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08-15-02 05:40 AM
ulfk The info I got on the title of the 40 licks album was correct but to soil an anniversary album with 4 new songs is really bad taste and also reveals terribly lazy musicians with 4 new tracks in 5 years.
Virgin has a meeting this week and a Swede is represented there and I have been able to make him put forward that at least in Sweden we are stunned and terribly ashamed of the band and have said that the only reasonable way to go about it if of course a *clean* hot rocks album,the four new songs as a teaser on a CD single and then build on that for a new album during the spring season.As late as the day before yesterday they still had not a clue what the new tracks was about,not the names even....and the same with the 40 it is NOT to late to protest.

08-15-02 06:51 AM
beer They have a clue about the 4 new tracks. They're called "Don't Stop", "Key to your love","Stealing my heart", "losing my touch" and I can't recall the other titles. Maybe I misread your post cuz i'm half asleep and drunk, i dunno. Keef said they have the basic tracks for 28 NEW SONGS!
[Edited by beer]
08-15-02 06:57 AM
bluesgirl Great Ulf.
That's too bad after so long time we only have 4 new songs, although they might be good.
bluesgirl support your protest
08-15-02 07:22 AM
TT Me too!
08-15-02 07:38 AM
Maxlugar I support this protest too.

Their output can be compared to an 80 year old trying to shit with a polyp the size of a basket ball in his colon.

08-15-02 10:11 AM
T&A I totally disagree. If the 4 new tunes are decent - that's plenty to get a tour started. I'd much rather they try to nail down an album after they've had some road time - which is the plan, apparently.

In any even t- we don't really need ANY new tunes. These guys already have produced hundreds of them. There's not going to be another JJF or SFTD. Let's get the show on the damned road and stop all the whining!

08-15-02 10:53 AM
jb You all amaze first tickets too high, next no new album, then only 2 new we have what appears to be a comprehensive compilation with 4 new songs!!! If even 1 or 2 of the new songs is deascent, i think we should all be very happy...Don't you get it..this is it..the last tour!-Enjoy while you can as before you know it you will be leaving the concert hall realizing that you may very well have seen the last of the greatest band the world we ever know!
08-15-02 11:01 AM
steel driving hammer
Just play the fucking tracks you bastards & drink the French Champange.

08-15-02 11:09 AM
Sir Stonesalot Who the fuck do you people think you are? You aren't in the band. You are not in a band that has had an illustrious 40 year career.

When you become a member of the Rolling Stones...THEN AND ONLY you have the right to protest anything.


Just because you spent some money on them doesn't earn you shit for rights. If you don't like what they are doing, fine. Don't buy it. Don't go to the shows. I don't give a flying fuck what you do. Just quit trying to kill everyone's buzz!

Yo Ulfy, you want some cheese with that whine, boy? You sound like my 6 year old when he doesn't get his way.

How the hell anyone can bitch about getting 4 new Stones songs is beyond me.

[Edited by Sir Stonesalot]
08-15-02 11:14 AM
jb Well said! Ulf, while deserving of credit and thanks for his contributions to IORR, is crossing the line when he "protests" the composition of a greatest hit compilation.. We have enough criticism from the mainstream press, late night pricks, and Beatle fans....
08-15-02 11:18 AM
Nellcote Steady, let's right the ship here.

Great to see everyone awake on this topic!

It's a board, for discussion, right?

Everyone entitled?

Two songs=made my day
Four songs=quad the pleasure

Tour returns in 03=New Fruit of the Loombs!

Alive Tomorrow=PRICELESS

08-15-02 11:20 AM
jb Nellcote-are you a girl or a boy? You seem likea very pleasent individual as you have never viciously attacked anyone to my recollection.
08-15-02 11:43 AM
Mr T SS & Nellcote stole the words right outta my mouth.

So what - 4 tracks in 5 years - that's more than Guns N Roses has done in 5 years - and Axl's 20 years younger.. what's your point?

besides - your forgetting to factor in GITD(even though most of us would LIKE to forget that) and that the band toured til 99. Did those things not take any effort? Even if you were displeased with the results - their in their late 50's - give em a break. Yeah - I'd like to see more too - but look how much work they've been doing - and that's not including film projects & families.
08-15-02 11:52 AM
jb Mr. T has fought a courageous battle against a most frightening disease. We have already lost George Pepard and has antone heard from Dirk "Mr. Hansome" Benedict lately?
08-15-02 11:55 AM
Maxlugar Damn Sir Stonesy!!! Who crapped on your copy of Brussels Affair?

I don't think anyone's buzz should be killed.

I think everyone is totally pumped about this tour. The set lists of the rehearsals are awe inspiring. Anyone see that list on Stonesdoug of last night? WOW!!!

I just share in Ulfs frustration of the lack of material from our boys. It really is maddening, to me at least.

This band has vaults packed to the gills with material that is just begging to get out. Plus they recorded around 28 songs or ideas and we still get a just few songs as bait to buy the songs we all have numerous times.

That's all I'm saying.

I've spent thousands of dollars on bootleg cd's and videos just so I can hear every fart, buzz and pop these great men have recorded.

I wish we could get more new or unreleased stuff before we get the 20 greatest hits package.

I would take a DVD of the full Knebworth show or LA '75 before I get another greatest hits album.

That's all.

I bet half the people who are preaching we should be happy we get anything from them are the same ones who trash Dirty Work as the worst album in the universe. Where were you on THAT issue Josh? You are so concerned when people trash the Stones but I didn't see shit from you on that one. NO Stones album should be used as a fucking beer coaster!

08-15-02 12:11 PM
Joey "NO Stones album should be used as a fucking beer coaster! "

At Charlestons , the bartenders use Wings' " Back to the Egg " disc as coasters . I forgot to ask them what they do with " Dirty Work "


Developing ..........

Snaggle Joe

08-15-02 12:16 PM
mattb The people that complain about not enough new songs are the same ones that complain about too many new songs in concerts.
08-15-02 12:18 PM
jb Young Maxim, college aged jb had the large dirty work poster mounted in his dorm at Hume hall on the campus of Univ. of Florida. While other dormrats listened to REO, Journey, Styxx, and Kansas, jb was listening to Dirty Works and having r/s with my girlfriend and her identical twin sister....
08-15-02 12:25 PM
Nasty Habits I agree with the "four songs shunted to a separate release concept". I'd buy a four song CD single in a heartbeat, stock the shit out of it in my store, promote it in an ad, do a little Stones dance for every single customer who buys it. I cannot say the same for 40 Licks. While I will stock it, and poster my windows with abstract shiny tongues, I doubt it will sell on the basis of those four tracks to anyone but the hardcores.

Most of the audience for 40 Licks won't give a shit about the new material and will skip the songs so they can hear "Miss You" and "Undercover" again, which, in the case of a "Greatest Hits" summing up type disc, is how it should be.

My problem with padding the album with four new is historical - four new tracks stuck on the end is always a very shallow and timely ploy that will ultimately corrupt the quality of the greatest hits thing and also insure that the four songs in question get lost in history. Like, who beyond us remembers Highwire and Sexdrive? Fuckin' nobody, that's who. Hot Rocks continues to sell and will forever sell to this day because every single track is a timeless monster classic of unsurpassed rock and roll genius. 40 Licks could do equal representation of everything up to and including Bridges, and could make a very strong argument for the continued quality of Stones music for the last two decades, shutting the press up on their "no good music sense Tattoo You" kick good and proper. Thirty years from now, is anybody going to buy 40 Licks to introduce themselves to the Rolling Stones like people still do with Hot Rocks, or are there gonna be still other Stones "hit collections" with stray tracks tucked on them for people to muddle through?

The Rolling Stones have released ripoff albums at every phase of their career, so this is nothing new. And Stones fans have bitched about it from the beginning, so that's not new either. That's the price they pay for being the best. People always expect more of them.

Four new songs Yay! Four new songs on this greatest hits, sigh.

I'll still do the Rolling Stones dance for people who buy it from me, though.

08-15-02 12:26 PM
KeepRigid Why is this so hard to understand?

Mick has said he expects to do shows in 2004.

Their producers have said they are going to record DURING the tour.

Keith has said that even the brief studio time in Paris was very productive.

It's pretty obvious they are thinking long-term here.

*They're going to release a new studio album.*

Isn't it more exciting that they are breaking from the tired routine they've been doing since Steel Wheels? (New Album -> Stadium Shows -> Live Album)

Isn't it more exciting that they are waiting to hit the studio AFTER being on the road? Everyone here knows what a well-oiled machine they are after a few months on the road. Why on earth would you rather have a new album from a band that's been in mothballs over one that is firing on all cylinders?

Anyone remember when they used to hit the studio during/after touring, and the kind of albums we got because of it?
08-15-02 12:29 PM
Maxlugar Josh,

You make Maxy swoon with hearts fluttering infront ot his eyes.

Your post moved me.

08-15-02 12:32 PM
winter neon deon/p diddy (avatar looks a bit like both):

Hell yes you've said it. Now everbody, let's stop the bitching, it's 19 days to showtime,


08-15-02 12:36 PM
Sir Stonesalot Gee, I guess including a few new tunes on a greatest hits compilation ISN'T standard fucking music industry policy. No one EVER does that do they?

Oh wait, yeah, EVERYONE(including the "Beatles"), does that.

Lemme go check some of my GH discs...

Yep, Bruce did it. The "Beatles" did it with Anthology, and one of them was DEAD at the time! Cheap Trick did it. Steve Earle, Oasis, Motorhead, Tom Petty...all of them are guilty too!


How dare they let those greedy record companies put a new song or 2 on those GH discs! They...are MARKETING! GASP!*shocked expression* I feel so used.


Yeah I want a new record from the Stones every friggin' year. But guess what? It ain't gonna happen. Obviously, The Stones have other stuff on their plates. Name me one other band of their era that puts out as much new stuff as often as they do. Even a guy like Dylan, who is an absolute prolific songwriter only puts out an album every 3 or 4 years. Bruce? Longer than that. Bowie? 2 or 3 years between albums. It is a shitty fact of life, that productivity slows the older that you get.

What the fuck do you people want from these guys? I don't care how much you spend on them (I'll bet I've gone dollar for dollar with most of you), it still doesn't give any of us the right to dictate a fucking thing to them. They are the Stones, they do what they want. And after 40 years, and hundreds of killer tunes, they deserve the right to do whatever they want.

Go cry about it to people who want to hear it. I for one am fed up with all the bitching. And Ulf is King Bitch in my book.
08-15-02 12:41 PM
mattb Aerosmith does it too.
08-15-02 12:42 PM
KeepRigid "My problem with padding the album with four new is historical - four new tracks stuck on the end is always a very shallow and timely ploy that will ultimately corrupt the quality of the greatest hits."

I agree with this to a point.

This release has been described as a 'seminal' recording, and it most likely will end up being the one Stones album everyone's friend owns ten years from now.

So, for 'historical' reasons, they should really just include one new single- which is basically what they were going to do in the first place. (As we've all seen, it's usually only one new song that gets accepted off a greatest hits package anyway.)

But then all the fans complained, so they added two more tracks- and now the fans complain that they are ruining the greatest hits package.

Oh, it's getting absurd.
08-15-02 12:43 PM
Nasty Habits Sir --

Every time a band does that obnoxious move, I hate it. I think it sucks, and I always have. Greatest hits are greatest hits, and new releases are new releases. To do it both ways is lousy. It's a rip off. And it's a waste of material. We're over here holding the Stones to high standards of integrity and quality because they're better than everyone on your list except for Bobby Dylan, who probably started this whole dumb trend back in '71 with his Greatest Hits Vol. 2 album, although all those bonus tracks are great. Who knows, maybe these tracks are so dynamite that they won't sound tacked on at the end of 36 of the Stones' best songs recorded over 40 years. But that seems unlikely. Hey, how about a clean double CD from 63-99 and then a "free" bonus disc with the four new songs? That should make everyone happy.

08-15-02 12:46 PM
Joey "Go cry about it to people who want to hear it. I for one am fed up with all the bitching. And Ulf is King Bitch in my book. "

Agreed !!! The Rolling Stones have become just like THE WHO and that ain't such a bad thing .

J. Fly

08-15-02 12:47 PM
2000monkey 40 Licks with 4 new tracks is a marketing move,plain and simple. The Stones have hordes of unused tracks in their vaults. They could unleash a new album anytime they wanted to.

If this was another new album /tour the record would probably hit 1 or 2 on the charts for a week or so and sink down as recent Stones albums have done. But since the Beatles 1 was one of the biggest albums in the universe the Stones obviously see an opportunity to really move some units. And more power to 'em. With a great tour and a best selling hits package under their belts a new album down the line could do really well for them.
08-15-02 12:48 PM
mattb Doesn't it seem like the Internet has attracted a large number of bitchers and whiners over the past few years?
08-15-02 12:53 PM
TomL On with the fucking show. Boston here I come. Even if they had a new cd three new songs is most likely the max they would do at a show. The songs they have rehersed are great. I am going to treat every show as a possible last one this tour. My dick is so hard I could jackhammer concrete right now. This upcoming tour has helped my gerth so far, hope my dick don't explode. Looking forward to meeting all you crazy mother fuckers.
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