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Topic: Noel Gallagher is at it again Return to archive
08-15-02 01:12 PM
sandrew Below is from an article in today's Montreal Gazette:

"Haven't they gotten enough money?" he said when the subject of the Rolling Stones' coming tour is mentioned. "(Expletive) Mick Jagger, 'Sir Mick.' What's all that about? How is he going to sing Street Fighting Man again? They were supposed to be the rebels. It's a betrayal of everything they stand for. They should be called the Rolling Thrones."

More than anything, Oasis is a band of the people; they're the kind of lads you find at the local pub. In this day of monarch-kissing pop stars bowing down at the jubilee, royalty remains their nemesis: "We're worse, we have a queen!" Noel said in the middle of a rant about American foreign policy. The idea of the lead singer of "the greatest rock band there ever was" getting knighted makes Gallagher sick.

So does the thought of the Stones still trotting out new songs, as if they were still musically relevant.

"Are you going to go listen to their new album?" he asked rhetorically. "At the point they start playing whatever, will you be buying a hamburger? Because I know I will. When you go to see the Rolling Stones, you want to hear all the classics. After Steel Wheels, it's all about money. And it's wrong."
08-15-02 01:14 PM
Moonisup When he is on fire I wouldn't piss on him
08-15-02 01:15 PM
winter I personally would like to beat him senseless (that is more senseless than he already is),

Muhammad Alwintah
08-15-02 01:27 PM
jb He seems to be getting a lot of attention ripping the Stones.
08-15-02 01:55 PM
Saint Sway actually Noel usually has high praise for the Stones and quite often refers to them as the greatest rock & roll band and a band that he aspires to be like. (See this weekends NY Post)

its fine to hate Noel Gallagher bc he is an arrogant prick. But everything he stated is actually true. They DO have more money then they'll ever need. They are no longer considered relevent in todays musical scene. And the majority of the people that fill the stadium couldnt give a fuck about any new songs they just wanna hear the classics.

Its all sad but true. Noel just happened to say it. Big fucking deal. Their still the Stones and I'm still psyched for the tour. No matter what anyone says.
08-15-02 01:56 PM
Honky Tonk Man Some of you people are pretty sad. You dont evan know the guy! You think you do because of what you read. So what if he doesnt like the fucking Rolling Stones! Why does everyone here get so heated about it. Plenty of my mates dont like my music. I dont rant and rave like some of you here. Really, Noel is just an atention seeker, fuck me i am too.

Have any of you noticed that he has two Stones stickers on his Gibson?

Its only music.

08-15-02 02:04 PM
Mr T hey - how about they stop basing music on personal affairs & instead take a lesson from Jagger on how to write a decent song.

oh, I forgot, that's what the 'lads' in Oasis are all about
(apart from getting shit-faced plastered)
08-15-02 02:13 PM
Boomhauer Yeah, but these Gallagher guys whine like little sissys all of the time. It gets kind of tired, don't you think. Are they ever happy? Do they have objects shoved up their asses? Who knows, but it seems like they do.

Also, I saw the lead singer from Korn talk about how he would love to keep making music for a long while. He brought up bands like AC/DC, Aerosmith, and the STones for their long runs of making music. I think bands look up to other bands because of music and not money. The fans can always complain about money.

All Galagher can do is cry like a little baby who needs to suck on his mothers breast to make him feel better. Noel, do you need your mommy, do you?
08-15-02 02:14 PM
winter HTM:

You sound as though your best buddies with Mr. furybrow. No, I would imagine none of us know him personally. You don't need to know him to form an opinion, and his ramblings about the Stones are not the only reason why most rational people hate him. Everything he says in the press makes him sound as though he is on the same level as sewer scum. He's arrogant and obnoxious, and his band is mediocre at best.

I saw him a year or so ago open up for the Black Crowes, and I was very unimpressed. His very average performance did not stop him from prancing around the stage like he was the second coming.

He, and his band, suck, and if you think otherwise, your head's so far up your arse that I'm suprised you can hear anything at all. You must have to strap speakers to your hips to get a good listen.

As I've said before, Stereophonics are a much better Oasis than Oasis - and as far as I can tell, the arsehole factor is minimal with the Stereos.

Off the soap box,

08-15-02 02:22 PM
TT Concerning the knighthood of Jagger hes right.
08-15-02 02:35 PM
Mr T TT, absolutly right - but concerning musicianship that's bullshit - the 2 things are completely different & Oasis should stop bringing in people's personal lives
08-16-02 12:37 AM
Prodigal Son I got no problem with him hating them but is that what he wants to say in every single interview. Just shut up if the Stones make you sick Noel. If you were them, see how hard it is to try and stay respectable without becoming an emberassment or faded rebels. When you're in your 50s, people would laugh even more if you gave the middle finger and acted like you did in your 20s than being knighted and touring for big time cash. Where you will you be at that point, Noel. Probably washing dishes at some pub and shit out of luck. For your sake, Noel, I hope not but if you keep jawing you deserve as much.
08-16-02 02:37 AM
gypsymofo60 I agree with Gallagher, the idea of Sir Micheal Philip Jagger singing about Street Fighting Men, Midnight Ramblers, and having Sympathy For The Devil reeks of bloody hypocrisy,(Oh! kill the king indeed!)I'm not disputing his right to a knighthood, but I think he should have timed his retirement to allow for the knighthood, integraty!.......And now I shall await the claims of disloyalty,...INCOMING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
08-16-02 04:00 PM
Chico Ok, Street Fighting Man might not be relevant today but whats the problem.We all know its a great tune and I for one would like to hear it.It still came from the minds of J/R. As for Lady Gallager, I just think hes a prick for slagging a band he obviously likes just to get attention and because the stones basically called Oasis shit. Plus, any halfwit surely can see that since the Stones are stinking rich, theres no need for them to tour for money.There must be another reason.Love of music maybe?It pisses me that some ignorant Oasis fans, and others, will lap it up and it will add to the bad image and press the stones keep on getting.

Fuck it, Gimme Shelters a-playing, beers a-flowing, the stones are a-coming.Lovely!!!
08-16-02 05:50 PM
Mr T this knight thing is bullshit. yes - Mick *should* keep his rockerpersona going - but he didn't ask for the honor - he was offered it. Like Oasis would ever turn down an award. as has already been made obvious - they'd do whatever the fuck it takes to get their name in the paper.

yeah - Jagger getting knighted was pretty dumb - bt go complain to that fuckin monarchy that they have nothing better to do than give their highest honors out to rockstars.

and come on - at Jagger's age - he's a civilized guy & I can't imagine him getting in a fight with the Queen of England just to keep making himself look like a bad ass. That seems kinda silly - at the age of 59 you should be able to enjoy the fruits of some of your achievements - not spit in the face of those who try to honor you. Good job growing up Mick - this doesn't tarnish your image one bit if you ask me

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