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08-12-02 12:51 PM
08-12-02 12:54 PM
steel driving hammer Is it for sale now or whats the deal?

..."Sure cant faze me none"
08-12-02 12:57 PM
Sir Stonesalot Nope, not on sale till Oct.

Nice cover...simple, colorful.
08-12-02 01:00 PM
Riffhard I like the look of the disc cover.What I want to know is the track list.Even the name is starting to grow on me.

08-12-02 01:03 PM
steel driving hammer Gotta feeling this one will reach #1.

Last time they had a #1 record was Steel Wheels no?

Voodoo reached #2, the Lion King was #1 for a long time.

Bruce Springsteen as #1 now is mostly media hype rubbish.
08-12-02 02:12 PM
Maxlugar I aint buying it.

Not if it has two new songs on it, that is.
08-12-02 02:20 PM
jb We all need to buy and make sales respectable..another Goddess fiasco will be the death-knell for sure!
08-12-02 02:22 PM
Stones The set will have 4 new songs on it
08-12-02 02:24 PM
sandrew Maxy - According to the press release that Stonesdoug found, it's gonna have 4 new songs.

JB - I think it'll be a #1 or #2 debut by default. Whether they move, like, 15 million units - a la the Beatles 1 collection - that's a different story. But it won't be a Goddess fiasco, I'm sure of that.
08-12-02 02:40 PM
parmeda I for one, can not wait...
08-12-02 02:44 PM
jb With the exception of "Some Girls"(8 million units in U.S.), no other album has ever reached more than 2 million units domectically(VL over 5 milliom worldwide). Yet, the stones are still in the top 10 when it comes to album sales worldwide. I think their bigget seller is "Hot Rocks". Since this too is a greatest hits package, I think b/t 3-5 million in U.S. would be a huge success!!!
08-12-02 02:51 PM
sandrew JB - I agree. They've never been a big record-selling phenomenon, unlike, say, Fleetwood Mac or the Eagles or, of course, the Beatles. I don't really know why that is, given the huge concert attendance figures. I don't know why the concert-going demographic is different from the record-buying one.

New artists like the Dave Matthews Band are able to draw from both segments, but that's because they appeal to both the teenage market and the festival, Deadheadian crowd. It's a very successful combination, one that probably can't last indefinitely.

It's an interesting topic - someone should write a book about it.
[Edited by sandrew]
08-12-02 02:57 PM
jb It makes no sense to me either. Million upon millions see you in conceret, but it does not translate into record sales. Other bands play to substantilaay less paying customers , yet , sell millions upon millions of albums. I think U2 is probably the exception as they draw huge concert attendance and sell in the 5-10 million range for their albums. The younger record buying public is the target audience, and certainly, the Stones have no appeal to this lost generation.
08-12-02 03:05 PM
Maxlugar This whole greatest hits thing makes me sick.

People get all up in arms about how many live albums the Stones have.

Jeez, I can't even count how many greatest hits collections they have.

I'll save my money for the kick ass boots that are sure to come out this tour. Especially these rehersals!

They can stick this 40 Licks crap you know where.

With all the great live and unreleased stuff just laying around they give us THIS?

Makes a guy wanna scream!

Maxlugar, C10
08-12-02 03:09 PM
jb Max, how ols are you in that picture ? I like the "tan" on your arms. I have a picture of "me" that I want as an avatar and Jaxx was kind enough to explain how to put a picture on...unfortunately your computer illiterate lawyer did not undrstand..What is a URL? Thanks-jb
08-12-02 03:17 PM
Maxlugar That was Maxy's "Farmers Tan". I worked hour after hour in the hot sun doing land scaping for my Stones/Beer/ Drug money back then.

I was 15 and had proably 1% body fat.

See the wall? Made entirely of small Stones pics lovingly cut out from books and magazines.

Maxy #1 Fan!
08-12-02 03:20 PM
Stones I think when the Stones albums are recertified on the RIAA list they will move alot higher on the number of albums sold. Most of the numbers have not been updated for 10 years or longer. The most recent were done in 2000 and it was only a few of them.
08-12-02 03:24 PM
Sir Stonesalot Aw hell yeah I'll buy it.

I love going to the CD store to buy the latest RS release.

Besides, that'll be a cool disc to have for in the car.

And 4 new songs is worth a buy.

08-12-02 03:31 PM
nankerphelge I'll buy it -- I hate the whole Greatest Hits thing too -- but I never got Hot Rocks on CD so this will be good to have. I just hope they don't buthcer the songs a la Sucking in the 70s -- wasn't nuthin right about that one!

I am so fucking bored right now. I can't take vacations -- it doesn't work for me. And my parents' house in upstate NY does nothing to alleviate boredom. Got no chiba. Got no Stones.

I can't wait to get home
08-12-02 03:34 PM
sandrew Nank - It's the D.C.-area August blues. This place is dead! That's why August is a good month to start world wars - everyone important is gone!
08-12-02 03:37 PM
Sir Stonesalot Hell nanky, hop in the Nankmobile and drive south!

We can eat drink and be merry...I'm sure FPM can fit you in his busy schedule too.

And we ain't NEVER boring.
08-12-02 03:38 PM
Maxlugar "I just hope they don't buthcer the songs a la Sucking in the 70s -- wasn't nuthin right about that one! "

The only thing right with that album was the Handsome Girls version of When the Whip Comes Down.

But yeah that has got to be the worst one. They cut almost every song on it. Including the awesome Crazy Mama intro.


08-12-02 03:39 PM
Stonesdoug Hey nank--how about joining me in a road trip to Toronto for the week-end...leaving Friday morning at 6 AM
08-12-02 03:41 PM
Scot Rocks I for one will be buying it, for me this will be a rarity, a new Stones release when I am a fan, a new album would be better but hell 4 songs will do.

Roll on the Tour

08-12-02 03:41 PM
nankerphelge But it cannot be any more boring than upstate NY. I spent 18 years of my life here to finally escape the sheep and circle jerks and now, on my vacation, I return? What the fuck is wrong with me!!

I have other things to do. I could have spent the week at the pool working on a tan and getting stoned.

I could have hit the gym and improved this god-like body.

But no. I sit here in the basement of my parents house -- BORED!

I need 9/3 badly -- very very badly.
08-12-02 03:49 PM
jb Going home to where you lived as a kid is really weird. Everything seems so much smaller and almost surreal. Staying with the folks is beyond's like, of course you love them, but you ask yourself who the fuck are these people...very strange indeed...
08-12-02 03:57 PM
nankerphelge You said it jb -- you fuckin said it!

Doug -- I would so love to head to Toronto with you -- unfortunately, the "Parental Hell" tour does not end here -- I have to head north to the Adirondaks tomorrow and I will not be home in DC until Friday nite. Otherwise, I would be there in a heart-beat!

Stoney -- you just know I'd love to Pensy for a lil' R&R. Unfortunately, the nankmobile had been commandeered by none other than mrs nankerphlege.

08-12-02 03:57 PM
Honky Tonk Man Hey Maxy!

You are 15 years older then me!

1983 was a great year!

Maxlugar was slim and had his Stones Wall, Undercover was out and Alex was born!

08-12-02 05:06 PM
Boomhauer Hell yeah, Stonesdoug! Thanks for that shot of adrenaline. That cover is pretty sweet, IMO.

BTW STonesdoug, do you know when the website will be coming up? Thanks in advance.
08-12-02 05:08 PM
Staffan Maxy, I like (apart from the tan) the lovely SG you have there, do you still have it?
I just got mine back from the luthier, who installed a real Bigsby on it- it looks just as Taylors main guitar back in 69!!! Love it!
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