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Licks World Tour 2002 - 2003

Palais Royale. Toronto - August 16, 2002
Everybody seems to be ready! Are you ready?
For the first time in three years, ladies and gentlemen THE ROLLING STONES!!!
Photo by J.P. Moczulski
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Topic: ron or mick? mwa... Return to archive
08-09-02 02:41 PM
F505 To my modest opinion both Taylor and Wood are not the guitar players they once were. Wood has lost his touch many years ago. He hasn't played a decent live solo in 20 years. But Mick Taylor also is just a shadow of the great solo guitarist he used to be. I saw him a couple of years ago live in Paradiso. It was a shameful performance. The man has become slow, fat and totally lost his interest. The people who want Mick Taylor back are just living in the past. The Taylor of the early seventies does not exist anymore.

So we can only hope Keith will play his ass off. And I've no doubt he will!
08-09-02 03:51 PM
steel driving hammer You see, many people don't understand something this interfold.

But I see it as clear as full glass of red wine.

The Art of Criss Crossing....

Ronnie blends and interfolds so well it's as if you can't even hear him....

Peace together.
08-10-02 05:19 AM
padre Mick Taylor may not look too handsome anymore, but the playing...Yes, he does still got it. Just listened his gig in Oregon in August -01 and at least he still had it then. Anyone who says that mr. Taylor can't cut it anymore surely hasn't heard this gig's Blind Willie McTell or Boogie Man. Just beautiful...
Of course he has bad nights and may play sloppy sometimes, but at least on this gig he was the man!
08-10-02 10:47 AM
Boomhauer I'm starting to think some people are more of Mick Taylor fans than Rolling Stones fans. I don't even know why this guy has to be in the subject with this tour. He was a great guy with the stones, and he left because he was going to have a brilliant solo career. Who the fuck leaves the Rolling Stones and says "I want to explore more musically."?
Get outta here!

And you know what, I hope Ron just fucking slaps the naysayers on the face and says "that dat you fuckin' sons of bitches!"
08-10-02 04:56 PM
padre Did I say that Taylor has to join Stones? I thought I just said that he can still cut it. On a solo gig.
08-10-02 05:07 PM
Staffan Shit I haven't changed my avatar to the fast loading one yet, I'm sorry.
Anyway Boomhauer; It can be extremely frustrating to play stuff you don't want to play, I've encountered that too many times, and Taylor once said that their performances seemed to last forever, he was bored with the music and with playing the same songs over and over. Who leaves the Stones? I just don't think it's so strange to do that! I have periods when I listen to folk music, and I guess Taylor wasn't attracted by the Stones music in 74. Stop blaming him for quitting! He might be sloppy live sometimes, yes, but he has the feeling! I don't give a shit if he's fat! look at some of the old blues legends, they were FATTER. when I heard him a few years back. I shivered all the time, it was so darned good!

here's to all Taylor lovers!
08-10-02 05:14 PM
Boomhauer Padre:

I wasn't responding to your post. I just wish people would appreciate the fact that Ron Wood is a guitarist in the Stones.


I never said anything about Mick Taylors weight. I just think too many folks are wishing for things that will never happen. Taylor is great, but he's on his own. He should not be begged to make a guest appearance, BTW.

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