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Topic: Oasis hurt.... Return to archive Page: 1 2
08-08-02 07:48 AM
Maxlugar a car crash.

None were wounded fatally, unfortunately.

Ouch Maxy!

Yup! Me likes.
08-08-02 07:55 AM
beer they were probably just tryin to cover the beatles song "a day in the life".
08-08-02 07:55 AM
Jumacfly Who was the chauffeur??
Liam or Noel??

08-08-02 08:23 AM
Noel and Liam:

Got to remember, right side of the road when in the U S of A, you little punk bastards,

08-08-02 08:30 AM
Honky Tonk Man No Liam was not in the Taxi. It was Noel, rythem guitarist Andy Bell and the keyboard player they use when touring. They were in a taxi and it colided head on with another car. They only sufferd from shock and bruising.

Im glad they are okay.


08-08-02 08:34 AM
Jumacfly or may be "baby you can drive my car" from the beatles!!
08-08-02 08:50 AM
F505 Hope they'll take Flight 505 when they return to the UK
08-08-02 10:07 AM
Mr T this really happened? I didn't hear about it

keep in mind - its probably good that they didn't get busted up to badly. Remember - if their bodies became vegetables they'd just run their mouths twice as much
08-08-02 10:09 AM
jb Sorry, but I wish those wankers would have been put out of our misery permanently. The opened here in Florida in West Palm Beach to a very small audience and the prick Liam after 3 songs left the stage with a sore throat-what a fucking pussy! I hope something terrible happens to these Stone bashers!
08-08-02 10:26 AM
Mr T jb,

yeah - but do you think we could be so lucky?
08-08-02 10:30 AM
jb No...instead great rockers like John Entwhistle drop dead!
08-08-02 10:34 AM
Jumacfly i saw them on a tv show live: the most boring performance i ve ever seen!!!
5 songs, 5 same riffs with this stupid barking Liam...
too rude for me...i would like them as opener for the stones, just to throw them dozens of rotten tomatoes....

08-08-02 10:36 AM
jb Remember the band INXS-the lead singer who died while masturbating while his neck was in a noose, refused to allow band to open for stones in 89 as to paraphrase "we sell more records than they do"...hopefully the gallahgher brothers will have a similar, but hopefully , more painful fate!
08-08-02 10:53 AM
Honky Tonk Man They are not Stones bashers! Noel said that to get publicity. Its what the bands been doing since day one. If you dont like the music, fair enough, thers no need to wish them dead.

You do realize though. If they were to die, it would only elevate them to higher musical status. Even if they are not big in America, they would be then.

08-08-02 11:03 AM
steel driving hammer Every song they do incl Champange Supernover in the sky
give rock and roll a bad name and in the wrong direction.
08-08-02 11:05 AM
jb HTM-how can you have such an unfavorable view of the greatest Rolling Stone's guitarist, Mick Taylor, yet seem to have a "soft-spot" for the treacherous Gallagher brothers?
08-08-02 11:19 AM
Jumacfly Oasis is pure crap, the best publicity for a band is the music it plays...Noel has bashed the Stones,the Clash,but who is he to do that??
this is the perfect example of band blammed by the behaviour of their leader(s)...if they were not such assholes, i could try to hear their music...but, that not and wont be the case...
Noel you better have your driving licence !!!
and stop being Supersonic, stop drinking gin and tonic!!!

08-08-02 11:25 AM
Mr T Oasis bashes bands just for publicity so they can sell more records, that's not a lot better than being Stones-haters plain & simple. HTM is right that it isn't right to wish death on them just because their music sucks & they are assholes, but I think just about all of us would be happy if they were shut up. For Oasis to actually consider themselves real rock n roll is absurd
08-08-02 11:28 AM
Jumacfly agree with you Mr T.

God bless the "A" team...
08-08-02 11:36 AM
jb Do you think they would care if Mick or Keith died? They would make some smart-ass comment for sure!!
08-08-02 11:50 AM
Mr T yes - they would. I really wouldn't give a shit if Oasis died, they never took the time to pay attention to me - so as people I have no desire to relate to them... Yeah, they probably would make a smartass comment - but lets remember, their dickheads - we're not, right? At least I know how to be decent about other people's lives like that - fuck what the Gallaghers do...

A-Team forever
08-08-02 04:45 PM
gypsy Liam was not in the car crash. I heard on one of the news channels last night that Liam had vowed never to travel since 9/11. What a p*ssy! Do you think Keith would do that? Fuck no!
08-08-02 05:03 PM
Joey Hey Gypsy ...........

I just got my September issue of Playboy Magazine in the mail yesterday ( a little late for some reason ) and you were absolutely correct about Hugh Hefner's girlfriend Tina Jordan ..............there are two different photo's of her with that kid she has at the Mansion Easter Egg Party .

Gypsy .....the kid looks half black , not that there is anything wrong with that , but what are your thoughts on the matter ? Agree ???? Disagree ?????

Please , I's just gots to know what your keen acumen senses here .

" Help Me Ronnie "

The Joey

08-08-02 05:22 PM
Gazza I heard on one of the news channels last night that Liam had vowed never to travel since 9/11. What a p*ssy! do you think he made it across the pond to America then?? LOL

maybe Keith got his own back by arranging for someone to tamper with the wheels of the taxi!

and to answer what someone asked above..yeah if Mick or Keith croaked it you can bet they WOULD have some smart-assed disrespectful one liner for the press on the topic. They do it for practically everyone else that snuffs it,although why journalists deem it worthy of coverage is beyond me.
08-08-02 05:35 PM
The Eggman JB as a huge fan of INXs i think ur terribley wrong...INXS frontman Michael Hutchence died under some mysterious circumstamces but still were a great band
INXS said, they sell more records,WRONG! that was Liam from OASIS bad-mouthing Hutchence on stage at an MTV show saying how washed up they were right in his face, as to say how they were the next big thing!...

Michael Hutchence in fact did in 1994 on the Syphonic Music Of The Rolling Stones record "UNDER MY THUMB"
08-08-02 05:39 PM
Joey EGGY .............

Didn't INXS frontman Michael Hutchence once date that hot Australian singer named Kylie something before she " went to the other side " ???????????

Perhaps that is what killed him ..........

Then again ,what the Hell do I know -- Huh ????

And now , for your entertainment pleasure , THIS :

Gimme a J ! J !
Gimme a O ! O !
Gimme a E ! E !
Gimme a Y ! Y !

What's that spell ????? JOEY !!!!!
What's that spell ????? JOEY !!!!!
What's that spell ????? JOEY !!!!!

Yeah ...............Joey !!!!!!!!!

Jo Jo

08-08-02 05:56 PM
The Eggman He dated so many , its not funny...can give Sir Mick a run for his money

...The chick from that steamy Chris Issak video , also
Kylie Minogue, apprently in a recent interview she said she still has visions of him in her dreams

though he was in a long term relationship with Paula Yates whom one year ago killed herself over grief from Michael 's death

Unfortunately, Yoko Ono was not strunk with the same idea over John
08-08-02 06:13 PM
Gazza Kylie Minogue has actually said that on her upcoming tour of Australia that as a part of some spiritual bond that shes gonna stay in the same bedroom that Michael Hutchence died in (apparently hanging from a door handle having a five-knuckle shuffle - some kind of bizarre sexual stunt that went tragically wrong..)

a bit too spooky for my taste...!
08-08-02 09:12 PM
gypsy Damn, Joey, your Playboy was late! Yeah, Tina's kid looks mixed...and, it looks like a trog. Oh, and the chick on the cover, Jordan, just had her baby, and he was born blind. Anyways, she was interviewed, and she believes that her hard partying ways are responsible for her baby's blindness.

Oh, yeah, Kylie Minogue dated Michael Hutchence for a while. Then, he dated model Helena Christensen (the girl from the Chris Isaak video). Then came Paula Yates...
08-08-02 10:34 PM
Joey wrote:

Then again ,what the Hell do I know -- Huh ????

In a late-breaking news update MTV news anchor Kurt "I'm A Lode"r reports that the Oasis cab was being driven by a demented Vietnam vet named Joey. The chauffer, suffering from PTS and muttering "I've lost me dope", was uninjured, and escaped into the sewers of, er, whatever city this crash happened in. Gallagher had this to say:

" 'At Joey was roight pissed, an' he pissed off into the pisser."

"Uh, that's pissoir, Noel."

"Fug off ya poofy yob! The point is, Joey said he was just rehearsin' this chauffer routine, that he hadda get his chops up for a gig in September. Drivin' the C10 around in their SPIV he is! Fuggin' 'ell, I'll fistfight the Beatles and the Stones with one hand up me arse, but the C10! THOSE guys scare me! Make me quake like a right fuggin' girlie!"

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