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Topic: Calling All Hardcore Stones Boot Collectors Return to archive
08-13-02 09:55 AM
Sir Stonesalot Rocks Off needs your services.

If you collect Rolling Stones bootlegs, and you have a CDR burner, I'd like your help with a project that will benefit all of our friends here at Rocks Off.

Here's what this project is all about....

I've noticed that there is a very sizable number of regulars here who don't have any Stones bootlegs. This is something that those of us more fortunate can help to correct. I will compile 2 lists. The 1st list will be for those of us who have nice Stones collections, and who are willing to share. For our purposes here, you will need to have the essentials, and a few hard to find titles.

The 2nd list will be for the regulars here who either don't have any boots, or only have a couple of titles.

I will then take these 2 lists, and match up a few of the "newbies" with each collector. I'll try to keep things as geographically oriented as I can. In other words, I'll try to keep Brits with Brits, and Americans with Americans...Each "newbie" will then send blank CDRs and return postage to his or her "parent". The "parent" will burn off the essentials, and a few harder to find titles for use as trade bait.

After the newbies have their CDRs back, they can trade amoungst themselves, and aquire other titles that they may want.

So what is in it for us hardcore collectors? Not a damn thing. Just the thanks and gratitude of some of your fellow Stones fans for spreading the music around.

So, at this time I'd like only the collectors to use the private message function here at Rocks Off to send me a message telling me that you are willing to volunteer your collection and services to this worthwhile project. Please include your name, mailing address, email address, and how many newbies you would be willing to take on.

I will make a second post at a later time calling for newbies. So please, if you are a newbie, DO NOT message me yet. Just be patient. The key to this thing will be organization, allow me the time to get all of our ducks in a row, and you will be happy in the end. Right now, the only thing I want in my private message box are messages from collectors willing to help out with this project.

BTW, collectors...your name, address, and email address will only be forwarded to your particular newbies. No one else will be given that info.

So thanks in advance to all you generous souls out there who are willing to share the wealth. The gods of R & R are smiling at you.

If anyone has any questions, use this thread, and I'll answer them for you
08-13-02 10:17 AM
Sir Stonesalot Oh yeah, the "essentials"....

1. Liver' Than You'll Ever Be (Oakland 69)
2. Get Your Leeds Lungs Out (Leeds 71)
3. Ft. Worth Express (Ft. Worth 72)
4. A Brussels Affair (Brussels 73)
5. LA Friday (LA 75)
6. Handsome Girls (Ft Worth 78 + bonus discs)
7. Hampton 81
8. Steel Wheels Tokyo (Tokyo 90)
9. Voodoo Edo (Tokyo 95)
10. Paris 98

We will do this in 2 sessions, 5 titles per session, with a 3rd session for titles that the collectors feel their newbies should have. I'll leave that up to the individual collectors to decide.

Collectors, you do not have to have those exact titles. Since there are several different versions of the same shows, any title for the above listed shows are acceptable.
08-13-02 10:33 AM
jb This is a very generous offer to help fans, like me, who have had to spend hundreds of dollars buying boots. I hope others find this a worthy cause and you have my sincerest thanks...
08-13-02 01:11 PM
TheSavageYoungXyzzy Hey, great idea! I'm more than willing to pay return postage and CD-R fees to hear what all the fuss is about.

-tSYX --- When the devil come round he gonna knock-knock-knock-knock...
08-13-02 01:39 PM
SweetBlackAngel I'd love to do the B+P/newbie thing! Getting any of those shows would be awesome! Thanks for your work on this!
08-13-02 02:01 PM
Scot Rocks Thanks SS, for those lacking in boots including me, this would rock.


08-13-02 04:13 PM
parmeda "...Music is the wine that fills the cup of silence." ~ Robert Fripp

An appropriate quote that came to mind after reading your post. SS, "thank you" ahead of time for your generosity. If there's anything that would aid you in running this smoothly...please don't hesitate to ask. I, as well as many others, will be forever grateful.

08-13-02 04:23 PM
Gazza I'll be happy to help out..I'll mail you with details

There'll also be a CDR tree structure soon for concerts from the 2002-2003 tour. Hopefully the more people we can help to build up a CDR collection will mean more of them will have something to trade instead of just sending B&P's
08-13-02 04:36 PM
Riffhard What a Gent you are SS!
I'd be happy to help.I have Voodoo Edo,Get Your Leed Lungs Out,Hampton '81.......

E-mail Stoney and let me know how I can help!

08-13-02 05:31 PM
gypsy I have a great CD-to-CD burner...I'm willing to make CD's for anyone! Of course, I only have that one bootleg that I won from SS-(Brussels Affair). Just tell me how I can help!
08-13-02 09:19 PM
Lacride Sir, you are fantastic! 'got a few LPs to share (well, not always the best quality) live & studio outtake (Paris, Munich). Thanks (stones)a lot!
08-14-02 03:04 AM
denis wilson What a great idea,as lifelong stones fan i have very few boots.I only hope there is some diehard stones fan who lives in belfast willing to adopt a newbie!
08-14-02 04:32 AM
Jumacfly Hi Sir, great idea.
i got "leeds lungs out", "la 75", and ...other one not in your list, like voodoo brew and atlantic city .
mail me if I can help you, it will be a pleasure to help you and all the friends from the nicest Stones Board: ROCKS OFF!!!

08-14-02 01:04 PM
thunders Very cool thing to do my fellow stones fans,because I am one of the fans without any nice boots,and would love to hear some of these recordings,I've heard alot about.THANK YOU!!
08-14-02 01:11 PM
juantcb What a truly class thing to do. This is a great gesture and I'd love to somehow be involved.


08-14-02 02:27 PM
TomL Count me in please. Just let me know.
08-14-02 03:15 PM
Sir Stonesalot Thanks for all the people who want counted in....

Counted in how? As someone who is gonna burn for other people, or as someone who wants to start a collection?

I've only had one person respond to this in my private message box, like I asked. One other person emailed me. It's gonna take more than that to get this thing going

I mean, if I have to do this thing one newbie at a time, I will, but I'd really like some help.

Lemme broaden the offer....if you are missing a few of the titles on the essentials list, volunteer to burn, and I'll make sure that you get whatever you are missing.

But please use the private message function here at Rocks Off to let me know. This is one of the things I'm doing to keep this as organized as possible. If you e me, I may get you confused with some of the other projects that I'm working on....private message me for this deal OK?
08-14-02 03:35 PM
steel driving hammer Sure, email me

I'll fill you up w/ 5 Star Gasoline Stones.

08-14-02 03:52 PM
Sir Stonesalot get a red checkmark beside your name for not following directions.

If you want to volunteer, please use the private messaging function at the top of the board to respond. I don't want to miss anyone. If people reply to three different places, this causes me more work, and increases the chances that I'll miss someone.

Thanks for volunteering. Use the PM.
08-14-02 09:45 PM
Fiji Joe You can count me in, I'll be happy to burn for people once I get a few originals to get started. I have now, only mp3 boots.
08-14-02 09:53 PM
Dan Also all boot collectors can break out the recorders and microphones and try to contribute something new as well once the tour gets under way!

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