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08-12-02 02:46 PM

Double CD with 36 digitally remastered classic Rolling Stones tracks and four new songs

LONDON, AUGUST 12 2002 - The first ever comprehensive retrospective album covering The Rolling Stones' greatest hits dating back to the very start of the band's recording career up to the present day will be released worldwide by EMI Recorded Music's Virgin Records label on October 1, 2002 in North America (September 30 outside North America and September 23 in Japan).

Entitled Forty Licks, the package consists of two 20-track CDs (CD1 on the ABKCO label and CD2 on the Virgin label) that represent an unprecedented joint cooperative venture between The Rolling Stones, ABKCO Records and EMI's Virgin Records in North America, and between The Rolling Stones, ABKCO, Universal Music International and EMI in the rest of the world.

Destined to confirm to both long time and new fans why the Rolling Stones have been acknowledged as 'The World's Greatest Rock 'n Roll Band,' the collection features digitally remastered classic Rolling Stones hits including (I Can't Get No) Satisfaction, Ruby Tuesday, Brown Sugar, Miss You and Start Me Up.

In addition to these historic tracks that reflect the Stones legacy, four new songs especially recorded by the band for this collection with producer Don Was are included in the set.

ABKCO's Allen Klein said: "Mick asked that we should try to "Square the Circle" - The Stones wanted it and I'm happy we could do it with them." more…

David Munns, vice chairman of EMI Recorded Music, said: "This is the first time there has ever been a complete and definitive Rolling Stones collection covering the band's entire career. Forty Licks features an incredible range of classic Stones tracks, over two-and-a-half hours of music personally selected by the band that will appeal to both long time fans of The Rolling Stones and to people who want to experience them for the first time. The Rolling Stones are true legends and EMI is very proud to be releasing this seminal collection."

Max Hole, senior vice president of A&R and marketing at Universal Music International, said: "No rock & roll band in the world has music which stands the test of time better than the Rolling Stones, and Forty Licks shows exactly why. The time is perfect to release this package, which will satisfy music fans everywhere."

The Rolling Stones will kick off their Rolling Stones World Tour 2002/2003 in Boston on September 3rd. After over 40 dates in North America the band will head off to Europe, Australia and Asia where, in 2003, they hope to play their first ever concerts in China. Artists that will share the stage with The Rolling Stones as opening acts on the tour include No Doubt, the Pretenders, Sheryl Crow, Buddy Guy and Jonny Lang. The Rolling Stones hold the all-time records for the three best attended tours of all time - 'Steel Wheels', 'Voodoo Lounge' and 'Bridges to Babylon'.

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08-12-02 02:48 PM
parmeda Bless you Moy...bless you!
08-12-02 02:55 PM
Scot Rocks I just fell of my chair in excitement...


The tour is near

The GH are near with 4 new tracks

The cover is cool

This is the Stones!!!!!

Thanks Moy

08-12-02 03:21 PM
T&A I am always amused in these press releases and such communications how they never fail to mention the "digitally remastered" bull. You CANNOT put the stuff to CD without digitally remastering. It means NOTHING (but it always sounds good).
08-12-02 03:33 PM
parmeda wrote:
Bless you Moy...bless you!

thank you

lick me ronnie!

here's more

NEWS - More Details Emerge About Rolling Stones' 'Forty Licks' Collection

(8/15/02, 12 p.m. ET) -- More details are emerging about Forty Licks, the upcoming Rolling Stones best-of collection.

The two-CD compilation, which the band personally selected, is due October 1 from Virgin Records. It will be preceded on August 28 by "Don't Stop," one of four new numbers included in the project. "Don't Stop" and the three other new songs--"Keys To Your Love," "Losing My Touch," and "Stealing My Heart"--were recorded earlier this year in Paris with producer Don Was. A video for "Don't Stop" is set to debut September 9.

Initial pressings of Forty Licks will feature four separate slipcase covers for the CD jewel case. A limited-edition, sequentially-numbered set for collectors will also be issued. The album will come packaged with a 24-page color booklet full of classic Stones photos.

A full tracklisting for Forty Licks hasn't been announced, but some of the tracks that will be included are: "Gimme Shelter," "(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction," "Get Off My Cloud," "Ruby Tuesday," "Paint It Black," "Start Me Up," "Brown Sugar," "Miss You," "Happy," "Let's Spend The Night Together," "Jumping Jack Flash," "Street Fighting Man," "Honky Tonk Women," "Sympathy For The Devil," "You Can't Always Get What You Want," "Tumbling Dice," "Beast Of Burden," "Mixed Emotions," and "It's Only Rock & Roll (But I Like It)," along with the four new songs.

-- Bruce Simon, New York

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08-12-02 03:35 PM
nankerphelge "Max Hole?"

Hey Maxy, if you ever decide to make another porno, there's a great stage name for ya!! (I am naturally assuming that you've already made at least one!)
08-12-02 03:37 PM
Stones Check out Billboard .com for more on 40 Licks
08-12-02 05:08 PM
Gazza Great news..and I'm reasonably happy that at least its four new tracks instead of a measly two. Each of the 2 CD's is on separate labels? Christ,that must be a first!

Sept 30 release date..looks like I'll be buying that one at Heathrow on the way home from New least it'll help me kill a couple of hours between flights!
08-12-02 05:10 PM
Boomhauer Hell, yeaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah!!!!

They also did what I thought they would. 4 new songs. I said that if they put more than 4 on 40 Licks, they would never record again. A good omen indeed.
08-12-02 05:10 PM
Mr T yeah - this info is from - so it's GOTTA be credible, THEY'D never dick us around! hehe

wow, this is really cool - I've never been so excited about so many songs I already have. It's gonna rock hearing these tracks remastered - and with the 4 new songs I'll be the first person to own it
08-12-02 05:28 PM
Boomhauer Mr.T, are you gonna go to a 24 hour store such as Wal-Mart or (in the midwest) Meijer? October 1, 2002 at 12:01 A.M.!!!

BTW, only 16(greatest hits) songs from the Virgin catalog. Any idea what they will be? Here's my guess:

1)Brown Sugar
2)Miss You
4)Start Me Up
5)Beast of Burden
6)Tumbling Dice
9)Wild Horses
10)Mixed Emotions
11)Harlem Shuffle
12)She's So cold (maybe; if not, then maybe Hang Fire)
13)Fool To Cry
14)Undercover of the Night
15)Emotional Rescue
16)Rock and a Hard Place

damn, unfortunately I don't think they are going to put anything from VL or B2B on this.
08-12-02 05:39 PM
Gazza >and with the 4 new songs I'll be the first person to own it

I think several hundred thousand Japanese and European fans might have beaten you to it!!!! ;-)

08-12-02 05:39 PM
Mr T uhhh, probably....

it'd save me the trouble of cutting school I guess...

damn - that Virgin disc is gonna be tight

in fact - I just tried thinking of what it would be with only the absolute A-list material - And I didn't even come close to keeping it under 16
08-12-02 05:40 PM
Mr T Gazz,

hmmm, you have a point

then again, not if this album pulls another GITD, my odds might not be that bad
08-12-02 06:08 PM
sway Couldn't Brown Sugar and Wild Horses be considered ABKO ala Hot Rocks?

That would leave room for VL and B2B
08-12-02 06:13 PM
Mr T sway,

that's a good point - let's hope they do that(not too likely though)
08-12-02 06:33 PM
Gazza Sway

I was just thinkin' that too...the thing is,most tracks on disc 1 are gonna be pretty short (three minutes or less for almost every song up to about 1967)..unless you throw a couple of the "Sticky Fingers" songs on disc 1 that are owned by ABCKO (the reasons for which Ive never quite understood only that I know there HAVE been a few Decca era compilations in the past which include either or both "Wild horses" and "Brown sugar") then theres not gonna be too many songs on Disc Two for the 1971-1997 era when you consider the fact that there are four NEW songs which will take up probably 15-18 minutes or so of music.

No wonder theyre havin' trouble deciding on a final track list!
08-12-02 06:55 PM
Gazza Another point is that theyve already done a comprehensive compilation from the post-1970 era on Virgin ("Jump Back") which has a track listing which is almost exclusively a collection of singles from 1971 - 1989

and would the track listing of disc 2 of "40 licks" differ that much? Is it meant to be a "best of the rolling stones" or a "Rolling Stones all-time greatest hits" set? probably the latter for the most part.

In which case : predicted track listing might be something like:

Disc One :

Certain inclusions (18) : Not fade Away - Its all over Now - Little Red Rooster - The Last Time - satisfaction - Get Off of my cloud - 19th Nervous Breakdown - Mothers Little helper - Paint it Black - Have You seen Your Mother - Ruby Tuesday - Lets Spend The Night Together - Jumpin Jack Flash - Sympathy For The devil - Street Fighting Man - Honky Tonk Women - Gimme Shelter - Brown sugar

(thats just over an hour of music)

Possibles - any two from : Come On - I Wanna Be Your Man - Tell Me - As Tears Go By - We Love You - 2000 Light Years - You Cant Always get What You Want - Midnight Rambler - Wild Horses

Disc Two :

Certain inclusions (14): Tumbling Dice - Angie - IORR - Fool To cry - Miss You - Start Me Up - Undercover - Harlem Shuffle - Mixed Emotions - Love Is Strong + 4 new tracks (approx 1 hour of music)

Possibles (take any 6 from 10 which will fit onto an 80 minute disc) : Happy - Beast of Burden - Respectable - Emotional Rescue - Waiting On A Friend - Rock And A Hard Place - High Wire and one out of 3 songs from BTB (Anybody Seen My baby/Saint Of Me/Out of Control)

so basically,I reckon of the 36 old songs on the album,about 28 of them are "shoe-ins" for inclusion.
08-12-02 07:07 PM
Mr T sounds right, expcept Happy is appearantly confirmed t be on it - but I don't think Harlem Shuffle has great chances of getting on there
08-13-02 01:01 AM
Prodigal Son "Brown Sugar" and "Wild Horses" were recorded at Muscle Shoals in 1969, I think while the Stones were still under contract to London Records and Allen Klein. When they signed with Atlantic and got their onw label in 1970, they needed Abcko's permission for those two. Or maybe I'm totally wrong.
08-13-02 01:49 AM
Soul Survivor This wpuld be killer:

Disc 1
Not Fade Away
It's All Over Now
The Last Time
Get Off My Cloud
As Tears Go By
Paint It Black
Under My Thumb
Ruby Tuesday
Let's Spend The Night Together
She's A Rainbow
2,000 Lightyears From Home
Jumpin' Jack Flash
Sympathy For The Devil
Stray Cat Blues
Salt Of The Earth
Gimme Shelter
Love In Vain
Midnight Rambler
You Can't Always Get What You Want

Disc 2
Brown Sugar
Tumbling Dice
It's Only Rock And Roll
Time Waits For No One
Crazy Mama
Miss You
Beast Of Burden
She's So Cold
Start Me Up
One Hit (To The Body)
Mixed Emotions
Love Is Strong
Saint Of Me
Don't Know How To Stop (New Song)
(New Song)
(New Song)
(New Song)

08-13-02 10:01 AM
ultraman hi,thanks to all informations.
I think the band will not choose cover songs because there are only 36 songs and reffer to Billboard ,Brown sugar and
4 new songs on virgin disk. If they choose one song every each album,there will be Undercover or Mixed Emotions anyway.But I think it's Ridiculous.Not need 80s but more 90s
I hope.
Disc 1
Heart Of Stone
The Last Time
As Tears Go By
Get Off My Cloud
Mother's Little Helper
19th nervous Breakdown
Paint It Black
Under My Thumb
Ruby Tuesday
Let's Spend The Night Together
She's A Rainbow
2,000 Lightyears From Home
Jumpin' Jack Flash
Sympathy For The Devil
Street Fighting Man
Honky Tonk Women
Gimme Shelter
Midnight Rambler
You Can't Always Get What You Want

Disc 2
Brown Sugar
Wild horses
Tumbling Dice
It's Only Rock And Roll
Memory motel
Miss You
Beast Of Burden
Start Me Up
Waiting On A Friend
Mixed Emotions
Love Is Strong
Anybody Seen My Baby
Don't Stop (New Song)
(New Song)
(New Song)
(New Song)

08-13-02 10:59 AM
CS The cover and one photo for the album

The Rolling Stones rock band, are seen in the June 2002 handout photo from ''40 Licks'' --their double-CD retrospective that includes four new tracks -- to be released on Oct. 1. The CD will include 40 songs, including classic hits such as ``Brown Sugar,'' ''(I Can't Get No) Satisfiaction'' and ``Miss You.'' The album will coincide with the Stones fall tour, set to kick off Sept. 3 in Boston. (AP Photo/Virgin Records,Luis Sanchis)

This is the cover of the Rolling Stones' ''40 Licks'' --their double-CD retrospective that includes four new tracks -- which is to be released on Oct. 1. The CD will include 40 songs, including classic hits such as ``Brown Sugar,'' ''(I Can't Get No) Satisfiaction'' and ``Miss You.'' The album will coincide with the Stones fall tour, set to kick off Sept. 3 in Boston. (AP Photo/Virgin Records)
08-13-02 11:24 AM
Maxlugar Wow Keith's been htting that hair dye huh?

I like it better. Seeing him all gray used to make me sad.

08-13-02 11:33 AM
sandrew Yeah, he should keep it gray. Looked way better that way.
08-13-02 11:58 AM
Riffhard Is it just me,or does Keith look like the only one who is still looking dangerous?Ronnie just looks punch drunk.Mick looks to me like he's still pissed about the GITD fiasco,and Charlie looks he'd rather be tending his rose garden in London.Ofcourse,Charlie has always looked that way.

08-13-02 12:28 PM
Maxlugar Did you see that picture of Ronnie walking in to the rehearsals that is on Stonesdoug's board? He looks like he doesn't know where he is. Like Mr. Maggoo. But everyone is raving how great he looks! What a bunch of enablers. He looks half dead. I'm not joking.

Hey, I'm hoping for a Ronnie Tour De Force this year. So I'm not jumping on him. I hope he is taking care of himself. I realy hope he is playing better than he looks.

08-13-02 12:45 PM
Staffan Too see Ronnie with his eyes open, and his hands not holding a whiskey bottle is equal to seeing a true beauty I guess?!
08-13-02 01:44 PM
TheSavageYoungXyzzy I laugh every time I see the "Saint Of Me" and "Anybody Seen My Baby" music videos. Ronnie so funny when he drunk! Wandering towards the camera, that smile plastered on his face...

Oh, Ronnie, we love you so!

-tSYX --- Note: The love don't give you any right to go get drunk again. Stay clean, silly Briton!

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