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Topic: The best way to remember Elvis... Return to archive
08-15-02 05:14 PM
F505 ...sure is to play Hound Dog very loud and clear.

Of course the Stones version (78 tour).
08-15-02 05:47 PM
stonedinaustralia to recall the words of lennon (sorry jb) - while i'm no great beatles fan he was right on when he said:

"before elvis there was nothing"
08-15-02 05:49 PM
TwelveX5 Nothing except the black artists that he ripped off!
08-15-02 05:50 PM
patioaintdry SCOTTY MOORE!!
08-15-02 05:57 PM
TwelveX5 wrote:
Nothing except the black artists that he ripped off!

yeah, well that goes without saying... what i take lennon as referring to is that elvis was the "big bang" when it came to the explosion of that music combined with gospel,country and all of elvis' other influences - and as broader cultural thing he took the exising rock and roll scene (not to mention shopw-biz in general)to a whole other level

to paraphrase keith he took the world from black and white to technicolor
08-15-02 06:07 PM
Nasty Habits Through a bizarre confluence of events I was actually in Memphis this weekend during the course of the big Beale Street parade. While I was walking to the thing between a bunch of husked out downtown Memphis buildings a homeless black guy started yelling at all the white folks headed to the Elvis party - "Hey, do you all know where Elvis got his shit? HEY! Do you all know where Elvis got his shit?" I yelled back, "DOCTOR NICK!" But no one around me laughed.

Did Moses rip those tablets off from God? Or did he bring a message to the people that they desparately needed to hear? Bill Monroe + Dean Martin + Arthur Big Boy Crudup = ELVIS.

The parade was an abominable sham filled with false symbolism and horrible political and commercial (not to mention military) cooptation and was a perfectly crappy way to remember Elvis.

The best way to remember Elvis is to find a videotape of One Night With You, fifty minutes of 68 Comeback Outtakes with Scotty, DJ, and Bill bashing out the 50s on guitar cases and sometimes unplugged electric guitars. The best televised rock and roll ever, except maybe Dylan on Letterman in '83 (Infidels).

[Edited by Nasty Habits]
08-15-02 06:26 PM
Gazza >Nothing except the black artists that he ripped off!

Considering this board is aimed at fans of a group of suburban white Englishmen who released hardly anything but watered down covers of songs by black American blues artists for the first couple of years of their career (and who still make a VERY healthy living playing a variation of the same..), I think theres a bit of irony missing in the above post!!

How to remember him?

1. The single most important figure in the history of popular music.

2. The greatest singer that ever held a microphone.

3. The ultimate symbol of American culture for the rest of the world in the 20th Century.

4. "No other human being has ever looked as good in leather. And believe me,I've searched sites on the internet for hours and hours trying to prove otherwise" (British chat show host Jonathan Ross,August 2002)
08-15-02 06:38 PM
Nasty Habits Jonathan Ross is obviously forgetting about Lou Reed.

08-15-02 07:35 PM
sammy davis jr. Rememeber Elvis by choking down some amphetamines, eat a peanut butter n' nana sammich, and shoot out you television.
08-15-02 08:02 PM
TwelveX5 Hey Gazza I'll give you #'s 1&3 but,I'm taking 2&4.
For my money the greatest singer and also the greatest
entertainer in our lifetime is the reason we're all
interested in this board.Mick Jagger.
As for looking good in leather I'll go with Tina Turner.
08-15-02 08:21 PM

Go to Memphis....

tour Graceland and Sun Studios.....

then eat lunch at the restaurant beside it ,where Sam Philips did a lot of his business deals...

have the pb banana grilled (served at the restaurant) his honor....

and listen to his music.

25 years gone 8/16/02....but not forgotten.

looooooooooong live rock and roll
08-15-02 08:39 PM
Sir Stonesalot In honor of Big E, I am now going upstairs to take a dump, and fall off the crapper, undies around ankles, and hold my breath till I pass out.

There was no such thing as a cool Elvis after the stint in the Army.

What a waste.
08-15-02 09:46 PM
JaggaRichards And Lennon also said 'Elvis died when he went into the army'.

I plan on watching my DVDs of Elvis '56 and the '68 Special.

I am also thankful that I got to see the living legend live in 1975 and 1976.
Yes, he was a blimp, but he STILL HAD THAT VOICE!!!

R.I.P. Elvis........I miss ya....
08-15-02 10:30 PM
KeepRigid 1. Listen to Keith singing "Don't".

2. Listen to Keith singing "Don't", whilst spending $30,000 to fly your friends for sandwiches.

3. Meet with President while armed.

4. Unwind with 'From Elvis in Memphis', 'Elvis 56', and 'Aloha from Hawaii'.

5. Repeat.
08-16-02 12:19 AM
Happy Motherfucker!! Gazza, I agree very much with your post. Elvis is/was a true symbol of Americana. As for the post about Jagger being the best singer I disagree. Mick is the greatest vocalist the world has ever seen, but, far from the greatest singer. There is a difference you know. Rock on forever Big E!!!!!!!!!
08-16-02 12:24 AM
Prodigal Son How to remember him is to get into character to know the man. Go to a personal doctor and get him to perscribe you 12,000 pills or so for no reason other than to get blitzed. Also, begin worshipping your mama. Tell your father he just doesn't understand like Mama does (Elvis actually told Vernon this after his ma died). Start eating banana sundaes for breakfast, fly to Denver just to have a great sandwich, then back home and don't forget to take karater and take care of business (TCB!!!). Elvis was only cool after 1960 doing the 1968 TV special in that leather and the unplugged set. Also, he ain't no hero if that's what became of him. Plus read Last Train to Memphis/Careless Love by Peter Guralnick to see what he became: the pills, the health problems, the hypocrisy when he became a drugs officer for Nixon to stop the youth drug problem (he hated the rock acts for promoting it) yet popping pills in the mean time. Also the hypocrisy of not giving some to your wife, then getting pissed off when the karate teacher is, carrying guns around like prized possessions (when he visited Nixon in the white house they had to confiscate about 10 guns from him and his Memphis Mafia), the freewheeling spending and the numerous pointless tours. If only the fictional movie about Elvis proving he was cool to some kid into glam rock in he 70s called Heartbreak Hotel, was real!
08-16-02 08:08 PM
Gazza wow..PS - so hilarious..not..!

>For my money the greatest singer and also the greatest
entertainer in our lifetime is the reason we're all
interested in this board.Mick Jagger.

Well..each to their own. As an entertainer,Mick has certainly few if any equals,although for me without the Stones behind him...hes not the for best "singer" ?? No way..Mick's main talent is as a performer and frontman (and songwriter of course) - I could probably think of about 50 better "singers" of the top of my head (and I dont just mean in terms of technical ability either). Elvis certainly had more versatility than any singer I can think of.

As for John Lennon saying Elvis died when he went into the army - utter bollocks... "Elvis is Back" (1960), the NBC Special (1968) and "From Elvis is Memphis" (1969) are 3 albums that are the equal of anything he did pre-1958. A typical Lennon rent-a-quote without any substance. Coming from a man whose only worthwhile album in the last 9 years of his life was an album of rock'n'roll covers,thats a bit rich. I never cease to be amazed how Lennon's solo career is held in such high regard when he produced so little of note after 1971. Dying so young and tragically has made history judge him so fondly perhaps.
08-16-02 08:21 PM
Honky Tonk Man I think "Elvis Is Back" is a fantastic album. "Girl Of My Best Freind" been the best thing on it
08-16-02 08:28 PM
Gazza Skip to the end and play "Reconsider baby" instead and you'll KNOW that a white man CAN sing the blues.....
08-16-02 08:37 PM
glencar RIP Elvis!

I went to Graceland 9 years ago. It was cool. I had never respected El before then but that visit cahnged my mind. Too bad about the last years of his life though.
08-16-02 09:40 PM
Prodigal Son The whole tone of the post seemed like I hate Elvis. No, not so. I love Elvis I just think it was a shame what happened to him after his Army stint. But no doubt, he had his great moments in the 60s. Plus, the 70s had a few good moments and songs. But people! Just because he still had good stuff after 1960 does not mean he was still the king. His material was not as good as his 50s stuff. I guess that's no small feat, but he did some crappy work for sure. Mostly movie material. All those movies and lame songs overshadowed his great performances plus masterful covers of stuff like "Bridge Over Troubled Water," "Only the Strong Survive," etc. Yes, Gazza. It was not a funny post. You had to have watched it to laugh. Stupid me, up all night drinking a bit, felt the need to post it. I shall retract that.
08-17-02 09:01 AM
Gazza Ok - point taken! I re-read it later..sorry if it seemed like I was being personal! Cheers!

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