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With Bachir Attar, 1989
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07-16-01 12:22 PM
fotini Lovely pic Irina! Just a few facts that -maybe- are less known. When the Stones came to play in Greece that night, it was only a short four days before the democratic constitution (oh, hope I chose the right words ) would be abolished due to a military coup (which would retain "governance" for then seven years, but that's history). So political conditions were unstable.. At some point during the concert, Mick was given a bunch of red carnations which he gave to road manager Tom Keylock to give to the audience. You can imagine all the symbolisms of a red carnation at the time, so police came in, the concert was abruptly ended, oh, and it took 31 years for the Stones to return under completely different conditions

Another piece of trivia: a day after the concert, the Stones went to the airport to go back home... Bill Wyman stayed back for a short vacation, Mick and Charlie had to wait for a long time and go through various cheks before finally getting on the plane to London, while Brian left for Munich to meet Anita and attend the premier of "Mord und Totschlag". Keith was kept back at the airport by policemen and customs officers so long that he missed his flight and he had Keylock drive him to Munich Well, it was a long, long time ago. Back in 1998 all four Stones enjoyed their stay

Here's to hoping it won't take them another 31 years to return

07-16-01 03:12 PM
alusias according to other sources Keith and Anita went to Rome where she did an audition for the Barbarella movie. I don't really think they went to Munich for the premiere of the movie, because it was only in the beginning of May when the movie was first shown. At the Cannes film festival. I think it is only logical that the Munich premiere was later.

07-16-01 10:41 PM
VoodooChileInWOnderl Hey Fotini

Great you were there, btw, it was the last concert in the European Tour 1967

We need your help!!!

If you see our site for setlist, the concert held that day has no setlist because we're not sure.

Do you remember the setlist? Well, I'm sure that with more than 34 years since the gig maybe you don't remember the whole setlist in the set order but your help will be great

Two days before, the setlist at the Houtrusthallen in Amsterdam was

1) The Last Time
2) Paint it Black
3) 19th Nervous Breakdown
4) Lady Jane
5) Get Off Of My Cloud/Yesterdays Papers
6) Ruby Tuesday
7) Let's Spend The Night Together
8) Goin' Home/Satisfaction

Any information will be appreciated and credited

Other question... which song is being played in the photo?

07-16-01 11:16 PM
The Eggman Harlem Shuffle?
07-16-01 11:21 PM
VoodooChileInWOnderl This was the header

As far as I know, Brian plays flute in "THEIR SATANIC MAJESTIES REQUEST" but it was released later and no songs from it were played in the 1967 tour.
07-17-01 07:16 PM
fotini Oh God I'm gonna have to dissapoint you guys. I -unfortunately- was not at the 1967 concert and I'm terribly sorry if I sounded like I did! I'm 20 years old, so my age wouldn't allow me to have been there (as much as I regret it every day!). Reading tons of pages on the subject in Greek magazines and watching all those TV specials during their last performance here in 1998, I was able to learn facts & details some of which I included in my post.

Now, I got some more pics from various magazines, if you want I can scan them and send them in. Regarding the playlist, I couldn't trace a whole, complete one, but some of the songs played included: Last Time (starting one), Lady Jane (with Brian playing dulcimer), 19th Nervous Breakdown, Ruby Tuesday, Let's Spend The Night Together and Satisfaction. (The whole carnations-police incidnent took place during Satisfaction). That's all the information I can recall now, but there's a truly interesting 5-page article covering the concert on a greek magazine which I would gladly translate and post if you guys want to read it. Just tell me about this and the pix, I got some spare time to deal with it.

Sorry if I let you down !
07-19-01 10:54 PM
VoodooChileInWOnderl Of course you are not disappointing anybody, on the contrary please send us those photos and information and we will use it as headers here in the board, I?m sure many of us would like to see them

The information you gave us and any additional information you give us will be used in the 1967 setlist page and credited properly in the main page for the setlists.
07-20-01 06:33 AM
fotini Ok! I'll send the scans in today (sometime in the afternoon, as soon as I get home from work!) and start working on the article's translation.

07-20-01 03:38 PM
Gazza maybe the song being played in that picture would be "Ruby Tuesday" - after all,didnt Brian play flute on it when they were on the Ed Sullivan Show..? although Keith "played"piano on that version (although its just a backing track)..maybe the "live" arrangement was a bit different though
07-21-01 03:37 AM
The Eggman NAH IT'S PROBABLY THE "harlem shuffle"

07-21-01 07:32 AM
VoodooChileInWOnderl wrote:
This was the header

As far as I know, Brian plays flute in "THEIR SATANIC MAJESTIES REQUEST" but it was released later and no songs from it were played in the 1967 tour.

hm... don't you think that it could be "All sold out" song??? Look at photo - Keith play the electric guitar and Mick moves too nervous, so it could be "All sond out" song, but not "Ruby Tuesday". Brian played recorder on "All sold out" and "Ruby Tuesday", but I do not think it is "Ruby Tuesday"... Plus, Brian play the recorder on this photo, not the flute

What do you think???

Peace to all of You!

Taras Stanislaus
[Edited by Taras]

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