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Topic: New Beatles album also in october!! Basterds Return to archive Page: 1 2
08-10-02 06:48 AM
Moonisup I've read in a Dutch paper that the remaining 2 beatles also are planning a new album, to celebrate the 40th anniversary of "LOVE ME DO" (why celebrate that shit, I think). Butt to me is smells like a competition. The beatles will outsell the Stones, if they launch in both in october. 50 songs on their album, 40 licks on the stones'. Well what to say about that??


It's good to be anywhere especially here
08-10-02 08:08 AM
F505 Why not? They already compete in the sixties. Nothing wrong with that. And three (original) Stones must be able to defeat two Beatles. It's now Sir Jagger against Sir MacCartney. May the best win.
08-10-02 09:13 AM
hayo Not only that. Let it be will also be released on dvd!
The album Let it be will be re-released in an different mix aswell.
Oh, and the complete backcatalogue will be remixed in surround sound
(super audio?).

It's always nice when these kind of things happen, it's a shame that for our band
not that much has happened in reissueworld these last years don't you think?
08-10-02 09:35 AM
Moonisup Yeah, that's a real shame! Look at the Beatle fans. a 10 hour documentary. Whe still have to it with 25 by five, that's 13 years ago. A lot has happend since then. Sometimes you see some ducumetary's. I have a few on video. from b2b and stripped (1 hour). Well make being the rolling stones. i really liked being mick. I have on a bootvideo with some extras on it.I know they videotaped a lot of shows and backstagematerial. Well give to the fans.

08-10-02 10:05 AM
gimmekeef I'm sure as usual the Stones will be outsold.But who cares we still have them and a tour is about to begin.There is nothing in Rock to challenge that and there never has been!
08-10-02 10:18 AM
mattb Do the Beatles or the Who win the award for most number of times repackaging 30 year old material?
08-10-02 10:38 AM
Boomhauer Well, let's see. McCartney, after touring long enough, going back again, and you know it's to make money and piss off the Stones and their fans.

Wow, the beatles are gonna put out Beatles 1 part 2. Bullshit.
08-10-02 10:51 AM
MRD8 The Beatles 1 sold twenty million copies worldwide...thats more than the last five Stones albums have sold combined...! So who do you think will win the greatest hits race again this time? I've been watching the Springsteen boards talking about his opening show on Wednesday night...lots of hardcore fans are complaining because he played almost all of his new album and left out lots of old favorites...and get this, he "only" played for two hours and twenty-five minutes...think his fans are spoiled? It would be the same with 95% of Stones fans this year if they had put out a new album...
08-10-02 12:15 PM
Scot Rocks Let the Battle commence!!!!!!!!!

"Yeah man

"Gonna pulp you to a mess of bruises
'Cos that's what you're looking for
There's a hole where your nose used to be
Gonna kick you out of my door!!!!!!!"

We know who is No.1 anyway!!!!


08-10-02 12:31 PM
MRD8 wrote:
It would be the same with 95% of Stones fans this year if they had put out a new album...

There were many complaints when the Stones played so many new songs during Steel Wheels.
08-10-02 12:43 PM
Fiji Joe Ahh...I never bought into the notion that the Stones and Beatles were competing...One band was playing bubble gum pop music while the other was busy inventing the modern era of Rock-N-Roll...Saying that the New Beatles album will be in competition with the Stones is like saying that the Stones are competing with Britney Spears...Just cause more people buy it don't make it better...For example, McDonald's, Ford Cars and Al Gore...Now no one is gonna say that the aforementioned are the best in their respective areas...Look, let the Beatles "hold hands" and "love love who the hell ever me do"...I'm no school boy but I know what I like and It's only Rock N' Roll
08-10-02 01:16 PM
Honky Tonk Man Thanks for posting the info hayo! I heard about it too.

However, i read that the Beatles may be releasing the originaly intended "Get Back" album. This was supposed to come out before "Abbey Road", but the mixes were so poor. Some of it turned up on "Anthology 3" of course.

08-10-02 03:25 PM
Prodigal Son The Get Back album was gonna be a throwback to rock so I'd love to see that but not all this re-release, anniversary crap. Sure, the Beatles did mostly poppy material (which would not have happened if Brian Epstein hadn't turned them into a family act and Paul, the melodic airhead, was not in the group-then again, without those they would've been a great rock band that fell apart after three years), but they aren't bubblegum. But if you talk R&R, the Stones take the crown by a moonlight mile.
08-10-02 04:14 PM
F505 If you mention the word Beatles some people begin to talk rubbish. It's a great band. Besides the boys liked each other very much: listen to Yer Blues (RARC) with Keith on Bass and John on Guitar. The rivalry between the Stones and the Beatles is invented by the press and taken too serious by some die hard fans in both camps. Needless to say they have competed for sure and to my opinion the Stones won that battle. But they both inspired many groups. Listen to Steve Earle who is influenced by both the Stones and the Beatles. And he is sure one of the best musicians the American rockmusic has to offer.
08-10-02 08:16 PM
TheSavageYoungXyzzy F505 - yer dead on.

The entire idea of the Beatles and Stones as 'competitors' don't make any sense - and I don't think the Beatles are bubble-gum pop at all. Early stuff, yeah - but hey, we have "Between the Buttons" to sweep under the rug if you want to get into bubble gum ("Yesterday's Papers", anyone?). Those four (well, three, I'm not so sure about Ringo) could rock with the best of them - "Taxman", The White Album, Abbey Road ("Polythene Pam", "I Want You (She's So Heavy)" - and even stuff of theirs that's considered pop-py still blows away the nearest competition from that era. "Maxwell's Silver Hammer"? "Here Comes The Sun"? The magnificant opus "Hey Jude"? Hell, I think "Don't Let Me Down" is a Stones song in disguise.

And their solo work's quite rockin' too in some places - I can't stand McCartney when he does silly pop, but when he plays real rock'n'roll, hear him roar! As for Harrison, "The Art Of Dying"? Those Apple jams with Clapton and Voorman and Billy Preston and so forth?

As for the competition - Who gave the Stones their first breakaway hit? Who played with the Stones on "We Love You"? Who did Mick 'n Keith play with on "All You Need Is Love"? Who told Decca they should sign these kids, these Rolling Stones, because they'd passed on the Beatles and were feeling like morons about it? And who wrote one of the most honest tributes to George after he died (That was Keith, by the way - very kind, very down to earth, very Keith - Mick's was nice, too)?

So who were the Beatles? They started the whole thing. Who did the Stones chase in the sixties? The Beatles. But who outlasted the Beatles and owned the seventies when the Fab Fragmented Four were off doing their own stuff with mixed results? The Stones.

-tSYX --- Who needs yesterday's Taylor? (I'm harping, I know, I know!)
08-11-02 06:40 AM
of course the beatles will outsell the stones.

by buying the beatles, people get to re-live there youth.
the beatles are the 60s, so by buying their albums you get the 60s.

where as the stones have always been there and so the whole "that's a band from my youth nostalgia" doesn't work.

i think a lot of people that liked the stones in the 60s
(when they were young/teenagers) didn't anymore in the 70s
and surely not in the 80s/90s.

but nowadays they can't think of the stone anymore as a couple of young rebels, cos during the years after the 60s they've seen the stones changing more and more from that 60s image.

and so, buy buying a (60s) stones album, they do not Necessarily get that pure 60s feeling.

what i'm trying to say is, the beatles are nostalgia for a lot of people and so they will buy the albums for more/less that reason.

where as the stones are still a real band, and you buy their albums because you simply like them.

and last,
the stones are rock n roll, and a lot of "older" people just don't buy that music anymore. (i said a lot an not everyone!!!)
they buy the beatles cos you can play the music on a sunday morning without upsetting the neighbours.
08-12-02 03:45 PM
jb The Beatles suck and those who like them are not real Stones fans, period!
08-12-02 04:58 PM
F505 it's a pity Stones fans include such narrow minded people like jb. These are probably the worst fans a band can have.
08-12-02 10:11 PM
jb wrote:
The Beatles suck and those who like them are not real Stones fans, period!

Like Mick Jagger, Keith Richards, Ronnie Wood, Charlie Watts, Mick Taylor, Bill Wyman, Brian Jones and Ian Stuart? Gosh, yeah, those guys, they all liked or at the very least admired the Beatles and dear god, we all know how much *they* hate the Stones! Hoo boy! Three of them have been on Beatles songs, and five of em, count em, five, let the Beatles sing on one of their songs and even covered a song the Beatles wrote for them! How horrid! Not real Stones fans at all!

Keep yo' mouf shut about the Beatles. Without the Beatles, no matter how much you hate them, we never would have heard the Stones. So even if you hate their music, which is fine, you're entitled to your opinion, you'd better watch out - without them, no Stones, no Who, no anything good.

As for the most recent tour and album - if it can sound anything like how McCartney sounded this spring, I will die a happy man.

-tSYX --- I'll be waiting for you Ronnie, yeah! Drink to me! Drink to my health! You know I can't drink anymore!
08-13-02 06:37 AM
gypsymofo60 This thread was started by, I assume, the same individual who kicked it off on another site, where it has been promptly deleted. So The Beatles started out as a pop group; so what? Cast your mind back to the state of British music at that time....I mean, really! They were inspirational! As Mr. Jagger himself once said, "You can prefer us, or you can prefer them", so what's the big deal? As someone has said here, albums like 'Revolver', 'Rubber Soul', and 'The White Album'were hardly Abba for God's sake! The Stones on many occassions have paid due homage to The Fab-Four,as Keith said "They kicked down the door" that thier followers duly entered.And calling Stones fans who like The Beatles pseudo Stones fans, well that's the type of crap I, and I should imagine the more enlightened forumites here, would've left behind at elementary school....My Dad's better than your Dad.....Grow up!
08-13-02 11:57 AM
jb Your bringing up ancient history regarding Beatles/Stones "working together"..Anything in the last 3 decades? And no F505, you are the worst kind of fan...go to some Beatles site where you can tell those who are interested how great the stones are..see what the
responses you get. Real s Stone fans do not like the Beatles;casual big hit Stones fans, like you, love the helps you reconnect with your youth....
08-13-02 12:57 PM
Nellcote JB: It's the ghost from past threads......

Try to take your daily cleansing breaths...


Recall, I had the weekend long mantra for you
back in the spring, with my Eastern Religion
brothers, hoping to purge these agressions from you
Ravi Shankar played 12 1/2 hours non stop, only
taking break for curried goat, to rid you of these

Please revert back to that pleasant time when the
urge comes upon you to consider such written
transgressions upon our Fab Four brethren

After all, for that period is 30 + years past, a
yearning for such flowery times shall forever dwell
in the souls of the Beatle fans.

We know of a higher calling..

"Why don't we sing this song all together?
Open our minds, let the pictures come.."

08-13-02 01:30 PM
TheSavageYoungXyzzy jb, I'm not going to get into a flame war with you over this.

FACT: The Beatles jump-started the Stones's career.
FACT: All of the Stones, living and dead, liked or at the very least respected much of the Beatles's music.
FACT: The Stones and Beatles, even after the Beatles broke up, have been friends for years. Read Mick 'n Keith's rememberances of George Harrison - he came to one of their shows during the "Stripped" years - he liked them and they liked him a lot - Keith admires his playing for being so focused, and his frank attitude. McCartney and the Stones have been on good terms for years, they all loved John Lennon, I don't know about Ringo Starr but even if you can't stand him as a drummer he's a wonderfully nice guy so I see no problems there.
FACT: The Stones tried hard to emulate the Beatles, chased them during the 60s, with mixed results. ("I'd Much Rather Be With The Boys", anyone?)
FACT: "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" beats the holy hell out of "Their Satanic Majesties Request". I'd even give The White Album the edge over "Beggar's Banquet".

So yes, the Stones and Beatles were and still are friendly, and borrowed a lot from each other's music. I have yet to hear a Stones song that comes close to "Hey Jude", the "You Never Give Me Your Money/Golden Slumbers" etc. cycle, "Maybe I'm Amazed", or "Happiness Is A Warm Gun", the same as I have yet to hear a Beatles song that comes close to "Midnight Rambler" ("I Want You (She's So Heavy)" comes closest, but doesn't have "Rambler"s snarl), "Can't You Hear Me Knocking" or "Rocks Off".

Did you even go to McCartney's concert? He played the greatest rock'n'roll numbers and just howled along with them. Even the poppy numbers were tolerable (the only two clunkers were "My Love" and "C Moon"... gagg!).

So even if you can't stand their music, don't say Stones fans can't be Beatles fans as well. There is no rule saying you can't like other bands besides the Stones, no "Stonesometer" to stick under your tongue to show how much of a fan you are. As for reliving their childhood? I'm 16, pal. I was born in the *eighties*. I don't *want* to relive my childhood - besides, it's not finished!

In conclusion - you can like the Beatles and still be a Stones fan.

And that's that. Let's not get into this again - it'll all end in tears.

-tSYX --- Eeeeevr'ybody must get Stoned!
08-13-02 01:36 PM
jb Your post clearly reflects a greater respect and admiration for the Beatles than the stones. Atleast your honest, and admit that you prefer the beatles and think they are far more talented than the Stones...Good for they say, recognizing your problem is the first step to a cure...anyone that thinks any Beatles album compares to Beggars Banquet is in serious need of help..please get it fast so you can enjoy the Stones , sorry, I mean Macca's upcoming tour....
08-13-02 01:54 PM
Scot Rocks You can like the Stones and the Beatles, if you want, imao I think McCartney's solo stuff sucks, every time I see him he is on tv promoting something, but the Beatles later stuff is ok even though I never listen to it amd I know they and the Stones liked each other pretty much and they did make a significant contribution to music. Yet I prefer the Who, Clapton, Cream, Bowie though than them, however I love the Stones, I love everything about the Stones and that is something I have never felt about the Beatles, or any other band.

So the conclusion is, whatever band we are talking about the Stones come out on top easily.

We are Stoned for life!!

08-13-02 01:58 PM
jb I agree-but clearly this F505 beatle imposter is attempting to poison this site with pro Beatles propaganda and humiliate the Stones...My god, to say the "White" album or "Sgt. Pecker" is better than "Beggars Banquet" is a terrible insult to the great stone's fans on this board.
08-13-02 02:02 PM
Moonisup I wasn't th one who posted it on Iorr. Just copied it, and there we went, a very nice discusion. Go jb Go f505
08-13-02 02:07 PM
jb wrote:
I agree-but clearly this F505 beatle imposter is attempting to poison this site with pro Beatles propaganda and humiliate the Stones...My god, to say the "White" album or "Sgt. Pecker" is better than "Beggars Banquet" is a terrible insult to the great stone's fans on this board.

Don't you insult F505, jb... I was the one who said I gave The White Album the edge over "Banquet". You wanna pick on someone? That's me, pal. And it's just personal fucking opinion! I love "Banquet" too, and if we were to really sit down and listen to all the Beatles and all the Stones, I would say you can't draw a comparison between them! And who, besides you, is insulted that some people like the Beatles? Huh? Who?

Oh, God... never mind! I said I didn't want to get into a flame war over this! Let's just drop it, huh?

-tSYX --- Heeeeeear meeeee Lorrrrrrrrrd!
08-13-02 05:40 PM
F505 JB said:

I agree-but clearly this F505 beatle imposter is attempting to poison this site with pro Beatles propaganda and humiliate the Stones...My god, to say the "White" album or "Sgt. Pecker" is better than "Beggars Banquet" is a terrible insult to the great stone.

How old are you JB? Can you read already? I never said such a thing. But it doesn't matter. I didn't take you serious in the first place. You don't listen to arguments but stick to your preoccupied fossile opinions. But I do feel sorry for you. It must be very frustrating the Stones recorded a Lennon-McCartney song. Even Keith and Mick let you down.
08-13-02 06:12 PM
Honky Tonk Man I am listning to "Rubber Soul" Ohhhh, i feel So Dirty!

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