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08-10-02 11:18 AM
gimmekeef Has anyone got info about the new supposedly uptempo new song..Don't Stop?...Release date,is it a keeper?,have they rehearsed it in Toronto??..God I can't wait for it all to start!!!!.."Everything seems to be ready..are you ready"
08-10-02 12:47 PM
T&A It's been rehearsed in Toronto. First-hand reports say that it's based on a riff that's reminiscent of Start Me Up. Supposed to be released to radio stations by month's end, then out in stores mid-Sept. Album out in U.S. on October 1st.
08-10-02 01:59 PM
TT If itīs based on the START ME UP riff, one can say itīs also based on Wicked As It Seems, Lowdown and Love Is Strong. They are all one riff family.
08-10-02 02:04 PM
Boomhauer Has anybody e-mailed or spoken to any radio stations? I think I might try that.
08-10-02 02:21 PM
T&A Hey - you could argue every damned one of Keith's open-G riffs is based on the same idea. If it ain't broke, don't fix it, I say.
08-11-02 08:15 PM
Honky Tonker Isn't everything we call R'N'R just a variation on Robert Johnson? The possibilities of the open G tuning are many, if not infinite. Keep it up, El Keefo!
08-12-02 02:34 PM
jb What stations would play it? Here in Fla. we have 1 "classic rock" station that never plays anything new. The other stations are along the lines of Creed, Stain,etc..
08-12-02 02:40 PM
sandrew The radio formatting in the D.C. area is even worse, even more segmented. We, too, have only one "classic rock" station, which basically sucks. The best music of that era is ignored. I'm really not into Foreigner, Styx, Boston, Bad Company, Frampton, etc.

But, thankfully, there are stations like 98 Rock in Baltimore that play the old stuff and the good contemporary stuff. 93.3 WMMR in Philly will always be the best for me.
08-12-02 03:11 PM
Scot Rocks The UK does not even have a rock radio station...

Nuff said

Chances of the Stones getting airplay on radio 1, no because the crap that they play.

Radio 2 maybe a better chance, but will be outnumbered by Kylie still.

Only publicity will probably be some pricks writing in the press criticising the Stones as usual.

No wonder we don't like the Stones more.

08-12-02 03:15 PM
jb Poor ScotRocks-living in the land of the greatest band and yet ignored and deplored by the pitiful masses.
08-12-02 03:25 PM
Maxlugar The only station that would play it around the clock is 102.2 KMAX.

And we're not up and running yet.

The Stones should start a real website and release a song a month. Between new stuff and old vault stuff they'd keep us happy until the end of time.

It would cut out radio and the record lables and get it straight to us. Downloading one song a month is practical and would give us all something to look forward to.

So spake Maxy.

08-12-02 03:29 PM
sandrew Maxy - You're right on about the Stones' website. It really, really sucks. In fact, it has always sucked. Unofficial websites - like this one - should not be vastly superior to the official band site. But, alas, they are.
08-12-02 03:30 PM
Scot Rocks Nice idea Maxy, let's hope someone from the Stones family reads this.

08-12-02 05:12 PM
Boomhauer Guys, I actually heard CYHMK on the radio today. Was the first time I heard it on the radio.
08-12-02 05:26 PM
Gazza >Poor ScotRocks-living in the land of the greatest band and yet ignored and deplored by the pitiful masses.

BBC Radio 1 basically dont play anything more than about 5 years old anymore and hardly anything by anyone over 35... which is the main reason why theyve lost millions of listeners and have been overtaken by Radio 2 which has changed its music policy for the better in recent years..and as a result is now the UK's most listened to radio station.

You'll hear plenty of the new Stones single on BBC Radio 2, im sure..and also on Virgin,which is the main nationwide independent radio station.

The question that matters is whether Virgin/EMI promotes this single properly. Their track record in previous years has been lousy.
08-12-02 09:40 PM
Rock radio has turned to total shit in my neck of the woods (mid-Ohio)...I NEVER listen to it these days...and haven't for several years now. I just keep my CD's playin i'll have to wait for the release of the CD to give a listen to the newest Stones effort.

I remember reading a quote from Bob Dylan (and of course I can't remember it exactly) where he said something about the sounds that come outta the radio sickening him. Leave it to Dylan to lay it out straight for us.

Tom Petty went on a tirade over the radio becoming so corporately controlled at his show in Columbus last summer. I say boycott the motherfuckers.

Go KMAXY..I hope to god I'll be able to pick up your signal when you make it to air.

Let's ROCK!

not as peaceful tonight,
08-12-02 10:37 PM
thunders Death to those clear channel bastards.I"m up in michigan visiting my brother and heard radar love twice within a 3-4 minute time frame!! Fuckin pathetic.But I agree who needs it with a few thousand cd's to blast!!.All the great stones music that's never been played on the shitty fm dial.
08-13-02 12:28 AM
Roland I've had XM satellite radio for several months now and it is definitely superior to most standard radio that I know of these days in US. On channel 40 (Deep Tracks) I've heard "Back Street Girl", "Goin' Home" and "Hip Shake", to name a few.
08-13-02 01:05 AM
Rolling1 Clear Channel is the cause of all this madness. They control the venues, they own over a 1,000 radio stations, they force feed u their brand of music, Lets dont forget they are concert promoters also, Stones and McCartney Tours. They rape the average music fan.... THEY ARE WHAT YOU CALL A MONOPOLY AND OUR GOVERNMENT BROKE THE PHONE COMPANY UP FOR THE SAME REASON. I'm really disappointed that stones didnt see to it the tickets stayed reasonable (under 200.00). Its been madness from the start with the highest tickets being 300/350. R.S. then said give us more money like 95.00 and we will give u preferred seating ( LOL ). Then R.S.Com comes up with another cash cow thought "ULTIMATE ROLLING STONES PACKAGES". Which you could bid on for 3450.00. Then we find that some people bid and was able to purchase the packages & others bid and were turned down being no packages available. But wait we have more next comes about 35 more packages on ebay that you thought were not available but they are and you could bid on them with some cities asking higher amounts than they originally asked for thru Who you thing is behind that Bull Shit what clear channel you say. Just wait next is dinner with mick for 5000.00.
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