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St Jakob Stadion, Basel, Switzerland July 29, 1995
By Chief Moon!!

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08-16-02 02:22 AM
gypsymofo60 Just because people have the guts to express thier disapointment with The Stones for dishing out yet another fucking compilation album in order to garnish interest in thier up coming world tour, contrary to popular opinion, that doen't make them fucking whiners; it's fair criticism, and it doesn't make them any less a fan than certain sanctamonius fuckwits who would fawn,and crawl to the band no matter what they do/say, etc. Nobody expects the band to release new material every 12 months, nobody expects them to undertake world tours every two to three years at this stage in the game either, but they could easily have re-vamped more than 3 or 4 songs from that over-flowing vault. There is nothing wrong with criticism of The Stones, what are they infallible? No! If some of you want to line up to wipe thier arses every time they take a shit, be my guest, but don't attack fans who are simply not prepared to accept everything the band dish out....Apologies for my inability to paragraph, dodgy keyboard!
08-16-02 02:34 AM
Prodigal Son "Seems really Mark David Chapman to me."

Well, lucky for Sir Stonesalot Keno doesn't run this message board or that message would be stricken just for using *his* name. Ahh, it's just a big Lennon fan thing.

[Edited by Prodigal Son]
08-16-02 02:56 AM
gypsymofo60 Prodigal Son, if that post was in reply to mine, my post was not aimed at any one single identity, but at all who accuse honest fans of whining, and disloyalty simply because thier opinions differ from thier own.
08-16-02 07:31 AM
mattb It's whining. If you don't like it, don't buy it. Not everything done in a 40 year career can please everyone.
08-16-02 07:37 AM
mattb wrote:
The people that complain about not enough new songs are the same ones that complain about too many new songs in concerts.

that`s right, but just 4 songs after 5 years isn`t enough.
08-16-02 07:43 AM
Maxlugar That's right Gypsy.

08-16-02 09:32 AM
Joey "The Who rule.........but don't say the STones have turned into a band like the WHo. BTW, I'm seeing them at the Palace of Auburn Hills on 8-23-02. Wish me to have fun, Joey! "

Congratulations Boomhauer !!!!! You are seeing the opening gig of the third leg of the 2002 WHO World Tour !

The band will be refreshed and on - fire !!!! Roger's voice is stronger now than it has been since ' 76 and Pete Townshend now plays electric guitar better than Hendrix ever could ...............YES , I kid you not !

Please file a review of the show here . After all ,nearly ever fan of the Rolling Stones love and respects " The TWO " as I now call them !

" Help Me Ronnie , Help Help Me Ronnie "


08-16-02 10:46 AM
T&A ok, since this thread has already degenerated into a melee of pot shots, let me be the first to say - and directed at nobody in particular:

08-16-02 10:52 AM
Maxlugar I stand by your bold and correct statement of utter protest T&A.

08-16-02 11:17 AM

"I stand by your bold and correct statement of utter protest T&A. "

You both make Joey cry like Baby !

J. Diddy !
08-16-02 01:18 PM
Scot Rocks
T&A wrote:
ok, since this thread has already degenerated into a melee of pot shots, let me be the first to say - and directed at nobody in particular:


This is getting ridiculous.

08-16-02 04:41 PM
Sir Stonesalot Bullshit gypsymofo. Hogwash.

The second you think you can do better than the Stones, THEN you can call the shots. Until then, it ain't your call, it ain't my call, it ain't Ulf's call. It's The Stones call. Period. Don't like it? BooHoo, don't buy it.

For the life of me, I can't understand the wet blanket mentality of some people. they don't like something so they gotta try to drag everyone else down. Well fuck you. You ain't dragging me down. I'm gonna buy the damn thing, and I'm gonna play the shit out of it.
08-16-02 04:50 PM
Nellcote Count me in on the buying spree.

In fact, I read where there will be four different covers
as well as a limited edition numbered series of "40 Licks"

I understand each city will have a special Stones store for the duration of time that they are there

I'll buy product there also.

PPV, I'll be there!

Tickets for next tour in January at the Fleet-ALREADY BOUGHT!

Does anyone really think that what we say, that we have rights as fans to tell them what we want on a greatest hits package, GET REAL!

And monkeys will be flying out of my butt..

Put on Q107 on the web, tonights gig the lead story, it's streaming right now


It's the Stones!
08-17-02 02:19 AM
gypsymofo60 Attention Sir Stonesalot?..... You may think that because you intimidate a few forumites around here that I'm just going to sit back and cop that sweetly; wrong!- Who the fuck do you think you are? Mick & Keith's minders?.....Get a life! And do try to understand, you don't have to be a complete sychophant to be a good old fashioned fan. People are entitled to criticise whatever they choose, it's called democracy; and yes! on second thoughts, you are the sanctamonius fuckwit I was refering to earlier..There is appreciation, and then there is arse licking.....Say AHHHHHH!...and we'll decide.
08-17-02 03:03 AM
beer I'll buy the 40 licks too. When I go to a bar, i dump money into the jukebox to hear, guess what, The Stones! the same songs i know by heart, that i've heard a million times before. I'd be willing to bet alot of others do the same. So why not buy this new comp with 4 new songs?What else am i gonna spend my money on? The new Springsteen CD? The new aerosmith or Beatles comp? nope. no way.
08-17-02 05:08 AM
gypsymofo60 I'm not condemning those fans old, or new who wanna go out and buy 40 licks, good luck to you all, if there are 4 good new songs, and hopefully a few surprises I suppose I'll be handing over the readies as well. Still people are entitled to feel aggrieved, and to voice those greivences. My problem is with certain individuals who see it as some kind of blasphemy to make the most mundane criticism of the band. How fucking boring would it be if we all just sat around blowing sunshine up the arseholes of one another? Anyway that's all I'm saying on this matter full stop.
08-17-02 08:49 AM
Fiji Joe If all Ulf was doing was criticizing I don't think people would have gotten so worked up. But, the guy is calling for a protest. Now I don't have a problem with him posting boots and enjoy what he offers, but how much money is he sending the Stones' way? Nada! And now you have the nerve to complain you're not getting enough. You've already got 35 years more than the average rock n' roll band gives you. Me thinks all that Swedish government molly-coddling has gone to your fat bulbous head.

What the hell are you protesting? Don't buy the record fat boy! There's your protest. Better yet, hop on the Aerosmith bandwagon.

I've said this before, if I see one, just one, chum chuckle protesting in Atlanta I'm gonna beat him or her to a bloody pulp, Midnight Rambler style.

Now, are you gonna follow the beat, or do I have to whip ya?

08-17-02 12:52 PM
gypsymofo60 Hey Fiji Joe, what's all this castigation of the Swedish people? Are they the the ones with the basket case economy, sinking under the unmittigated greed of the west? I don't think so! Again people are entitled to thier opinions, and if you don't like it, that's tough shit fella! And again Sir Stones Babble, Micheal Palin whatever you call yourself, where's your biting riposte? Just because people want to buy Stones records, CDs, tapes, videos, concert tickets,etc. Doesn't mean they are honour bound to suck dick.......Get a grip! There is life beyond the boundries of MUSIC......D'YA KNOW WHAT I MEAN?
08-17-02 01:20 PM
mattb wrote:
It's whining. If you don't like it, don't buy it. Not everything done in a 40 year career can please everyone.

......Another one who really isn't listening!- another typical knee-jerk reaction to some thing you haven't taken the time to fully comprehend. Read, and digest before you put your fucking big foot in your mouth!.....YAWN...zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz-God! this is becoming a bore!
08-17-02 01:40 PM
Fiji Joe Gypsy Mofo...considering Sweden is, in most respects, a socialist country, I don't guess they were ever at a point where the economy was going to sink...And if you are so un-educated to think that Europe's and the rest of the world's economy doesn't slide when ours does...stay in school fool. Or take a ride on the economic cycle.

As for the "basket case economy"...what a nervous ninny. You are obviously born post 60's and can't ever remember when we didn't have it so good. It's all gravy to us that can remember when you weren't getting a 40% return on your stocks.

Ain't knocking the Swedes, just that toad Ulf. He whines more than a French vineyard.

08-17-02 01:49 PM
Riffhard This whole thread has gone into melt down.It's just a bunch of cyber chest thumping.Get over it!Everyone.

Who's fighting and what for?!If those cats don't stop it man!If we all are one than blah,blah,blah............

08-17-02 01:52 PM
gypsymofo60 No sorry Joe, Sweden stay the hell out of everybody elses affairs, and get on with thier own; when the shit finaly comes down on this global circus they will be one of the few survivors. He's entitled to an opinion, we all are! We all agree The Stones are "The Greatest", or we wouldn't be here. My alliegence to the band sees no boundries, other than the truth; sometimes that doesn't bode too well with less enlightened souls, not my problem. The cheap shot at Fiji I truly humbly apologise for; that was out of order. Then any cheap shot at someones culture has nothing to do with supporting a rock 'n roll band......After all; It's only rock' n roll but I like it, like it- yes I do!
08-17-02 03:57 PM
Prodigal Son Uuuh, Gypsymofo. Tell me how you can think that reply I made was to your above comment. I mean, I only mentioned the freakin' comment and name of the poster I was discussing... Sir Stonesalot! You said nothing about Mark David Chapman so why did you ask that question without actually reading the response properly. Thicken your coke bottle glasses please and stop bitching about the Stones. Everyone's going insane now.
08-17-02 04:12 PM
luridchief I wonder if people bitched this much when the Stones toured with MADE IN THE SHADE? : )

Incidentally, that was (I believe) the third Stones album I ever bought (circa 1978--after SOME GIRLS and LOVE YOU LIVE). I lent SHADE out in high school and never got it back. One of these days I'm gonna find the correct track listing and burn myself a CD-R for old times sake, since I have the songs from their original CDs. If any of you guys could post it I'd really appreciate it--I'm too old to remember the order of the songs!

And, yes, I'll be buying FORTY LICKS the day it goes on sale.
08-17-02 05:28 PM
Scot Rocks

I said I know it's only 4 songs but I like it
I know it's only 4 songs but I like it, like it, yes, I do
Oh, well, I like it, I like it, I like it...!!!


08-17-02 05:45 PM
luridchief 4 songs is great--better than 2!

Hell, if this was the 70s, that would be almost HALF OF AN ALBUM!

Break out the booze!
08-17-02 06:04 PM
Scot Rocks wrote:

I said I know it's only 4 songs but I like it
I know it's only 4 songs but I like it, like it, yes, I do
Oh, well, I like it, I like it, I like it...!!!



Gimme, gimme 4 songs, oh yeah I'm gonna buy 40 licks!
4, news songs, it's just a month away, it's just a month away!
Don't, Stop, it's just two weeks away, it's just two weeks away!
08-17-02 08:27 PM
Sir Stonesalot Sanctimonious fuckwit? WooHoo! That shut me up! I guess you really showed me. And your point was.....?

As for being a must be new here.

Just mentioning Emotional Rescue sets me into epileptic seizures. I ran a contest to see who could do the most sadistic things to Dirty Work. I dumped all over Goddess. I do my share of finger wagging at the band.


I will not poopoo the Stones for putting out a greatest hits package. See, I understand a couple of things that seems to go over some people's heads.

Look, some of you people think that because you are a "hardcore" fan, that it gives you certain rights. Well, you are wrong. And guess what, as a "hardcore" fan, you are grossly outnumbered by the "Hot Rocks" fans. Like it or not, the casual fan is who butters the Stones bread. Not us. And the casual fan is who is going to have stuff marketed at them. Hence, we get a greatest hits package. Hence we get IORR and Brown Sugar for the gazillionth time. Be glad that they threw us "hardcores" a bone with the 4 new tunes.

So who the hell am I? I am the voice of reality. Bitch all you want, it isn't gonna change a damn thing. 40 Licks is what it is. Buy it or don't buy it. But for Ulf to come here and do nothing but slag on the band is horeshit. All he has do do is say something...anything...positive. But he can't, or won't. So fuck him...and fuck you. I'm psyched about the tour, and the 4 new tunes. And no amount of crying about the lack of a new album is gonna change that.
08-17-02 08:39 PM
Turner Yeah but, you can twist up a spliff and grab a few brews and toss in one CD and hear it all without changing discs plus 4 new tunes! Ultimate party Disc!
08-17-02 08:46 PM
luridchief The completist geek in me is PSYCHED that there will finally be a "Greatest Hits" Stones CD that covers their ENTIRE CAREER! Hey, man, that's pretty damn cool--I never thought it could ever happen!

Also, when was the last "hits" compilation? REWIND? That's not even in print anymore, is it? JUMP BACK is an import. SHADE and SUCKING are out of print, too. So, technically there isn't even a compilation in print with the stuff from '71 on up! That's over 30 years of great shit!
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