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Topic: Here's why we got 4 new songs.... Return to archive
08-19-02 08:39 AM
Sir Stonesalot Here's an article that's kinda cool. Mick's take on the new songs, and Keith explaining why there was new material on 40 Licks. Also, Keith's take on how the band is sounding.

I think whomever was doom and glooming about how bad Ronnie was sounding was full of shit.

Stones Take Their "Licks"

Jagger and Richards talk new songs

The Rolling Stones Newest hitmakers

The Rolling Stones' first ever career-spanning compilation, Forty Licks,
will be released on October 1st. The two-CD set will bridge the band's
early ABKCO material and their more recent Virgin albums; each will be
represented by one twenty-track CD.

The latter disc will also feature four new Stones tracks -- "Don't Stop,"
"Keys to Your Love," "Losing My Touch" and "Stealing My Heart" -- which
were recently recorded with producer Don Was, who worked on the band's last
two studio albums, 1997's Bridges to Babylon and 1994's Voodoo Lounge.
"They're not old tunes that we dug up or even things that were relatively
new. These are new new," Mick Jagger told Rolling Stone. "'Don't Stop' is
the single-y one. 'Stealing My Heart' is more like garage rock with a hook.
'Key to Your Love' is kind of like a soul ballad, but not very slow. It has
a kind of 'Beast of Burden' tempo. And 'Losing My Touch' is Keith singing a
ballad. And that is very slow."

Keith Richards says the new songs were an essential exercise before the
group began rehearsals in Toronto for an upcoming world tour. "If we came
straight to Toronto and hadn't played together since the last show of the
last tour, then it would have been straight into the trench, without
feeling like we'd done anything in between," he says. According to
Richards, the band planned to cut only three or four songs, but ended up
with twenty-eight. "I'm not saying they're finished or anything," he says.
"But they are basic tracks. They just started piling out. And we've kept
going ever since. I daren't hardly say it, but it's probably the best
Stones yet -- at least for a long time. With the Stones, it usually takes
two or three weeks to knock off the rust. Yet somehow, we were all well
oiled. Something was right."

Prior to Forty Licks, the Stones' early years will be remastered and
reissued in a series of more than twenty reissues by ABKCO on August 27th.
The reissues cover the group's entire Sixties output starting with 1964's
England's Newest Hitmakers, running through classics including Aftermath,
Between the Buttons, 12X5, Now! The Rolling Stones, Beggars Banquet and Let
It Bleed (the band's last studio album for ABKCO). Live albums from the
era, including Get Your Ya Ya's Out (1970) and compilations including Hot
Rocks: 1964-1971 and the three-CD Singles Collection: The London Years will
also be reissued.

The band's material following Let It Bleed and Ya Ya's -- starting with
1971's Sticky Fingers -- was remastered and reissued by Virgin in the

The reissues mark the Rolling Stones' fortieth anniversary. The band is
also marking the occasion with a world tour that will begin in Boston on
September 3rd. Forty North American dates are scheduled before the band
shuttles off to Europe, Asia and Australia. No Doubt, the Pretenders,
Sheryl Crow, Buddy Guy and Jonny Lang are among the opening acts for select
U.S. dates.

(August 13, 2002)

08-19-02 02:22 PM
Larry Dallas Sir Stonesalot,

I posted this same article with no response as well. Does no one care to learn about these new songs from the band itself? This article got me totally excited to see this band again and to hear these new songs as soon as possible. I am grateful that Keith still wants vitality added to his band. On with the proceedings!
08-19-02 02:38 PM
Mr T I saw that article a few times already - thanks for posting though
08-19-02 03:08 PM
Sir Stonesalot Sorry I double posted this then, LD.

But I have a theory why this has gone by without much notice....It doesn't fit the whinner's agenda.

Those people only wanna make a fuss over things that let them slag on the band. Obviously Mick and Keef have things pretty well thought out.

But, of course, we have a few "fans" who think they know better than the Glimmer Twins. Silly Mick & Keef, thinking that they know what's what after 40 years.
08-19-02 03:29 PM
Larry Dallas I really don't understand what's there to whine about. I believe that this 40 Licks compilation is long overdue. Why not tour behind it? It's not like the Stones tour sheds every summer just like every other "classic" rock band.

The fact of the matter is that the Stones define "rock 'n'roll" and can do whatever the Hell they want after 40 years. It's funny that people want to compare this new song, which I haven't heard, to songs from the past. Shouldn't that be what everybody wants? They have forty years of history that everyone on this board claims to love. I can't wait to hear these new songs. I sure as hell don't want the Stones to be handed a song by Diane Warren (Aerosmith) to be put on 40 Licks. Anything that says Jagger/Richards is what I want, no matter if it sounds like some other previous composition. I want the Stones, nothing but the Stones, so help me God!
08-19-02 04:22 PM
Riffhard I must say that after reading this article and ofcourse the reviews from the TO show they would seem to dispel any doubts that had been raised concerning Ronnie and the state of the band.

That being said,I talked to my friend with the "very reliable" sources and told him that everyone on the boards is saying that they're full 'o shit.He sticks by the guys saying that they do in fact know the Stones,but was none the less,very happy to hear the band is sounding great.I guess it just goes to show that you can't beleive every thing you hear,even from so called "reliable sources"!

I'm just so jacked up about this tour!I really think that this is going to go down as one for the ages.I mean just the sheer volume of songs that they have rehearsed is outrageous.The set list from the TO show only confirms that the boys are going to drop some dream cuts.Then you add a sober Ronnie to the mix,who played more in that 1:30 min video clip from TO than he did on the entire NS tour,and we have the makings for a brilliant tour indeed!

Is it September yet?!

08-19-02 04:51 PM
Joey "Then you add a sober Ronnie to the mix,who played more in that 1:30 min video clip from TO than he did on the entire NS tour,and we have the makings for a brilliant tour indeed! "

Riffy ..............

Truer words have never been written . Your above statement is vast , detailed and strives for the universal in one fell swoop . Indeed , you paint a portrait so deft , vast , vivid and compelling that I can practically hear Ronnie's superb playing gripping my body and bending me to his will .

Today , Riffy , you make the arcane almost graphic and you have become the equivalent of a Mahler Sypmhony !

-- Thank You ( The Joey 08/19/02 )

Bunny Joe

08-19-02 05:31 PM
Scot Rocks I think the people who are very excited about this tour and releases far outnumber the moaners and bitchers. I have already stated this numerous times and this article which I have read before too, helps illustrates why we should be happy.

08-19-02 05:32 PM
lonecrapshooter Larry, while I agree with you about not whining because we should be thankful for what we have after 40 years, it's not really Jagger/Richards anymore. Mick's solo efforts (whether you like them or not - I loved Wandering Spirit and loathe GITD, and in between on the others) have taken away from the Jagger/Richards collaborations that we yearn for. Nevertheless, too much is not enough from these guys. Every Stones show for me (21) has been a thrill no matter how many times they play BS or SFTD.
08-19-02 05:56 PM
nankerphelge If ever I was to get shitcanned at work, it will be in these next 2 weeks. I can no longer form. Sentences.

My whole head is bubbling with pent up Stonesian energy just waiting to be released. My blood pressure is so high, the blood is shooting out my pores.

This tour is gonna rock!
08-19-02 08:38 PM
luxury1 Nanky--if the Hand of Fate was on you now--well, I just don't know what would happen.....
08-19-02 10:31 PM
Maxlugar Nanky is the shit. When I speak to him I wear safety goggles lest I get blood in my eyes.

Frig' Yup!


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