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08-15-02 12:59 PM
Maxlugar "Mick has said he expects to do shows in 2004. Their producers have said they are going to record DURING the tour. Keith has said that even the brief studio time in Paris was very productive. It's pretty obvious they are thinking long-term here. *They're going to release a new studio album.*"

Well THAT'S cool. I'll get excited for THAT. And I don't doubt it'll happen.

But 40 Licks? Pass.

08-15-02 01:13 PM
Sir Stonesalot This whole debate is retarded.

The Stones have decided this is the way to go.

Now, you may think that you know better. I say you don't. I say the Stones know what they are doing. Is it a money grab marketing ploy? Probably. So what? Are the Stones just supposed to give this stuff away, or limit how much money they can make?

I got some shocking news for you's ALWAYS been about making money. Even from the early days...they wanted to make enough money to quit their day jobs. Then they wanted to make enough money to have nice things. Then they wanted to make enough money to jet set and buy lots of drugs. Then they left England, and left ABKCO, so they could make and KEEP more money. Then they wanted to make enough money so they could ensure their families financial well being. Then they wanted to make more money than anyone else was making, I guess to assure everyone that they were the greatest of all times. Now they are trying to make enough money so that they don't have to worry about money ever again...or their kids, or their grand kids..yadda yadda. So any of you who want to delude yourselves into thinking that it was about the music, or for the fans, I got a really nice bridge in the Manhattan area that I'd like to sell you.

The point is, that none of us are in the same league as the Rolling muthahfuggin Stones. As soon as you are, feel free to tell them what they should be doing. I'm sure they would appreciate the advice.

Until then, quit whining. Either buy 40 Licks or don't. Either go to the shows or don't. But PLEASE quit the wet blanket shit. We know how you feel Ulfy et al. No need to flood this place with all this negative crap. It's pissing me off...and I don't think I'm alone on this. If you are a fan, act like it. If you aren't a fan anymore...fuck off and leave us alone.
08-15-02 01:51 PM
Maxlugar Hey Nasty, can you open one of those up for me and burn just the new songs and send 'em up? Just seal it back up and sell it to some tourist.


Shunter's will be on its way tomorrow by the way. Busy as shit!

40 Licks? That title reminds me of that Owl that used to say "How many licks does it take to get to the center of a Charms Blow Pop? Well lets see: A one, a TWOooo, a three (CRUNCH!!!) Three.

Here's hoping that because they had only four songs to worry about that they are real kickin' though. I bet they are.


08-15-02 02:10 PM
Mr T is this really worth bitching about?

a new studio album will probably be out in 2004. Possibly even a double album. Plus 4 new tracks - to me, that takes up for a 5 year absence(all things considered). If you can really call that an absense. They last toured 3 years ago, plus there's been a solo record thrown in there - and Jagger's film projects. And that's not even getting into personal lives and the fact that these guys are almost 60.

if you don't like it, don't buy it. I think Oasis could use a few fans that share your negativity.

I on the other hand wanna go see my favorite rock n roll band to have fun, not to piss & moan
08-15-02 02:18 PM
Boomhauer A lot of people here don't like the Gallagher brothers, but some of you do sure cry like they do.

You don't want Forty Licks, don't get it. BTW, if the Stones will put out a new album soon, you'll whine if it's not a double album anyway.
08-15-02 02:29 PM
Maxlugar I don't think it's "whining". It's just stating an opinion that's all.

I heard tons of people ragging on GITD and I took that as an opiniom not whining.

Don't let it take away from your excitment of buying the new greatest hits album.

You can't just write off someone's opinion as whining.

Or can you?


Ma-ma, ma-ma MAXY!
08-15-02 03:13 PM
Scot Rocks Fuckin hell, man right lets get things in perspective

1 - We have a kickass tour about to commence, and the rehersals look like that a lot of the material that everyone wanted to hear like Sway, CYHMK etc could be be a possibilty for the gigs.

2 - We have the first definative GH album by the Stones that covers their entire career, not for the best for the hardcore but it will surely attract more fans.

3 - We have 4 new Stones songs, which we will be hearing soon on this album, before it was only going to be 2, I for one am pleased that there will be 4 rather than 2, more than that would have ruined it as a GH album which had to come out sometime

4 - A new album altogether in the coming months, looks a great possibilty, due to reports we have heard, including the 28 tracks which were reported by Keef.

5 - The remasters are coming out too soon and judging by some reports, there is a definate improvement in some of the stuff.

6 - The band overall looks in good shape, Mick and Keith ok, Woody well hopefully but I am confident he will deliver, and Charlie well he is Charlie. Moreover the good folks in Toronto have informed us that things are sounding good.


The Stones are rollin' again, look at the friggin positives!!!!!!!

08-15-02 03:17 PM
Maxlugar Shit yeah, Scotty!!

Got ta roll me!

08-15-02 03:18 PM
T&A Good summary, Scot Rocks!

Now - is everybody ready? Everybody seems to be ready. The greatest fuckin' rock'n'roll band in the world:

08-15-02 03:18 PM
Sir Stonesalot Maxy, I'm not saying YOU are whining.

We don't agree on this, so what?

You are not whining at all. But some people choose to post the same shit over and over and over. They make the same tired arguments repeatedly. And they have never made a single solitary positive comment any time they show up here. They come here trying to convince people to PROTEST against a band that we all supposedly love! Now doesn't that seem a little twisted to you? In other words, they don't come here to show any kind of support, only to tear down the band, and try to convince other fans that they should quit acting like fans. It's fucking disgusting.

How can someone claim to be a big fan, yet do nothing but talk shit about them. Seems really Mark David Chapman to me.
08-15-02 03:27 PM
Maxlugar Siry!!

And we're whinning.





I can't wait to rock with you and Nanky come MSG!

Maxy Von Der SPIV
08-15-02 03:31 PM
jb My limo will be bigger than yours Maxy!!!Please join me on the way to sunrise florida as we drink 30 yr old ardbeg scotch and listening to "A brussels affair" with hopefully some Park Ave hookers you exported.
08-15-02 03:36 PM
gypsy I couldn't agree more with KeepRigid.
08-15-02 03:42 PM
Joey Hey Gypsy ...............

Did you find the little present that I placed in your lingerie drawer last week ?

I hope you enjoyed it ?

Jo Jo

08-15-02 03:44 PM
jb Joey, did you see tha tStones thong underway on e-bay? A must for your playmate.
08-15-02 03:51 PM
Nellcote JB, if either of your two idols on your avatar ever show up at an upcoming "LICKS" concert, I might go technicolor with my lunch. What an horrifically wretched addition to this wonderful medium of communication you have placed yourself with!

08-15-02 03:53 PM
jb I just complimented you below as you never seem to attack anyone....I still hope we can enter into the 21st century together....jb
08-15-02 03:54 PM
Nellcote Who's Next "Shakey Janet"
I did not have sex with that woman, Bianca Jagger
08-15-02 03:58 PM
jb Janet just had a wonderful dance party at club Level here in South Beach. A tremendously successful fundraiser, and yes, Janet R. got dowm and shakey!!!
08-15-02 04:00 PM
Joey "Joey, did you see tha tStones thong underway on e-bay? A must for your playmate. "

Josh , THATS what I gave to gypsy .

I am giving you a 'lifetime membership to Bella fitness '

" Bella Fitness " is owned and operated by Hefners new girlfriend .

J . Fly

08-15-02 06:43 PM
gypsy Which of Hef's seven girlfriend's runs "Bella Fitness," Joey?
Oh, and thanks for the thong-it's sooo comfortable!
08-15-02 06:50 PM
TheSavageYoungXyzzy Hugh Hefner, on principle (I know nothing about the man as a person) is a scary old man. When he dies, they should prop his coffin open with his erection.

Rolling Stones tongue... on thong... *thinks about it*... mmmm... I hope this has nothing to do with the Licks tour.

-tSYX - Here it comes... here it comes... here it comes, here it comes! Here comes your 19th nervous blackout!
08-15-02 08:21 PM
Joey "Hugh Hefner, on principle (I know nothing about the man as a person) is a scary old man. When he dies, they should prop his coffin open with his erection. "

You make Joey scared .

"Rolling Stones tongue... on thong... *thinks about it*... mmmm... I hope this has nothing to do with the Licks tour."

Here's hoping it has EVERYTHING to do with a licks tour .

Tina Jordan owns " Bella Fitness " Gypsy . You have just got to watch more of Howard Stern's television show on " E " -- you're missing out .

J. Fly

08-15-02 08:32 PM
gypsy I watched Howard last week or the week before, and Anna Nicole made out with some short guy in the bathroom. Then, she made out with him some more at her hotel. Needless to say, it was pretty sick.
08-15-02 08:53 PM
mattb wrote:
The people that complain about not enough new songs are the same ones that complain about too many new songs in concerts.

Jeez! Where did you get this crap from?? That remark is so sad and dumb that I don't know whether to laugh or cry at your stupidity! Sorry to put it that way Mattb, but there you go.

I am glad with 4 new tracks. It's better than the 2 new songs we counted on so far, so this is good news. I can't wait to hear what the guys choose as musical approach! But I do think it's a rip off. Now I have to buy an expensive double cd for 4 songs. That's what makes me a bit mad, not the fact that we get 'only' 4 songs! This stunt proves that they are looking for ways to make more and more money, that bothers me. In that way it fits right in there with those high ticket prizes.

I think we have deserved a new album with just new songs as fans, considering what we pay for tix. Yes, I think fans have rights. I don't have to swallow everything they do just because they are the best thing in the world for me. They are where they are now because of fans like us. And I mean the way they do things, not the music they make, 'cause I trust that will be great again.
I do hope we get more stuff later on.

Anybody know what's the status of their Virgin contract? How many albums they have to go with them?

PS: I love it if they do new songs during shows, I love to see the songs grow on them as they progress in the tour. Bottomline: I'm happy with 4 new songs, definitely, but...

PS2: Maxy, I love Dirty Work, it was my first album and I play it often still. It is powerful and highly underrated!
08-15-02 09:57 PM
jb wrote:
Janet just had a wonderful dance party at club Level here in South Beach. A tremendously successful fundraiser, and yes, Janet R. got dowm and shakey!!!

Judging by that picture you use and the 'Shakes' Reno tale, you must be: A-hard up for companionship B-a 60's leftover/burnout C-refer back to A&B

BTW, everyone quit whining. Our favorite band is touring!
08-15-02 10:35 PM
Maxlugar Angiegirl,

Dirty Work is indeed a great one. Most people are scared of it. It rocks too hard for them.

08-15-02 10:46 PM
Fiji Joe Protest...what a lame brain. If you don't like what you're getting, jump off the bandwagon.

08-15-02 10:55 PM
Fiji Joe "Ulfk is king bitch in my book"

Well said Joey. I never liked that Fat Swede. The man runs a site offering bootlegs and then has the nerve to bitch about the Stones not giving him enough for his money. What a turd.

08-16-02 01:22 AM
Joey wrote:
"Go cry about it to people who want to hear it. I for one am fed up with all the bitching. And Ulf is King Bitch in my book. "

Agreed !!! The Rolling Stones have become just like THE WHO and that ain't such a bad thing .

J. Fly

Joey, I like the WHo very much, but, uhhhhhhh..... The Rolling Stones have NOT just become like the WHo. Even when dear John was around with the WHo, they didn't even bother to record ONE damn song for a greatest hits package (or for anything else for that matter), and they've released greatest hits albums about 5 or 6 times since "It's Hard" came out in 1982.

The Who rule.........but don't say the STones have turned into a band like the WHo. BTW, I'm seeing them at the Palace of Auburn Hills on 8-23-02. Wish me to have fun, Joey!
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