08-20-02 10:24 AM
Moonisup hahaahaaaa
08-20-02 10:35 AM
jb Holland, per capita, is unquestionably the greatest Stones nation on earth. The routinely sell out stadiums and I believe much of the "Stripped" cd was taped in Amsterdam. I had the pleasure of visiting your wonderful country 23 yrs ago when young jb was only 17. It was summer time and I still recall the fresh smell of hashish and the lovely sights in your "red-light" district. A local radio personalty, Neal Rogers, a self admitted homosexual, now broadcasts his show from Amsterdam because he loved it so much, he live there in the summer. Apparently, unlike America and the prudish English, Holland is a progressive Nation with a "live and let live" attitude. God bless Holland and the Rolling Stones!
08-20-02 10:36 AM
F505 Watch out! I just found out this JB figure is a cover agent. His codename is JB (Jolly Beatles). The man is trying to infiltrate this board. And he's doing pretty well!
08-20-02 10:36 AM
Jumacfly great topic, really!!!
08-20-02 10:40 AM
Moonisup Very nice found flight 505, ahhahaha, You really make me laugh together with jb!
[Edited by Moonisup]
08-20-02 10:43 AM
F505 Man, jumacfly, where do they sell these big joints. Even here in Amsterdam you can't buy them.
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