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Warming up gig for the Voodoo Lounge Tour - RPM Club Toronto July 19, 1994
Backstage with Jeff Healey who was a guest on "I Canít Get Next To You"
Marko Shark
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Topic: Turns Out the 8/16 Club Gig is For Real ==> Sergei was right! Return to archive
08-15-02 03:57 PM
sandrew Our beloved Stonesdoug is on his way to Toronto as we speak. Try to find out what the venue is, because I will blow out of work tomorrow afternoon to fly there.
08-15-02 04:06 PM
TheSavageYoungXyzzy Goddamnit!

About how much would I have to pay for tickets to Toronto?

-tSYX --- People ask me what do I have to do if I wanna be a Rock'n'roll star...
08-15-02 04:07 PM
sandrew They'll be dirt cheap...
08-15-02 04:13 PM
Scot Rocks Great news for all you folks that can go, if are going, have a great time!!!However could you please give us some info on the setlists and verdict on the result.


08-15-02 04:19 PM
HardKnoxDurtySox Hey, those of you who have experience with these surprise club gigs. How do you get in? Is it just a matter of showing up and waiting in line outside the venue?
08-15-02 04:32 PM
TheSavageYoungXyzzy Goddamnit! Nuthin for less than 350 bucks - and that one includes a car which I can't friggin' drive. Looks like I'm stranded - someone get up there with a recorder and don't forget to tell us how it was!

-tSYX --- R. U. Behaving Yourself, Ronnie? 'cause if you ain't I'm sending that Valkerie lady on the cover of your album to come get you!
08-15-02 04:43 PM
sandrew Are you talking about airfare?
08-15-02 04:51 PM
TheSavageYoungXyzzy Airfare, yah.

-tSYX --- Got no time on hand!
08-15-02 04:52 PM
SlackerZ Oh please someone record it on tape!!!
08-15-02 06:05 PM
HardKnoxDurtySox wrote:
Hey, those of you who have experience with these surprise club gigs. How do you get in? Is it just a matter of showing up and waiting in line outside the venue?

In the past, an effort is made to get the tickets to local people. It has been done via radio stations or handing them out on street corners. Some planned shows have even been cancelled due to too much advance publicity.
08-15-02 06:09 PM
Stonesmillenium2001 are they using an alias at the club show? i know in the past they did that with an alias like the cockroaches.
08-15-02 06:16 PM
Gazza maybe considering the date of the show,they'll open with "Hound Dog" or "mystery Train"!
08-15-02 06:18 PM
T&A Don't forget that Bobby D is in town for a gig Friday night. Wouldn't it be cool if they hooked up somehow?
08-15-02 07:39 PM
sammy davis jr. Do you realize that for a round trip flight to Toronto and a cab, it's still cheaper than many will pay to see the Stones this fall? That is, if you somehow find a way to get into the club.
08-15-02 09:27 PM
Packet any idea where they are playing though?
(god, i cant wait)
08-16-02 12:37 AM
Stonesmillenium2001 i don't know where they will be playing, but i do recommend hanging out at the hotel they are staying and follow them when they leave at night-time.
08-16-02 12:51 AM
Bluzian As a local, I would suggest a few places they might hit:

#1 choice is the HardRock @ Club 107. (Yonge St)
#2 Healey's (Jeffs place)
#3 Lee's Palace (on Bloor)
#4 The Black Swan

ElMo is run down; RPM had a shooting there about ten days
ago..The HorseShoe is last tours flavour.. I would put all
my money/bets on the HardRockCafe because of Q107 being
behind the whole thing.

I live in Guelph, but I gotta work, so I can't make it down
there unfortunately.. I'm sure it'll be a gas though, eh?

My best advice is to check out the HRC periodically today.
Any suspicious looking characters loitering around? (besides
yourselves I mean?? *LOL*). Any trucks? Security? Cops?
use your rock'n'roll context clues people. Finding where
the Stones will play in Toronto ain't that hard man~. They
stick out like a sore thumb - so, surely to God, y'all must
be able to pool your thoughts together? Use Cell-phones!
Stalk them if you have to!! *LOL*

The best of luck to you club seekers! (its fun!! hehe)

Ian in Guelph :-)
08-16-02 01:02 AM
Stonesmillenium2001 thanks for the information!
08-16-02 03:02 AM
Stonesmillenium2001 on doug's board someone said that the rolling stones are playing at the palais royale.
08-16-02 07:21 AM
Packet confirmed palais royale, 1601 lakeshore blvd. w
08-16-02 07:46 AM
Maxlugar God damn it this is exciting!

I will be GLUED to this page tonight to see what they played.

So someone post it ASAP!!!

08-16-02 08:28 AM
Lacride Wow! Let it rock! have fun, Stones friends in Toronto!!!
08-16-02 08:42 AM
TheSavageYoungXyzzy Well, still stranded in Boston.

Ah well...

Go have fun, all y'all going to this concert! You are ordered thusly! If you have a chance, write down the setlist or maybe even (gasp!) record the concert - you would ensure our happiness forever - but if you're having too much fun listening to them, good on ya! I won't blame you - now go! Buy tickets now! Tell us how they are - 'specially poor Ronnie.

-tSYX --- If those cats don't cool it, we don't play, man!
08-16-02 01:36 PM
jb Sergei, diga me, will Mick T be joining the Stones at any venue this tour?

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