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08-15-02 02:14 PM
Larry Dallas Here's a new story about the new record and single/video info.

NEWS - More Details Emerge About Rolling Stones' 'Forty Licks' Collection

(8/15/02, 12 p.m. ET) -- More details are emerging about Forty Licks, the upcoming Rolling Stones best-of collection.

The two-CD compilation, which the band personally selected, is due October 1 from Virgin Records. It will be preceded on August 28 by "Don't Stop," one of four new numbers included in the project. "Don't Stop" and the three other new songs--"Keys To Your Love," "Losing My Touch," and "Stealing My Heart"--were recorded earlier this year in Paris with producer Don Was. A video for "Don't Stop" is set to debut September 9.

Initial pressings of Forty Licks will feature four separate slipcase covers for the CD jewel case. A limited-edition, sequentially-numbered set for collectors will also be issued. The album will come packaged with a 24-page color booklet full of classic Stones photos.

A full tracklisting for Forty Licks hasn't been announced, but some of the tracks that will be included are: "Gimme Shelter," "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction," "Get Off My Cloud," "Ruby Tuesday," "Paint It Black," "Start Me Up," "Brown Sugar," "Miss You," "Happy," "Let's Spend The Night Together," "Jumping Jack Flash," "Street Fighting Man," "Honky Tonk Women," "Sympathy For The Devil," "You Can't Always Get What You Want," "Tumbling Dice," "Beast Of Burden," "Mixed Emotions," and "It's Only Rock & Roll (But I Like It)," along with the four new songs.

-- Bruce Simon, New York

08-15-02 03:09 PM
Boomhauer Cool news. Less than 2 weeks until we hear the single.

BTW, wouldn't it be cool to see Keith, Ronnie, and Charlie do the self-attached camera thing like Mick did in "God Gave Me Everything"? Keith walking around with a cig dangling, Ronnie lookin' like he's having an orgasm while playing his guitar, and charlie just moping around with his hands behind his back. Nawwwwww, just kidding. It will be cool to see though. You think it will make it to Carson Daly's show. lol

I tell you, this song should be WAY better than that crap "Girls of Summer" Aerosmith put on their greatest hits, don't you think?
08-15-02 03:16 PM
Larry Dallas To be quite honest, I haven't heard the Aerosmith tune. How many hits packages have they put out the last few years? I remember when they used to be a rock band. Unfortnately, they have adopted a paint-by-numbers scheme that results in shitty love songs that Leann Rimes should sing.

As for the Stones' new tunes, I'm sure that Mick and Keef will deliver because they always have. I can't wait to here the single, even if I have to watch a world premiere on the Carson Daly Stridex hour.
08-15-02 03:19 PM
Larry Dallas I meant that I can't wait to HEAR the single. Even though I live in KY, I still try to adhere to proper English.
08-15-02 10:53 PM
Boomhauer The reason why you probably haven't heard the new Aerosmith song "Girls of Summer" is because you probably don't own their new hits album or the fact that it is a flop and radio just doesn't play it. MTV keeps showing the video, though.

I wonder who (will shoot/has shot) the video. I'd assume they probably have one of the best, whoever that may be. Wayne Isham or something like that.

Also, which stations will play the new song. Ok, hard rock stations will probably not play it and classic rock won't either. I listen to a pretty good station that is not owned by a corporation, so they pretty much play anything they want. They play Little T&A, CYHMK, Mixed Emotions and other songs that usually don't get much airplay on radio.

08-15-02 11:03 PM
Mr T awesome - this new Stones single has GOTTA be better than Girls of Summer ANYTHING would be better than that

and yeah - that camera thing would be cool
08-16-02 02:50 AM
Prodigal Son Yeah, pretty lame song. Sounds like another dud a guy like Rob Thomas could've written. You see the rest of the band besides Tyler for a combined 20 seconds or so in a 4 minute video. I can just tell the others may not like it so much but Tyler thinks it keeps the money rolling in so what the hell? If Joe Perry was anything like Keith he'd actually diss all of Steven's attempts to attract more young listeners with updated sounds while playfully making fun of it too. Hey Keith's done that to Mick's solo endeavours and some other crap too. But Perry acts like Aerosmith is still cutting some hot shit! Get real, Joe, you third-drawer Keith. Anyway, it's just a video featuring women having a "typical" fun day on the town. Yeah typical as in what Steven Tyler thinks it should be like. Stupid rotting old pervert. Mick is too, just not stupid and rotting. The best part is the end because: a)the lame video is over and so is the song b)Steven Tylers bites into a sandwich which is a booby trap and gets pulled into the ocean when a hook guts him by the mouth. If only it were real. Unfortunately, it never really happened so Steven Tyler is still around.

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