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Topic: Oh God, Shaggy Return to archive
08-15-02 02:27 PM
winter As reported by erikjjf on Stonesdoug's board, Shaggy is opening up for the boys in Florida. It's listed on For those of you who don't know who shaggy is, be thankful.

I know it's 20+ years later, but I've heard stories about what happened to Prince when he opened up for the Stones (or even Meredith Brooks in Mexico, last tour).
You might want to bring a pocket full of rocks for this one.

South Florida, you never cease to amaze me,

08-15-02 02:29 PM
jb Yes, this is my punishment for paying 5k for tickets..In 99, the Fly's...I figured we could'nt do worse...but yes, we have!!!
08-15-02 02:35 PM

I'm telling you the Dr. Dre remix of Miss You, coupled with Britney's satisfaction and Harlem Shuffle with the carton cats on the b stage is gonna happen in south florida.

That's the trade-off for living in the land of plastic boobies,

08-15-02 02:41 PM
jb Winter, we do by far have the hottest babes(and yes, guys) in the entire country, possibly w/ the exception of California. Yet, culturally, politically, educationally, economically, and of course, musically, we are that of a third world country! Marc Anthony and Cher have sold out 2 shows in the coming weeks , and the Stones, still have plenty of tickets left for both concerts. If they chose Enrique Iglesias , Gloria Estefan, Shaihaira, or any act along those lines, we would have 10 sellouts....but no..we get Shaggy which certainly will not help the draw.
08-15-02 02:48 PM
Scot Rocks Shaggy...I would say that is a darn good excuse to stay at the bar for a while longer!!!!

Always look for the positives

08-15-02 02:52 PM
TomL Agree, more time to party and get right to it.
08-15-02 02:53 PM
jb I am going straight from the NCR lauderdale show to Miami to stay at the Hotel the Stones will be at. Last time it was the Loews on South Beach. I will find out a weeks b/f concert...if anyone interested in meeting, LMK. I figure to hang around loungue or hit clubs depending on Stones whereabouts. Next day crash at pool, tan, drink, and hit Miami show...kinda exciting if i can get rid of the wife and kiddies...i.e.-tell them I have early depo next day after first show , and too far to drive from Boca to Miami ...
08-15-02 02:56 PM
winter JB:

Amen. I remember well the glory days of running around coral gables and south beach. But I had to get the hell out of dodge. I like to call it a cultural vaccum, unless you call stucko and neon culture. But it is a great place to party.

Sorry about the ticket sales and the opening act, bright side of things, it's easier to get good seats.

Go CANES, just got off the phone with one of my buddies from college who lives in your neck of the woods, I'm booking my flight for FSU this afternoon.

08-15-02 03:00 PM
jb Can you believe Bobby Bowden has claimed the "Let's Roll" motto for the Noles. If the canes did that, can you imagine the outcry! I have always thought of the Canes as outcasts like the Stones(hated by many) and the Noles and Fightin Irish as the Beatles(everyone loves them).
08-15-02 03:07 PM
Joey "Can you believe Bobby Bowden has claimed the "Let's Roll" motto for the Noles. "

You can bet your sweet A## that the Nebraska Cornhuskers would never do something like that ......what a joke !!!!

In fact , when I first read about what Bowden had done , I shook so much from laughter that you would have thought Katherine Hepburn and Mohammad Ali were shaking hands over here .

08-15-02 03:13 PM
jb Joey, I have always respected Nebraska. We have beaten them several times and you have beaten us . Tom Osbourne was brave to call for that 2 point conversion in 81 that started our road to glory...My only question-why did Tommy allow Laurence Phillips to continue? We had him hear in Miami for a workout, and Jimmy Johnson cut him.
08-15-02 03:21 PM
jb Actaully was it 1980?
08-15-02 03:31 PM
Sir Stonesalot No one where I live likes Notre Dame, or the 'Noles. Course, we don't think much of the 'Canes either.

And Nebraska is gonna find out how much we like them...very soon.

Beware of the Nittany Lions...we are on the way back. Not all the way this year, but a lot of ills are healed. A bit of experience this year...and next year we make the big run for the big prize.

Hey jb, remember Vinny and Jerome wearing camoflage to the Fiesta Bowl? How'd that work out for 'em?
08-15-02 03:33 PM
goatshead I look forward to seeing Shaggy as long as Daphne is on stage in a mini-skirt. Maybe they'll toss out Sccoby Snacks to all the fans that can stomach his music.
08-15-02 03:34 PM
jb Sir, that 86 team , although embarrased and beaten by the Lions, was perhaps the greatest array of talent on any college team ever. Vinny, as usual, had a brain fart and threw the game winning touchdown to Shane Conlin. Poor Jerome died in a tragic auto accident several years into a great career with the eagles. Gotta love Pappa Joe...I was worried, however, that he would never get that record last year!
08-15-02 03:52 PM
Joey "My only question-why did Tommy allow Laurence Phillips to continue? We had him hear in Miami for a workout, and Jimmy Johnson cut him. "

Stupid Larry is as Stupid Larry does !!!!!

Actually , Lawrence Phillips would have won the Heisman Trophy if it had not been for his little " Mishap " !!!! Tom did the right thing by keeping him on the team and suspending him for just seven games -- if Philips had been booted off he would be in prison right now .

Come to think of it , I believe he IS in prison right now .

As for Stoney , those Nittney Lions of yours suck . What was their record last year ???? 5- 6 !!!! Christ ...Paterno should give it up . Well , not right now -- after we beat the crap out of you guys this September and then in Lincoln next year , THEN ! THEN he can retire !!!!!

" Help Me Ronnie "

H. R. Puffin Joe


08-15-02 04:58 PM
Sir Stonesalot Joey...

Last year was last year. The best thing about Freshmen and Sophmores is that they become Sophmores and Juniors. And the best thing about last years crop of Seniors is that they are fucking gone.

I hope that the Huskers share your attitude Joey. I really do. Tell 'em Joey. Tell 'em how bad the Nittany Lions are. Make sure they know how easy they are gonna have it. A great team like Nebraska should just look right on by those silly little harm could come from that. We got nothing for ya...nothing at all.

Tom Osbourne is a Joe Paterno wannabe.
08-15-02 05:15 PM
Joey "A great team like Nebraska should just look right on by those silly little harm could come from that. We got nothing for ya...nothing at all. "

Nebraska has no quarterback , a very questionable offensive line , and the defense is still shattered after last years beating from Colorado ( 62 points ) and Miami !

We suck too !

08-15-02 05:27 PM
Riffhard Well,once again Josh I gotta disagree with you.I lived in Boca for 6 years.I worked at WSHE in Miami/Davie at the time.While I agree that Miami/S.Beach has lots of talent in the women department.I'd give my vote to Hotlanta Ga. for the best looking,nicest,and real women of any state.I've been in alot of different states but,there's just something about those Georgia peaches!Not only that but the gentleman clubs in Atlanta are top shelf.I mean those girls are all driving Beemers,Benzes,and Vettes.They are all pulling in the high six figures.I guess that's why Playboy has voted Atlanta the #1 city for adult entertainment for over twenty years running!


PS-I personaly do not frequent these type establishments ladies.Although I hear the dancers are purty!

wink and a nod
08-15-02 05:36 PM
Marilyn Hey JB make sure you share with your fellow Stonesfriends where in Miami Beach our boys will be at, for I too am staying on Miami Beach...hey...lets grab a drink!!

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