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Palais Royale. Toronto - August 16, 2002
Everybody seems to be ready! Are you ready?
For the first time in three years, ladies and gentlemen THE ROLLING STONES!!!
Photo by J.P. Moczulski
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Topic: Some disturbing news from the inside Return to archive Page: 1 2 3 4
08-09-02 08:57 AM
bez85 hey swapwood you're full of shit
08-09-02 10:03 AM
torn&frayed This thread is rapidly digressing into another Wood vs. Taylor debate and while the issue of who's the better Rolling Stone is infinitely debatable - the issue of who's the better blues lead guitarist isn't - Woody at his best could never do technical justice to the blues leads on the band's Taylor-era blues material and if asked I'm sure he'd tell you so himself. It simply isn't his style - he's much more rooted in the sloppy, Chuck Berry-esque R&B rhythm guitar style of Keith Richards and his sound fits in far more comfortably in the background of the mix rather than the foreground. That's why it's often hard to tell Keith and Woody apart on much of the Stones work from Some Girls on.

The only reason this presents a dilemma for the band this time out is that, based upon their early rehearsal selections, they've apparently determined to deliver an ambitious dose of Taylor era retrospective Stones blues material to celebrate their 40th in vintage Stones style.

Problem is that this material simply cannot be credibly performed without a bona fide blues soloist on board for the ride and Woody simply is not going to be that guy regardless of how well or poorly he's currently performing. Chuck Leavell will also be challenged to deliver this material convincingly - his style is way too clean and flowery to convey the barroom blues, barrelhouse feel that Stu and Hopkins brought to the band's mix on the Taylor era material.

So how are they gonna pull this off? - Just my hunch but here's what I think:

The majority of technically challenging Taylor era blues material will be reserved for the club sets and feature guest soloists for each show (definitely for lead blues guitar & possibly for blues piano as well). Whether MT himself is invited to perform on these sets is anyone's guess but I suspect they'll ultimately break down and ask him at some point to do a guest spot and I believe he'll accept - my hunch would be for the Witern show as its the last club gig on the tour - think the same will be true for a number of other ex-bandmates along with special appearance "celebrity" soloists who could handle the lead guitar spot fairly easily on short notice (Beck, Clapton, etc.).

I also think the band will attempt to deliver a full "Golden Age" album at each club show along with some selected rarities and blues covers to round out the set and keep things interesting for the audience. How might this work?

Orpheum - Beggar's Banquet (Clapton)
Aragorn - Let It Bleed (Buddy Guy)
Tower - Ya Ya's (Slash)
Roseland - Sticky Fingers (Johnny Lang)
Wiltern - Exile On Main St. Selections (Taylor)

Now how sweet would that be?

Cousin Millie says How Deeeeeeeeeeeeelicious!!!
08-09-02 12:23 PM
bez85 i disagree, ron and keith are both adequate blues guitar players..what were they playing in the early sixties ..the blues baby.. they were a blues say they can't pull off taylor era songs is ridiculous..
08-09-02 12:30 PM
T&A T&F - you make an interesting case - one that I've pondered myself. However, I don't believe that will happen. I think they will find a way to make it work without the guest musicians. I wouldn't be surprised if a guest musician or two showed up along the way - but not to "enable" the theater show to happen as you outlined. By the way, it looks like the last small show will be 11/16 at the Joint in Vegas, where it is rumored the PPV will occur. That show hasn't gone on sale yet, but a very reliable source on another message-board who hasn't been wrong yet says that's what will happen.
08-09-02 12:58 PM
Maxlugar There is a reason Jeff Beck is doing four nights in London this September playing stuff from his whole career.

He got "The Call".

My sources deep, DEEP!, within the Rolling Stones organization have alerted me to this.

Mick, Keith and Charlie had a conference call with Mr. Beck a few weeks ago. (They put a Polycom speaker phone on Ronnie's head while he was passed out).

Mick was all like "Jeff mate, we need you to fill in for Ronnie".

And Jeff was all like "Great. I've got a full bottle of Vodka here right now. I could be drunk in ten minutes...."

And Keith was all like "No! You don't understand! (cough, cough..) We need you to fill in for Ronnie but really play."

And Jeff was all like "Ooooooohh I see. OK. I'll play a few nights in September just to kill some time. You know how to signal me right?"

And then Mick, Keith and Charlie all said at once "Yes! The Beck Signal".

So if you are going to a show this fall and you look up into the sky and see a giant spot light shinning a Fender Statocaster up into the dark skies....

Well friends, lets just say you'll be in for a treat.

08-09-02 04:52 PM
Well friends, lets just say you'll be in for a treat.


Just glimpsing the magnificent moniker"Maxlugar" sent such chills down my spine that i simply HAD to respond.

To WHAT, i don't rightly know ; )

08-11-02 07:40 PM
Hi SwapWood . .

Of course Brian had lost most of his skills at his late time! How can you doubt this ? It is well known. Everybody knows that his last Stones sessione were a real mess !And I can tell you one more example. The than well known German regisseur Michael Leckebusch wanted to give Brian a chance to promote his new band in Beat Club.(very famous european TV music show.)He and his people had good contacts to the Stones camp and they went to London to speak to Brian and watch the proceedings. When they came back they were very down and said it wouldn't work cause Brian was in no shape to really play and perform. He had even lost his interest in playin guitar and was only fumbling around a bit. I know one or 2 books say other but those are ex-girlfriends talkin and well . . they don't know too much of the musical side.

I love Brian very much and was a big fan - but this is the truth.We don't know what would have happened later but in those days he was surly out of it.
Let's hope for Woody at the moment !
08-11-02 09:53 PM
mick&keith The utter mention, just the thought of Slash or Beck being in the World's Greatest Rock n Roll band makes me want to puke. Not okay at all for some fans!
08-12-02 02:18 AM
gotdablouse "Well friends, lets just say you'll be in for a treat"

Now if you mean that Jeff Beck will be playing with the Stones then I'll take everyting back about the absence of a new CD and will rush to by tickets !
I saw Jeff Beck in SF last year and he was absolutely STUNNING. Best guitar player I've ever seen, even Mick Taylor ! Tremedous musician, beautiful touch and tone. In fact Ronnie was originally brought in as a guitar player in the Jeff Beck Band (in '68) but was only to happy to switch to bass, when the bass player left, as he felt a bit ridiculous compared to Jeff...somethings never change !

Mick&Keith - In case you don't know, we're talking about JEFF Beck here, the very man who turned the Stones down in Roterdam in 1975 after he'd gotten depressed at watching Mick and Keith play 12 bar blues ditties all day long !
[Edited by gotdablouse]
08-12-02 06:02 AM
gypsymofo60 Anybody who's been part of an on again, off again rock group knows, rehearsals are designed to iron out the rough spots,scrape away the rust,a tune& service before hitting the road; it's all part& parcel of the game, if it was any other band, and people had access to these jam sessions it would be a case of "Oh yeah! It's getting there!" Of course it's gonna sound rusty,they always pull it off at the end of the day. They'll be fine, and the friction between the guys is just part of the overall dynamic that made these guys The greatest you know whats, etc, etc.......:"They're a bag of nerves on first nights".
08-12-02 04:02 PM
Maxlugar Yeah!

I really didn't have anything more to add to this.

I just hated seeing it hang on 99 replies.

An even 100!


Go Maxy!
08-12-02 04:26 PM
Joey "Mick, Keith and Charlie had a conference call with Mr. Beck a few weeks ago. (They put a Polycom speaker phone on Ronnie's head while he was passed out). "

Absolutely Precious ...........


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