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Topic: Favorite Stones Lyrics Return to archive
08-11-02 11:09 AM
torn&frayed A friend of mine is currently at rehearsals in Toronto and she was telling about the massive encyclopedic volumes of Stones song lyrics the band brings with them to each rehearsal for reference. This got me to thinking about the band's lyrical content and listening closely to the words on some of my favorite Stones songs. As a writer I tend to focus as much on what a song is saying as on how it sounds and although lyrical content seems to have become less of a focus on much of the Stones later material, they have penned some incredible lyrics over the years - thought it might be cool to start a literary thread here on people's favorites...

"In the silk sheet of time,
I will find peace of mind,
Love is a bed full a' blues"

08-11-02 11:11 AM
Scottfree Time can tear down a building, or destroy a women's face....
The sunshine bores the daylights out of me.....
Always took candy from strangers....
08-11-02 11:26 AM
Scottfree wrote:
The sunshine bores the daylights out of me.....


"...I'm always hearing voices on the street,
I want to shout, but I can hardly speak..."

"Got to scrape the shit right off your shoes."

"Hey! What am I doin', standin' on the corner of W 8th street and 6th avenue- aww, skip it... nuthin. Keith! Wha - whachoo doin? (*whistle of understanding - we know full well what Keith's doing*) Ahhh, I think the time has come to get up, get out!"

"Stick my tongue in someone elses pie,
Tastin' better every time...."

"Coming down again,
Coming down again,
Where are all my friends?
Coming down again...."

"Honey, honey, call me on your telephone,
I know you're going back to Hollywood,
With your can of tasty foam..."

"May the good lord shine a light on you,
Make every song you sing your favorite tune...."

"You look at me, but I don't know what you see,
A reflection baby, of what I want to be...."

"Watched the tail lights fading, there ain't a dry eye in the house,
They're laughing and singing,
Started dancing and drinking as I left town,
Gonna find my way to heaven, cause I did my time in hell,
I wasn't looking too good but I was feeling real well..."

"Well the preacher went right on sayin' that all I had to do was send ten dollars to the Church of the Sacred Bleedin' Heart of Jesus, located somewhere in Los Angeles, California, and next week, they'd say my prayer on the radio! And all my dreams would come true! So I did...."

"Well, his coat is torn and frayed,
It's seen much better days,
But just as long as the guitar plays,
He'll steal your heart away."

And the entire bridge of "Too Much Blood".

-tSYX --- Wanna dance! Wanna sing!
08-11-02 11:43 AM
torn&frayed Saw you stretched out in room 10-09
With a smile on your face and a teardrop in your eye
Just seemed too many flies on you
and I just can't brush 'em off...

Help me baby, I ain't no stranger

Don't wanna walk & talk about Jesus,
I just wanna see his face

Shadoobee, shattered, shattered

Come now Gentlemen, your love is all i crave
You'll stil be in the circus when I'm laughin'
laughin' in my grave...

Screaming people fly so fast
in their shiny metal cars
through the woods of steel and glass
Candy & Cathy, hope you both are well
Please come see me in the Citadel

08-11-02 11:54 AM
Mr T Sympathy
08-11-02 12:19 PM
TwelveX5 Well I hope we're not too messianic
Or a trifle too satanic
We love to play the blues
08-11-02 12:48 PM

All you women is low down gamblers, cheatin' like I don't know how (lol)

Hey you girls what ye doin' tonight
Do you wanna dance or do you wanna fight/bite (???)

Mama says yeah Papa says no
Make up your mind cause I gotta go
Gonna raise hell at the union hall
Drive myself right over the wall

And I was so pleased to be informed of this I ran twenty red lights in his honour
Thank you Jesus, thank you lord
08-11-02 04:02 PM
Moonisup "well I just can't seem to drink you of my mind"

"I was born in a crossfire hurricane"

"Guess it's just another dream that's slipping away"

and the jigsaw puzzle, if you really want to be my friend
08-11-02 05:09 PM
Scot Rocks "Hear the voice of experience
A word from the wise
Grab opportunity
While you're alive
'Cos if you follow the crowd
'Cos if you act like a coward
You'll end up yelling out loud...

You look in your history books
You delve in the past
Stalin and Roosevelt
Both took their chances
And George grasped the nettle
It's do or dare
From the banks of the Delaware

Yeah don't hold back
Trust your gut reaction
Be bold, be bold baby
If you don't take chances
You won't make advances
Hold back yeah..."


"War, children, it's just a shot away
It's just a shot away..."


"We sell 'em missiles, We sell 'em tanks
We give 'em credit, You can call the bank

It's just a business, You can pay us in
You love these toys, just go play out your


"Let's drink to the hard working people
Let's drink to the lowly of birth
Raise your glass to the good and the evil
Let's drink to the salt of the earth..."


"French girls they want Cartier
Italian girls want cars
American girls want everything in the world
You can possibly imagine..."


"When I'm watchin' my TV
And that man comes on to tell me
How white my shirts can be
But he can't be a man 'cause he doesn't smoke
The same cigarrettes as me..."


Shit I'd better stop here!!!!!!!!, I could go on for a while!!!!

All mentioned previously I like too.


08-11-02 08:07 PM
Honky Tonker "Too bad, she's got you by the balls"!

"Just like your burned out cigarette, you threw away my love".

"You been starring in my dreams".

"She went all the way down".

"I would love to push and pull with you all night".

Too many more to list. Countin' down the days to the tour!!!!
08-11-02 08:18 PM
Riffhard Well there are too many to delve into.That's why my little sign off line is..."May the good Lord shine a light on you.....Make every song you sing your favorite tune."

I've always thought that summed it up rather nicely!

08-11-02 08:22 PM
tumblingdice How the years rush on by, birthdays, kids, and suicides...

I was young, I was foolish, I was angry, I was vain

This low down bitchin' got my poor feet a-itchin'

Ain't I rough enough....ain't I tough enough...ain't I rich enough..... come on baby, please
08-11-02 08:56 PM
frankh I had to save her life
Yeah, I gunned him twice
Yeah, and I watched him die, watch out boy
Yeah, I watched him die

08-11-02 10:00 PM
mick&keith on the way down to mexico
as i danced in your rodeo
you say poverty is picturesque
as you dragged your nails across my chest......

i think the lyrics from beginning to end are fantastic. i see no decline from beginning to end. in particular, out of control is outstanding!
08-11-02 10:36 PM
BILL PERKS i was bitten,i was bored
i was gouged and i was gored..
but i put on thru!-that's english!

my best friend he shoots water rats and,
feeds them to his geese!

make your choice at this time
the brave old world
or the slide
to the depths of decline

my heavy throbber's itchin just to lay a solid rhythm down

dont look so scared,i'm not no mad-brained bear
it's no hangin matter,it's no capital crime
08-12-02 12:32 PM
steel driving hammer Man nice fucking thread!

I'm at work now, so I can't get all giddy.

"You Got To Roll Me"

08-12-02 01:05 PM
sandrew There are obvious, high-poetic ones like "Sympathy." But the lyrics I really admire are the ones that ordinary hacks couldn't affectedly reproduce or copy. I'm talking about the simplicity and economy of: "Doctor prescribes drugstore supplies." Tops for me: "The sunshine bores the daylights out of me." Brilliant and ironic.

People, lyrics like that don't occur to just anybody.
08-12-02 01:33 PM
steel driving hammer Something so simple really gets to me like,

"On a barge that was burnished with gold"


"Royal purple the sails so sweetly perfumed"

Sometimes I get sad because their music is too good.

08-12-02 06:39 PM
Nasty Habits The Rolling Stones have the best rock lyrics of anyone this side of Dylan, and as far as wholistic integrations into a musical yadda-blah, their lyrics are without any peer in rock - rock and roll as psychodramababble, outlandish social comment, horny leer, whateverthefuck might be on whoever's mind at a given moment. Words beyond wisdom, words beyond sense - you can't make them out half the time and have to give them your own meaning. Words to live by nonetheless.

Ignoring the major hits, which are just too ridiculously perfect to even quote. Just a taste:

I love you with a passion/in and out of fashion/always got behind you/when others tried to blind you.

Well pick your own mind and don't touch mine no more.

I've got one heart and it hurts like hell/I'm simply dying for some chills and spills.

"Kids are different today," I hear every mother say.

I was making love last night to a dancer friend of mine. I can't seem to stay in step 'cause she come every time that she pirhouette for me.

Plug in flush out and fire the fuckin' feed.

I don't give a hoot or a warning/Dressed up in a black hat in cloak/I don't dig the light of the morning/I split before the
cock'll crow.

Ain't flinging tears out on the dusty ground for all my friends out on the burial ground. Can't stand the feeling getting so brought down.

It was your father who trained you and your mother who brained you to be so useless and shy but I just replaced them and tried no to break them because you could stand up if you tried. And I wanna see your face when your knees and your legs are just gonna break down and die.

Jimmy Page was all the rage/I could not see the reason why.

I bet your mama don't know you could spread like that.

Wham bam Birmingham Alabam don't give a damn

I was crowned with a spike right tru my head

You can get me if you let me

This doesn't even scratch the surface.

Why do we even do this to ourselves?
08-12-02 06:41 PM
Nasty Habits Along the lines of Steelie's and sandrews:

Waiting for a girl who wears scarves instead of hats.
08-12-02 07:30 PM
mick&keith Ahhh, thank you Nasty Habits for typing in "Sway" and "Who's Driving Your Plane" lyrics. Brilliant post! I agree with every single word!
08-12-02 11:28 PM
Fiji Joe "Maybe I'll become a playboy, hang around in gay bars and move to the west-side of town"

08-13-02 01:09 AM
Nasty Habits Now they're in my head
whispering themselves into my ear
someone stop my madness

10. Do unto strangers what you do to yourself.

9. She knows just how to please her man. Softer than a baby lamb. But she's educated. Doesn't give a damn. She's very complicated.

8. Strolling down the boulevards of Paris as naked as the day that I will die . . .

7. It's 3 A.M.! There's too much noise! Don't you people ever want to go to bed?

6. Your old time religion is just a superstition. You're going to pay high prices for your sacrifices.

5. Sometimes I wonder why we're here. But I don't care.

4. Woman walk around with a razor want to use it every night.

3. You might wake up in the morning and find your poor self dead.

2. Jah not so wonderful, but Jah is not dead.

1. My friends they come around, flatter flatter flatter flatter flatter. Pile it up! Pile it high on the platter!

oh baby you're such a tasty treat, but i'm under doctor's orders i'm afraid to overeat . . .

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