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08-17-02 08:56 PM
Sir Stonesalot And on top of all that...we are supposed to get quality remastered stuff this time. I mean, how great will it be to here that ABKCO stuff done RIGHT, from the original master reels!

And what a car/party set! Every song is a winner! And 4 new tunes for the cherry on top.

I don't see it as ass licking to be excited about this greatest hits package. I think it's about fucking time that we get a true career spanning greatest hits package from the greatest band on this or any other planet.

But the best part of 40 Licks.....the boys are back on the road. I don't care what the circumstances...the ends justify the means.
08-17-02 09:07 PM
glencar Cease whining, you blaguards! The Stones are back. I'm not thrilled about a greatest hits package but then again, we had some ninny going on & on for 3 years at about how he didn't like BTB. I wonder what ever happened to that osshole?
08-17-02 11:09 PM
Boomhauer I have a feeling the track listing isn't out yet because they are still thinking about which obscure song (maybe) to put on it.

BTW, I own Jump Back and it is incomplete. 40 Licks will be the best compilation album ever created by man. 40 Licks will have to be 436,324,623,643,243,232,463,263,264 times better than Jump Back. There should be no incomplete tracks on this and I believe there won't be any.
08-18-02 01:24 AM
gypsymofo60 This is not a bitch session this time, but think about just how many compilations have been released over the years, either by the band, or by the bands record companies; Decca/Abco : Big Hits(High Tide, Green Grass)1966.-Flowers 1967- Through The Past Darkly 1969.- Gimme Shelter 1971. Stone Age, Milestones, Rock 'n Rolling Stones, Hot Rocks 1&2,all released around '71-'72. No Stone Unturned 1973, Metamorphosis 1975, and on it goes. On thier own label, via Atlantic/EMI/CBS,etc.we've had Made In The Shade,Time Waits For No One, Sucking In The 70s, Rewind & Jump Back. On top of all this there is The London Years 3CD set, and various dodgy anthologies. As I've said before if Abko had had any sense they would have released 'Rolled Gold' on CD, but of course copyright laws, and lack of vision prevented this. There should have been a more complete, and chronologicaly correct 70s collection long ago, followed by an 80s/90s set. Now they are going to attempt to cover thier best songs spanning a 40 year period on a double CD. I too hope it is worthwhile, but I fear a great many brilliant songs will be omitted. Actually a decent box set may have been a better idea; the sheer volume of work over 40 years surely warrants that. Anyway let's hope that the longer tracks are not butchered as they have been in the past.
08-18-02 01:40 AM
luridchief wrote:
I wonder if people bitched this much when the Stones toured with MADE IN THE SHADE? : )

Incidentally, that was (I believe) the third Stones album I ever bought (circa 1978--after SOME GIRLS and LOVE YOU LIVE). I lent SHADE out in high school and never got it back. One of these days I'm gonna find the correct track listing and burn myself a CD-R for old times sake, since I have the songs from their original CDs. If any of you guys could post it I'd really appreciate it--I'm too old to remember the order of the songs!

And, yes, I'll be buying FORTY LICKS the day it goes on sale.

......'Made In The Shade',track listings :Brown Sugar,Tumbling Dice, Happy, Dance Little Sister,Wild Horses,Angie,Bitch,It's Only Rock'n Roll, Doo Doo Doo(Heartbreaker), Rip This Joint....I don't know if this is gospel, but in a book I have on the band, in the discography it claims the original release in The UK also contained Fingerprint File, and Aint Too Proud To Beg, although I've never seen it. Hope it's a help!
08-18-02 01:50 AM
Prodigal Son wrote:
Uuuh, Gypsymofo. Tell me how you can think that reply I made was to your above comment. I mean, I only mentioned the freakin' comment and name of the poster I was discussing... Sir Stonesalot! You said nothing about Mark David Chapman so why did you ask that question without actually reading the response properly. Thicken your coke bottle glasses please and stop bitching about the Stones. Everyone's going insane now.

.....Hey! I'm sorry I mistook your post as a go at me, my mistake!....But I don't wear glasses, and I'll whinge& whine all I fucking like 'til they ban me; just take it, or leave it!
08-18-02 03:00 AM
luridchief Hey, thanks for the MADE IN THE SHADE track list! I've already got it as an iTunes playlist--it's pleasantly odd hearing the songs in this order after all these years . . . !

"Time Waits For No One?" I've never seen or heard of this one! Does anyone know when it came out and what the heck was on it?
08-18-02 03:08 AM
luridchief I've found the track list but don't remember ever seeing this one--kind of an odd track order, starting and ending with a ballad:

Time Waits For No One (1979)

Time Waits For No One, All Down The Line, Bitch, Dancing With Mr D, Angie, Star Star, If You can't Rock Me, Get Off My Cloud, Hand Of Fate, Crazy Mama, Fool To Cry
08-18-02 03:22 AM
Sir Stonesalot wrote:
Sanctimonious fuckwit? WooHoo! That shut me up! I guess you really showed me. And your point was.....?

As for being a must be new here.

Just mentioning Emotional Rescue sets me into epileptic seizures. I ran a contest to see who could do the most sadistic things to Dirty Work. I dumped all over Goddess. I do my share of finger wagging at the band.


I will not poopoo the Stones for putting out a greatest hits package. See, I understand a couple of things that seems to go over some people's heads.

Look, some of you people think that because you are a "hardcore" fan, that it gives you certain rights. Well, you are wrong. And guess what, as a "hardcore" fan, you are grossly outnumbered by the "Hot Rocks" fans. Like it or not, the casual fan is who butters the Stones bread. Not us. And the casual fan is who is going to have stuff marketed at them. Hence, we get a greatest hits package. Hence we get IORR and Brown Sugar for the gazillionth time. Be glad that they threw us "hardcores" a bone with the 4 new tunes.

So who the hell am I? I am the voice of reality. Bitch all you want, it isn't gonna change a damn thing. 40 Licks is what it is. Buy it or don't buy it. But for Ulf to come here and do nothing but slag on the band is horeshit. All he has do do is say something...anything...positive. But he can't, or won't. So fuck him...and fuck you. I'm psyched about the tour, and the 4 new tunes. And no amount of crying about the lack of a new album is gonna change that.

.....Oh yes!- It's all much clearer now. How could I have been so foolish?.....So long as it's only you criticising 'The Band'- everything is hunky-dory. "The voice of reality"....What a hoot!...You kill me!HAHAHAHAHAHA!
08-18-02 05:09 AM
Taras What a shame!!! 4 songs in 5 years... I can't understand
how it can be???
Ulf is right, so I support his protest.
Noel is right - its all for money, but I think they
have to spent some time for writing the new songs for
to get our money, damn 'em!!!

I think this "band" has only the old good name
"The rolling stones", but I'm not sure they are
still Stones...

Thanks to all!

Sincerely with love,
Taras Stanislaus
08-18-02 06:14 AM
Moonisup 100!!!
08-18-02 06:22 AM
glencar Luridchef, Time Waits For No One is one of their Euro anthologies. They used to sell it at Korvettes in the late 70's for $3.99.
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