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08-13-02 03:03 PM
sway Stones Take Their "Licks"

Jagger and Richards talk new songs

The Rolling Stones' first ever career-spanning compilation, Forty Licks, will be released on October 1st. The two-CD set will bridge the band's early ABKCO material and their more recent Virgin albums; each will be represented by one twenty-track CD.
The latter disc will also feature four new Stones tracks -- "Don't Stop," "Keys to Your Love," "Losing My Touch" and "Stealing My Heart" -- which were recently recorded with producer Don Was, who worked on the band's last two studio albums, 1997's Bridges to Babylon and 1994's Voodoo Lounge. "They're not old tunes that we dug up or even things that were relatively new. These are new new," Mick Jagger told Rolling Stone. "'Don't Stop' is the single-y one. 'Stealing My Heart' is more like garage rock with a hook. 'Key to Your Love' is kind of like a soul ballad, but not very slow. It has a kind of 'Beast of Burden' tempo. And 'Losing My Touch' is Keith singing a ballad. And that is very slow."

Keith Richards says the new songs were an essential exercise before the group began rehearsals in Toronto for an upcoming world tour. "If we came straight to Toronto and hadn't played together since the last show of the last tour, then it would have been straight into the trench, without feeling like we'd done anything in between," he says. According to Richards, the band planned to cut only three or four songs, but ended up with twenty-eight. "I'm not saying they're finished or anything," he says. "But they are basic tracks. They just started piling out. And we've kept going ever since. I daren't hardly say it, but it's probably the best Stones yet -- at least for a long time. With the Stones, it usually takes two or three weeks to knock off the rust. Yet somehow, we were all well oiled. Something was right."

Prior to Forty Licks, the Stones' early years will be remastered and reissued in a series of more than twenty reissues by ABKCO on August 27th. The reissues cover the group's entire Sixties output starting with 1964's England's Newest Hitmakers, running through classics including Aftermath, Between the Buttons, 12X5, Now! The Rolling Stones, Beggars Banquet and Let It Bleed (the band's last studio album for ABKCO). Live albums from the era, including Get Your Ya Ya's Out (1970) and compilations including Hot Rocks: 1964-1971 and the three-CD Singles Collection: The London Years will also be reissued.

The band's material following Let It Bleed and Ya Ya's -- starting with 1971's Sticky Fingers -- was remastered and reissued by Virgin in the mid-Nineties.

The reissues mark the Rolling Stones' fortieth anniversary. The band is also marking the occasion with a world tour that will begin in Boston on September 3rd. Forty North American dates are scheduled before the band shuttles off to Europe, Asia and Australia. No Doubt, the Pretenders, Sheryl Crow, Buddy Guy and Jonny Lang are among the opening acts for select U.S. dates.

(August 13, 2002)

08-13-02 03:28 PM
jb Can Keith play/sing anything other than a ballad? For a guy who once sang "Happy" "Before they make me run" "Little T&A" he seems incapable of any high tempo song these days..I love Keith dearly, but the ballads are getting a little hard to handle during the concerts....they have turned into a major restroom break for many...
08-13-02 03:35 PM
Nellcote WTF!

It's the Stones, talking about new material

28 basic tracks

Wicked good!

Break out the Stoly!

Hail, Hail 09/03/02!!!!
08-13-02 03:36 PM
winter Can we focus on the positive? - 28 songs in the works, that sounds pretty good for a future studio album, plus Keith was really positive about the new material.

Hopefully some of this stuff will see the light of day within the next 12 months.

21 days

08-13-02 03:36 PM
Mr T "Keys to Your Love"
"Losing My Touch"
"Stealing My Heart"


looking at these titles I sure hope the Stones aren't trying to be the oldest Backstreet Boy ripoffs of all time...

I'm sure they'll be great
08-13-02 03:37 PM
winter Nellcote, you beat me to the punch, the first guiness is on me,

08-13-02 03:44 PM
Nellcote Again, dare I say, this sounds great!

Look, Keith is pumped and jacked (Winter, remember Pete Carroll?)

What more could we ask for?

Look, again, the friggin group is nearer to 60 than anything, who cares if they write a ballad, it's new product.

This is what we all were craving for.

I really think they got the message about two songs not being enough, went for the four

Maybe the retrospective in '03 will have more.

Bring him out with his fishooks in his hair, he'll
show The New Knight who's the boss!

Christ, Wintah, as I'm posting this, looking at my watch,
we will be at the Harp exactly 3 weeks from right now!

08-13-02 04:02 PM
winter Nellcote:

Shucks, darn, I sure miss that Pete Carroll guy, he's the best gosh darn football coach who never said a cuss word in his life,

By the way, Nellcote, I was in New Orleans for our beloved Patriots Super Bowl victory this past season, which will only be topped by the Stones trifecta in Beantown this Sept.

08-13-02 04:24 PM
TheSavageYoungXyzzy I trust Keith's judgement on this - he puts the 90s albums in at 3) Steel Wheels, 2) Voodoo Lounge and 1) Bridges, as I do - and I think he really wants to get that 'old sound' of the Stones without it sounding worn out.

And it's gonna happen! 28 unfinished tracks? Hell, Double album puh-leeeeze!

-tSYX --- Have you seen them dressed in gold? Like some queens in days of old?
08-13-02 04:29 PM
Nellcote Wintah;

Section 646, Row 24, Seat 4. My seat at the Superdome
on 02/03/02. It was Petey's dream! What a time! Not a day that doesn't go by where I do not recall some memory.
Better than 12 times of the Stones.....Had not looked at it
in that light...No, it was not, however, it does come close!
08-13-02 04:33 PM
juantcb Don't forget about the Sox parade in late October. Pedro's running a damn close second to Keith these days as the Coolest Man In The World.
08-13-02 04:34 PM
jb VL was by far the best of the 90' won a Grammy if i recall...
08-13-02 04:40 PM
jb wrote:
VL was by far the best of the 90' won a Grammy if i recall...

Yeah, but Grammys mean nothing - they gave Jethro Tull one for Heavy Metal. I think there were a few great songs on Voodoo Lounge, "Love Is Strong", "The Worst", "I Go Wild". but the others just don't have enough - too much wrong with them that transforms them from possibly great songs into clunkers - "Blinded By Rainbows", "Thru And Thru", "Suck On The Jugular" - Don Was just kinda led them in the wrong direction, and Mick & Keith both still resent that, but they've forgiven him. Bridges was overall much better - the three big problems on it are "Anybody Seen My Baby?", "Might As Well Get Juiced" and the position of "Thief in the Night" - I love "How Can I Stop", and "Thief" would be much better served without that muddy drum thing going on behind it - but right next to each other? Geez!

Still - if Keith says it's good, I'd be inclined to trust him. He's got real good taste. Be nice to hear what Mick, Ronnie and especially Charlie think.

-tSYX --- Riiiice Krispes! For you and you and you!
08-13-02 05:02 PM
gypsy I love Keith's ballads. He may not have the greatest singing voice, but there is so much emotion in his singing, that it's beautiful!
08-13-02 05:14 PM
Mr T I thought VL was by far the worst of the 3 albums
08-13-02 08:04 PM
gotdablouse "Keys to Your Love"
"Losing My Touch"
"Stealing My Heart"

Looks another set of inspired lyrics...How come they keep writing about "love", bring back the Undercover or Highwire political urgency !

Guess it's good to hear them pumped up about new material, but WTF didn't take a few more weeks to throw a new one together !!!!!!!!! They'll never find the time to finish it on the road...
08-13-02 08:11 PM
gotdablouse wrote:

Looks another set of inspired lyrics...How come they keep writing about "love", bring back the Undercover or Highwire political urgency !

I'd rather have good songs than good lyrics to terrible songs like "Undercover of the Night" and "Highwire". "Undercover" was awful, "Highwire" was forgettable, like some forgotten cousin to "Sad Sad Sad".

-tSYX --- Charlie keeps bitchin, and Keith he keeps itchin'...
08-14-02 12:52 AM
gotdablouse Same here, I prefer reasonably stupid love songs with catchy melodies and hooks to meaningful lyrics played to a boring musical backgrouns, a la Bruce Springsteen on "The Rising". Seems like most people don't agree though looking at the sales...

On the other hand Undercover and Highwire are pretty good tunes with some serious riffing and Undercover boasts the best ever Ron Wood solo work. The solo section in Highwire is also pretty unusual for The Stones and no one's really found out who was playing on there...Oh and it beats the pants off of Sad, Sad, Sad ANY day !

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