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Topic: who's the opener??? Return to archive
08-12-02 08:53 AM
CSV How do we find out who is opening for the stones at different venues.....
08-12-02 12:34 PM
steel driving hammer Paul McCartney will open for all the Stones shows...

IF he can keep up...

He will use his wife's leg for the Wind Pipe section...

08-12-02 02:45 PM
parmeda I can tell you that The Pretenders are opening in Chicago...

Not for certain on anyplace else...
08-12-02 02:54 PM
The Eggman SDH I know that its not funny...but i just can't help myself from laughing
08-12-02 03:50 PM
steel driving hammer wrote:

He will use his wife's leg for the Wind Pipe section...

08-12-02 04:31 PM
jb SDH is the man!!!
08-12-02 05:13 PM
Gazza >How do we find out who is opening for the Stones at different venues.....

A lot of them havent been confirmed yet. Maybe the ticketmaster site or the ever so informative official Stones site can help.

The Pretenders are doing several of the September shwos,including Chicago and New York. Sheryl Crow is,I believe, the opener in most of the west coast shows,including Los Angeles,Las Vegas and (I think) Tacoma.
08-12-02 11:58 PM
Annie415 Sheryl is also opening San Diego. Soulive is opening the Tower show.
08-13-02 12:06 AM
Roland No Doubt for ATL. What about MD (Fed Ex)?
08-13-02 02:36 AM
tiny tim pink is opening
08-13-02 06:16 AM
bez85 does anyone actually watch the opening acts at a stones show?
08-13-02 06:30 AM
parmeda "does anyone actually watch the opening acts at a stones show?"


If you're lucky enough to have Buddy Guy open for them, DON'T MISS HIM!

Last time around, Foo Fighters didn't impress me at all.
Blues Travelers...pleeeeeease, what a waste of time and space.
But years ago, Van Halen, Journey, Lenny Kravitz, to name a few...just starting out...they were worth watching.

Looking forward to seeing The Pretenders here in Chicago.
08-13-02 06:34 AM
stonedinaustralia good question bez but if i got to see the pretenders or garbage and the stones i wouldn't be complaining

the opening spot used to be an opportunity for them to put the real thing in front of their audience - ike & tina, stevie wonder, the meters...

now, it seems to be a much more commercially orientated decision - but there's no big surprises in that...

who opened in '78

BTW, is it true prince (as he then was) got bottled off stage in '81?

[Edited by stonedinaustralia]
08-13-02 08:18 AM
mattb Buddy Guy opens the Orpheum and Jonny Lang Roseland.
08-13-02 08:32 AM
midnightmagic What about the Aragon?
08-13-02 09:42 AM
Roland >who opened in '78?
Now that would be some opener!

Actually, it was Etta James when I saw them (Warner Theatre, DC).
08-13-02 09:55 AM
Riffhard Prince did get booed off in '81.He eventully pulled out of the tour because of it.It happened several times.

When I saw them in '81 The Stray Cats opened.They were damned good.Woody walked on stage from the wings totally by mistake.He looked real embarressed then quickly turned around beat feet off stage.Ofcourse,that's when the "We want the Stones!" chants started!I felt kinda bad for the Cats.Up to that point they had the crowd fully behind them.

08-13-02 02:33 PM
Stonesdoug Shemekah Copeland with Doctor John at the Aragon
[Edited by Stonesdoug]
08-13-02 02:39 PM
Gazza >BTW, is it true prince (as he then was) got bottled off stage in '81?

Yes....that was at LA Memorial Coliseum..first show

08-13-02 02:43 PM
jb Did'nt Journey also get the boot in Phildelphia in 81. My nice, but musically clueless brother-in-law from Philly, said he went to the show w/ girlfriend to see Journey and the Stones fans had no respect!!!
08-13-02 02:50 PM
Gazza Not sure if they got the boot,but I do remember reading reviews saying how laughably bad they may be 21 years ago,but I remember the "Melody Maker" quote verbatim for some sad reason..

"and, a word about Journey.And that word is TERRIBLE. Steve Perry sang like a mortally wounded dog...".

I'd never heard any of their music prior to this,but any time I saw them on TV after that review,it proved that, for once,the UK music press were right on top of things....
08-13-02 02:54 PM
patioaintdry I believe the great Iggy Pop was given hell by fans at the Pontic Silverdome in '81. Wasn't there -- parents wouldn't allow.

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