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Topic: New Mickboy Remasters Return to archive
08-13-02 07:03 PM
MRD8 Just got home a while ago from a tough day at work to find something in my mailbox to make me forget all about work...the new Mickboy remasters have arrived!!! I immediately threw in Let It Bleed(Get What You Want) because he'd been raving about it in emails for a while, twisting the knife! To hear the classic opening notes to Gimme Shelter comming out of dead silence gave me the first of many, many chills! Other first listen highlights were Country Honk, Let It Bleed, Midnight Rambler and You Got The Silver...there also are ten outtakes/alternate takes, one of Mickboys specialties! I've only listened to two songs from Goats Head Soup(Dancing So Free) so far...the first thing I noticed is how clean it is...the muddy mix is GONE GONE GONE!!! Great artwork from Padre as well(of course!) Can't wait to compare notes on this one with Sir Stonesalot and others who are getting these latest masterpieces!
08-14-02 11:33 AM
padre thangyouthangyouthangyou
08-14-02 02:43 PM
TheSavageYoungXyzzy I must extend my eternal gratitude to MRD8, whose copies of the Exile and Aftermath remasters came for me today. My enjoyment of these is immensely immense, and you even sent me the cover and so forth! Positively charitable of you! So again, eternal gratitude. (I even get the joke of the Aftermath title - "Could you walk on water?")

And also my thanks to Mickboy, whoever you are, wherever you are! I recall in my earliest days on the board, then Cardinal Ximinez referred to Main Street Revisited as "A friggin' revelation", and indeed it is! The kind of 'murky' feel is preserved, but the rhythm section is much clearer and - oh hell, it's just nice and clean all around!

Virgin and ABKCO should send out a joint team for Mickboy, capture him, and make him remaster all the albums - although they'd have to keep a 24-hour watch on him through Undercover and Dirty Work to make sure he doesn't try to escape in anguish.

So thank you MRD8 - and keep it up, mysterious Mickboy!
08-14-02 03:31 PM
Maxlugar A nice and clean Exile? What the hell are you people smoking?!

I likes mine DIR-TAY! Just the way God intended.

08-14-02 03:35 PM
T&A I've got four Mickboys. Personally, I'm not that impressed. Not dissing the guy, but I really don't hear a big difference. I've done a lot of A/B comparisons and there's often no difference.

Sorry - just stating my take "for the record."
08-14-02 03:48 PM
steel driving hammer >thangyouthangyouthangyou

I swear Mick said that in a concert that I have.

It's boggling my mind!!!

But yeah, Exile is better dirty.

In fact, they boys could of used a Washboard on some songs.

You Got De Roll Me.
08-14-02 07:20 PM
steel driving hammer wrote:

But yeah, Exile is better dirty.

Well... that's kinda what I meant - that original 'dirty' feel is there - but now you can pick out the bass and drums much more clearly.

It's delicious and can take the place of a four-course-meal with desert, coffee and heroin.

I've got the Aftermath one in right now - So far it's great except for "Mother's Little Helper", which I thought was a little too wide stereo-ish - the vocals sound very alone. Maybe that's how the Stones intended it, no lo se.

But it's great, oozing with beautiliciosity.

-tSYX --- Where you can imitate anyone you see...
08-14-02 09:37 PM
lonecrapshooter I just popped in Mickboy's MR G and compared to the original it's like walking outside with your contacts in versus without lenses. I am in love with this albim now after always being lukewarm to it. MRD8 I think you need a new sound system. Come on over to my pad and hear Mickboy's latest through my BOSE. It will blow you away. GHS sounds like it must sound being outside the Toronto rehearsal door. PLEASE LET ME IN!!!!!!!


By the way Mickboy doesn't spend 3 years wotking on a remaster so it will sound the same as the orginal.

Man I haven't even got to STARFUCKER yet.
08-14-02 10:40 PM
Sir Stonesalot I am typing this with my erection.

My erection grew upon the first notes of Gimme Shelter on the new Mickboy Let It Bleed remaster.

My erection grew to even bigger proportions when I heard You Got The Silver...JESUS! You can hear the click of the guitar pick plinking away...This stuff LEAPS out of the speakers and into your brain.

I don't know what remasters that Mr. T was listening to for his comparisons. If you can't hear the difference on these things then you are friggin' deaf.

My erection has swollen to about the size of Montana now. I can't imagine what is gonna happen when I pop that GHS remaster into the ol' CD player.

08-15-02 06:47 AM
stonedinaustralia i thought this discussion would raise its head - in fact i almost brought it up myself

first off, those of you who haven't heard it don't knock it 'til you do...keep an open mind

i, too, had mixed emotions before i heard it, you don't fuck-about with a masterpiece... having said that, someone had to do this properly - the previous efforts are, imo, pretty woeful and are great examples of how this process can be done wrong

xyzzy got it when he said it really brings out the rythym section(but not only the rythym section) like you wouldn't believe... i suspect most of us are big fans of charlie but now you can really hear him's almost like hearing it again for the first time (yes, it's that good)

certainly that "muddy" sound - apparently due to a boomy bass sound which then distorted the entire sound spectrum of the tracks (i got that off the liner notes)- is now gone...the flip side is, as i say, you can now fully appreciate the rythym section yet the characteristic dense mix (everything on top of everything else)is essentially still there

finally, if you must have cd copy of "exile" - (and who doesn't) - then this is the one to have
08-15-02 07:03 AM
beer hey StonedinAustralia, i tried vegemite for the first time the other day. it's not bad at all, pretty damn good actually. sorry to make stupid assumptions, but hell, i had to tell somebody that i tried vegemite.
To all else: as for the remasters, what does one have to do to get their grubby hands on a copy of the "Let It Bleed" Remasters???
08-15-02 07:14 AM
stonedinaustralia beer,

delighted that you tried it and glad that you liked it - i've been eating the stuff since i had teeth so it's hard for me to be objective about's not as good as "coopers" pale ale though

and yes, where can one get a copy of the LIB remasters - it's certainly at the top end of my list of things to do
08-15-02 07:19 AM
JaggaRichards So where can I get copies of these Mickboy CD's?
And how much?
Lord help me now!
08-15-02 11:00 AM
Sir Stonesalot Hmmmmmm....

Maybe as a test run, we should tree some Mickboy stuff here.

Let's get the newbie network rolling first, then we'll see what happens.
08-15-02 09:23 PM
SweetBlackAngel I'd love to get the Mickboy GHS. Will this be tree'd as well?
08-16-02 05:12 AM
MRD8 I don't wanna cause any of you who don't have Mickboy's Let It Bleed and Goats Head Soup to drool anymore than you probably already are, I know what you're going through cause MB did the same thing to me for two months before he finally released them, I've listened to both of them several times now and I'm just FLOORED by how wonderful they are! LIB is so pristine you'll think the band is in your living room, I can't see the new ABKCO remasters touching this one OR Aftermath, NO WAY! Goats Head Soup is clear as a bell too...the original album is probably the worst produced album they its finally available in incredible quality...wait till you hear the crystal clear Comming Down Again...I always thought Can You Hear The Music was a throwaway on the album...not its a vibrant treasure...! These two new remasters comming at such an active period for the Stones and their fans will be breakout releases for MB...its time he got the recognition he deserves!
08-16-02 12:32 PM
lonecrapshooter right on dude....don't forget about about HIDE YOUR LOVE...I've rediscovered this gem with Mickboy's latest

I'm been so taken by his GHS remaster that I haven't heard his LIB remaster yet!

CAN YOU HEAR THE MUSIC??? Thanks to Mickboy I can indeed!!!

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