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Palais Royale. Toronto - August 16, 2002
Everybody seems to be ready! Are you ready?
For the first time in three years, ladies and gentlemen THE ROLLING STONES!!!
Photo by J.P. Moczulski
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Topic: Warning:This post contains sex, drugs and rock'n'roll Return to archive
08-10-02 03:53 PM
Chico Whats yer favourite stones song to:

1) Smoke dope to
2) Have sex to
3) Dance to

Mines would be

1)Time Waits For No-one , especially when that solo kicks in, ahhhhhhh
2) Time Waits For No-one, slow but when that solo kicks in, ahhhhh
3) Rocks Off, Hot Stuff, Rip This Joint and Rambler 72 for goin aff ma heed. Yeah

And you?
08-10-02 08:26 PM
TheSavageYoungXyzzy I must say as a sexually frustrated teen, this post caught my attention immediately.

Chico wrote:
Whats yer favourite stones song to:

1) Smoke dope to

Dope ain't my style - still, if I were to enter an altered state, it would be probably to "Sweet Virginia".


2) Have sex to

I was actually considering this - if I wanted a romantic little passionate thing, I would play "How Can I Stop". If I wanted it fast and furious, I would have to play "Rocks Off", the ultimate anthem of sexual frustration and noctournal emission - "Only get my rocks off when I'm dreaming! And I only get my rocks off when I'm sleeeeeeeeeeping!"


3) Dance to

"Dance Pt. 1"! Get my dance groove on! For a modern, dirty dancing feel, I would say "Flip The Switch".

And if we combined all three? Altered Sex while Dancing?

"She's A Rainbow". Du-uhhh.

-tSYX --- Coming colors in the air - yecchhh! Sex on acid must be disgusting - like humping a TeleTubby...
08-10-02 11:16 PM
VoodooChileInWOnderl Some of the wise regulars said/says Midnight Rambler for all of the above and I agree!
08-10-02 11:26 PM
VoodooChileInWOnderl BTW, LOL so you dance with Rocks Off, Hot Stuff, Rip This Joint and Rambler 72 I wanna see you moving it at those tunes!

For dancing, I do remember an erotic dancing by me with "She's so cold" back in the early 80s... just look to your girlfriend close directly to her eyes and then sing her the part of the lyrics

When your old When your old, nobody will know
That you was a beauty, a sweet sweet beauty
A sweet sweet beauty, but stone stone cold"

Sing it close to her ears and give the most erotic dance and surely she will give that to you after the party
08-10-02 11:35 PM
VoodooChileInWOnderl wrote:
Some of the wise regulars said/says Midnight Rambler for all of the above and I agree!

But you misunderstand - I want to make lurrrrrrrrve to my dear girl, not frighten the living hell out of her - besides, rhythmic movement with Rambler's sharp drum beats? Someone could get their feminine cave spelunked a little too deep - or worse - the lil' rambler's protection might stretch a little too thin and then - well, you can always name the kid Keith!

-tSYX --- Ronnie, I don't worry no more! My life was once filled with anger, so much anger and greif, now I've found you, Ronnie, at the start of this tour...
08-11-02 05:36 AM
Staffan Voodoo chile, I agree!
MR is awesome to everything...
It's becoming my favourite song.

Is this avatar OK?
08-11-02 08:42 AM
Sir Stonesalot Yesssssssssss.

Midnight Rambler is the correct answer to ALL questions...even questions that are better left unasked!

A quick aside about "She's So Cold".

Back when I was just a Squire, a fair maiden decided that she needed my "knife right down her throat". Now this had never happened before in my young life. Anyhow, for some reason, I took note of the song that was playing on the radio....."She's So Cold".

Even as much as I detest the ER album, that particular song, holds a soft place in my heart. When I was out in Cleveland for the C10 summit, I bought a pristine copy of that single. It is displayed in a special spot. I always smile when I see it. Fond memories of "cumming" of age! LOL!
08-11-02 09:37 AM
shakedhandswithkeith stone: the b-side from tattoo you complete
sex: anybody seen my baby, memory motel, beast of burdon
dancing: i`m not a dancer, but if i would brown sugar

see you all next year in europe....
08-11-02 01:45 PM
sarah For me

Dope isn't my thing
but if I get the rest out of order I hope I will be forgiven, even I rem. the first one and then dancing I think and then sex? Well here are my two other picks

2) For grooving to even though I am not the best dancer in the world would have to be for me from the stones is the live version of Sympathy for the Devil from Get your ya, ya's out. I just love the part especially were mick is singing come on down, etc... and Charlie's going at it on the drums it's just classic.

3) As far as what song or songs to have sex to would be for me in the beginning because your getting started is Waiting on a friend, and then comes Beast of Burden, last but not least it isn't a stones song Muddy Waters Rock Me would have to be to last.
08-11-02 08:02 PM
CousinCocaine I love the Stones and I did drugs.

So I think I had them all . .

Uuh uuh . .
08-11-02 09:22 PM
The Eggman TO answer all three

EMOTIONAL RESCUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
08-11-02 09:50 PM
The Eggman wrote:
EMOTIONAL RESCUE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

The questions were re drugs, sex and dancing, not laughter, masochism and euthanasia.

-tSYX --- Austin Powers in "The Shag Is Not Enough" - featuring "Emotional Rescue 2005" remix by Arnold Shwartzenager (sp?)
08-11-02 10:47 PM
Sir Stonesalot wrote:
Midnight Rambler is the correct answer to ALL questions...even questions that are better left unasked!

You mean like "What was in that briefcase in Pulp Fiction?" (I actually know the real answer to this - it's quite simple)

Or "Who's bright idea was 'Sparks Will Fly'? Or having two Keith ballads right next to each other on Bridges?"

"What's the greatest age difference between Bill Wyman and one of his conquests?"

"On that note, how many kids does he have? Of how many different nationalities?"

"Who killed JFK? And Brian, for that matter?"

"Who's Driving Your Plane?"

"Have You Seen Your Mother Baby, Standing In The Shadow?"

"Anybody Seen My Baby?"

Well, it answers all of these except the one below.

"What is the *worst* song you can possibly imagine?"


I said except! *except*! No hurt! No kill!

-tSYX --- With no lovin' in my soul and no money in my coat.

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