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08-12-02 05:35 PM
Gazza >Gotta feeling this one will reach #1.

Last time they had a #1 record was Steel Wheels no? the US? Voodoo Lounge rached #1 in the UK...#2 in the US. "Tattoo You" was the last US chart topper (also their biggest selling studio album,along with "Some Girls",I think..)

>Voodoo reached #2, the Lion King was #1 for a long time.
Bruce Springsteen as #1 now is mostly media hype rubbish.

Bollocks. At least the songs are new. Wait till you see the media hype behind a Stones hits album released to cash in on a tour and which features 32 songs all of us already own on several albums.Its certainly a collection of great songs,but as an artistic and creative venture,its the ultimate "media hype"
08-12-02 09:46 PM
Sir Stonesalot nanky...

Is you an old man, or is you an old woman? I forget.

It's simple. Get in the car. Travel down US15 to US522. Stop when you get to my house.

Tell Mrs. Nanky that Flea and I made you do it...just like the Cons, man. She'll understand. And if she doesn' what? You gadda do what ya gadda do!

You are the mighty Nanker. You don't ask her tell. You are the man.

See ya tomorrow?
08-12-02 09:56 PM
Maxlugar That's right Nanky!

You tell her "Hey! I'm gonna do what I want! And if you don't like it, I'm just gonna.....

Oh shit! Wife's coming. Not supposed to be on the internet this late!

Gotta bail.

08-12-02 10:24 PM
TheSavageYoungXyzzy The Stones will go to the top 10, at least. They won't get to #1 - at least not for very long - it depends on when the new Beatles compilation gets released.

So why are all these old bands selling so damn good? McCartney's latest broke into the charts and went gold (finally, great album, too), Springsteen's at #1 now, "1" became the fastest-selling album *ever* and spent, what, eleven weeks at #1? Why all these codgers making money? It's simple. Since the early ninties, when Nirvana's sound was drowned out by the thousands of look-alikes, we *haven't had any great music*. We've had OK bands languish in anonymity, we've had good bands waste away (Black Crowes, anyone?), and we've had the most horrid tripe grace the airwaves for seven years, when rap artists realized it would sell much more to the masses if they rapped about being rich and sold a live stripper with each of their singles so the rich white kids would buy their albums rather than writing about actual life. It was also when these terrible little pop groups started showing up, like the Monkees but worse - bands put together by the labels, with no singing, songwriting, or instrumental talent - ran them through the computers and released their music, relying on sex appeal to make the "Titanic" generation buy their albums.

And they did. And now music sucks. So when albums by old artists come out, even (and especially) greatest hits albums, people rush to buy them. Why? Because nothing modern can possibly compare to them. The Beatles, a band that's been gone for thirty-two years, was the third-largest grossing band of last year. No tours. No new albums. Nothing.

So a greatest hits album by the Stones? More power to them! Maybe they'll entice the modern generation into realizing how terrible 97% of new music is and start going back to basics. (There was a great article in the NY Times on Saturday, I think, about rap artists going back to rock'n'roll - and really enjoying it.)

I know I'm buying a copy.

-tSYX --- Once upon a time, you dressed so fine, threw the bums a dime, in your prime- didn't you?
08-12-02 10:26 PM
TheSavageYoungXyzzy Well, this is my 200th post -whoo.

Maxy, how far have you come since your idyllic days of 15, wailing away on that guitar that could probably knock you over if a passing breeze came through that room?

-tSYX --- The telephone is ringing I say "Hi it's me, who is it there on the line?" A voice says "Ronnie's passed out - let Mick Taylor out of that seat, please!"
08-12-02 11:34 PM
Boomhauer I think we will see a lot of Stones coverage coming up. I'm watching the little news "ticker" a la ESPN on the E! channel.

It says "Rolling Stones to release comprehensive collection titled "Forty Licks".......

Move over Bruce, here comes Mick, Keef, Charlie, and Ronnie!

BTW, I think Forty Licks will go to numero uno.
08-13-02 12:40 AM
Prodigal Son 1985 was not so good as Dirty Work was recorded, STU died, Mick released She's the Boss and Prodigal Son was born.
08-13-02 12:50 AM
Prodigal Son Let's not forget when most music was crap in 1976, the Beatles (gone for 6 years) managed to rack up 5 top 10 UK hits that year with re-released old singles. If 1 was so high-selling, any new one will definitely go through the roof ala 1. If it does sell more, I hope 1 is the biggest selling album ever rather than Thriller. But it would be true poetic justice if 40 Licks did. But it won't go to 20 million. 10 maybe. Unless the Beatles' new album is more unreleased stuff like Get Back, which will garner 10 million or so (I love 'em but why do they need to keep doing this and crash the party. What do you expect now that Paul and Ringo, the goofs, are the only two left?)
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