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Palais Royale. Toronto - August 16, 2002
Everybody seems to be ready! Are you ready?
For the first time in three years, ladies and gentlemen THE ROLLING STONES!!!
Photo by J.P. Moczulski
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Topic: Some disturbing news from the inside Return to archive Page: 1 2 3 4
08-07-02 09:26 PM
TheSavageYoungXyzzy Oh Ronnie Ronnie Ronnie! I'm sitting here listening to Live And Eclectic and Baby Jesus is crying tears at you!


Ronnie's doing fine. Last night (and this is absolutely true), I dreamed I took Ronnie to Holland (don't ask - I didn't know that MT was hanging around there), and I smacked him around the first day, cleaned him up, and sent him back to the Stones in ten days, just in time for the tour.

I passed by Roseland Ballroom this afternoon and waved hallo. It looks as grimy as ever - might be a good place to try Exile.

None of these things have anything positively condemning or exonerating in regard to dear Mr. Ronnie's playing.

Neither has anything else said.

Ronnie is Ronnie - we shall let it rest there. Whether or not he is Ronnie from '76 or Ronnie from '99 remains to be seen. And it shall remain unseen for certain until September 3, 2002.

-tSYX --- Go Ronnie go go go! Ronnie be good!
08-07-02 09:29 PM
TheSavageYoungXyzzy Thank you, Miss U.! Now where's your site and the other sites where y'all are getting/posting your info! Grahhhgh!

Oh, and Joey - I don't think they want you parking cars at KMAX - your Chibaphonic serronsound experience may cause you to back things into other things - you'll still be happy, but they won't.

-tSYX --- Mister Gringo, My father, he ain't no oh sweet JESUS!
08-07-02 09:53 PM
Riffhard Hey Miss U and Andrew,
Both please do me a favor and slowly reread the posts in question.I stated that I'm only relaying info here.Andrew you can kiss my ass quite frankly.Miss U,Marty is not full of shit at all.On the contrary he has been a friend of Keith's for a good number of years now.Yes,I said friend.He also is only relaying info.However,he is relaying from people he has known personally for over 20 years.His sources are legit.I stated right up front that this could be a bit overstated,but as this is a Stones message board and some here might be intrested,I felt I should relay the story.I for one HOPE IT IS bullshit.

You two freaks seem to think I enjoy spreading false rumors.Nothing could be further from the truth.The simple fact is that I am in a rather unique position to hear reports/stories/allegations because of my job.I have related these stories which I hope are false,but I never the less feel that the sources are quite legit.If you don't good for you.

The second people start making personal attacks I draw the line.Andrew you have insulted me for simply giving some info that I don't like posting in the first place,but do so out our common intrest in the Stones.So again I say kiss my ass!


08-07-02 10:09 PM
TheSavageYoungXyzzy Hey Riffhard -

Don't worry what's said - keep posting what your friend tells ya - fact is, info is info, and I'd like to get all kinds of opinions so I can make my own when I hear them with all the prior information in hand.

Less argue, more Stones, guys!

Mickey T. Will not come back. End of story. No one's asked him, no one wants him. He's not a Stone anymore. He QUIT. As in, es el fin. Nada mas! Ronnie will have to deal on his own. And I don't think this is the last tour - these guys will tour until one of these last four drops dead. (My money, sadly enough, is on Ronnie, then Mick, then Charlie, then, by some miracle, Keith, who I think has one of those longevity genes that prolongs your life no matter what you do with yourself.)

So, for better or worse, we've got Ronnie. I've got Live And Eclectic here and am consoling myself with it. 'S a great album, no? And if Ronnie sounds like this, I'd be quite happy.

-tSYX --- We have one guarenteed protection against bioterrorism, and its name is Keith Richards.
08-08-02 12:26 AM
Ken Riff,
I have just one question that can help me draw
my own conclussions.

Are the techs you speak of actually working
for the Stones or are they guest's at the

Actually now that I think about it, this question
doesn't even matter. Because if they were working
for the Stones they wouldn't be saying this shit
or there asses would be fired.

So that leaves being a guest. And from what I
understand the guest don't even get to watch the reheasrals. They are all placed behind a curtain
for various reasons.

God, so you also believe that they are running
tapes of 99's rehearsals? So when the hell are
they practicing? Not to mention hardly any of
the songs are the same as 99.

This story has more holes then Swiss Cheese!

And I'd like to point out that you say
this DJ is ''friends'' with Keith. Well if
he were really a ''friend'' would he put
this information out there for all to read?

Riff, I'm not doubting what you were told,
But I think if you really thought about it
you wouldn't have posted it. The mere fact
that the songs don't match up from 99 to
this rehearsal is reason enough for me to
laugh at it.

Rest easy folks !

08-08-02 02:25 AM
Riffhard This will be my last response in this thread.I wish I had never posted it in the first place.

I thought about it a whole hell of alot before I shared it on the board.I simply shared a story that I have heard first hand from someone who has known the band for well over 20 years.He did not like hearing the shit anymore than I did.The fact is the folks that told him have known the Stones for longer than anyone on this board in a personal way,ie;they partied with them,they tuned their guitars,they drank with them,they stayed in the same hotels over the years together..........Get it?They know of what they speak!Could these guys be exagerating?Ab-so-fucking-lutly!Let's hope they are.Do I know their names?No.I could get them though,but I won't.I'm sure that my friend did not know that I would post this shit.More importantly,I'm damn sure his sources would not like it known they were shitting on the progress of the sessions in Toronto.
The fact is this.There are some very real concerns from some people that have been around the studio in Toronto during the last month.Are these concerns warranted?Who the fuck knows?Let's all hope not!

Again,I'm sorry I brought it up.I'm looking forward to a great tour and I think we will get one!Fuck-it-all!It's The Stones for God's sake!!

08-08-02 04:35 AM
swapwoodfortaylor Hey Riffhard...don't let the whiners get at you. They come across as the types who keep asking for a recount of the 'Sore Loserman' votes! You explicitly clarified the position in the original post. Possibly the best ever! If you hear any that up to. They don't have to keep reading stuff they find unpalatable....but they do!!
08-08-02 04:45 AM
F505 riffhard,

thx for sending the news. We should not be too surprised because Ronnie is playing for years on a low level. Maybe this will shake him up. That can be the good part of the message.
08-08-02 06:36 AM
bez85 what the hell do you guys expect..they haven't played together for three years, they are rehearsing alot of songs that they have never played live you really think these songs are going to click right from the get go? no way..they have to kick them into shape and i have no doubts that they will..keith is not going to embarrass (sp?) himself or the band, you fuckers get real..
08-08-02 07:35 AM
Maxlugar Riffy,

Don't let the ankle biters get you down.

Anyone with an IQ over 4 can understand you were just relaying info that someone that SHOULD have inside information gave you. You would have been remiss if you did not pass this along. Yes remiss! And you would have received a six-day ban from the board if apprehended.

If Ronnie had not been going down hill for years I would have been shocked.

I will never believe the story about playing old rehearsal tapes though. I'd imagine Charlie and Keith would lay down a rhythm for four hours alone before they did something like that.

We'll get more info over the next few weeks that will either prove or disprove this story, I'm sure.

But don't go after Riffy for posting it.

08-08-02 09:16 AM
gotdablouse First of all, Riffhard, thanks a lot for sharing. Ignore these armchair commentators who dont' have a clue.

I for one am not surprised at all at the current state of affairs. I saw Ronnie's performances nosedive ever since 1990. At the time he still seemed to hold his own, but man was he washed out in 95. Pathetic. 1997 and 1999 were even worse. So where do we go fom there ? Anything worse and they might jus as well unplug him.

At this point, I think it boils down to a business problem for the boys. Mick must really be kicking himself for being so generous in 1993/94 when he was made a full fledged partner. It's harder to kick him out now, although such a status didn't prevent the Eagles from canning Don Felder early last year.

Ron is really a dead weight at this point. I'd love to hear a tape of his solo concerts recorded early this year. Matthijs seems to think that they were atrocious !

If they bring in Jeff Beck (which they won't), I promise to buy tickets, even if there's no new album. I saw him last year and can play that thing, truly amazing
08-08-02 09:57 AM
scope Riffhard, I join the ranks of the people here who appreciate the sharing of information. Keep it up. I also have something I would like to add about the playing of tapes. Wasn't there a thread a while back that mentioned that because of the rollout of some of the relicks for this tour, the band was listening to the originals to get the feel for the tune? Maybe there's a bit of confusion between the band listening to a tune and trying to confuse the public.
08-08-02 10:04 AM
Mr T I said so before & I'll say it again - if rehearsals were in bad shape - they'd be working a lot harder AND sticking to songs that they know. Every night has been full of rarities, and I don't think the've rehearsed many songs for more than one night. - these rehearsals seem way too relaxed - if the Stones were stressing this, they'd be working twice as hard.

and riffhard is perfectly welcome to share information. As long as he doesn't try to insist that this is the absolute truth(that would be no different than spreading rumors) it's good to hear a variety in the reports we're getting - however nothing I see makes any sense out of us gettting nervous.

this tour can't suck, it's the Stones
08-08-02 10:09 AM
Maxlugar Good God Scope!

That's it!

I hadn't thought of that. They definately have to play the original first. Some of these songs have been totally forgotten by now (for them at least)

I'm sure that part was a total misunderstanding.

I bet they had a bad day and then were cranking the original to get the feel and someone was all like " Damn they sound like shit and now they are playing the origianl to fool everyone outside".

08-08-02 10:24 AM
parmeda Riff...

Don't ever have second thoughts or any regrets on what you've posted. You started something that you felt compelled to do...we all have, at one point or another. It may look as if one hand is outweighted by the other sometimes, but, who gives a rat's ass. We all have our own expectations on what we'd love to see and hear opening night.
I say, "Damn, to anyone that walks away not being satisfied for witnessing the 'best of the best'!" Has everyone forgotten that these men are just that, "men"...and can you imagine the enormous pressure that they must be under right now?

Riff, don't turn away are very much appreciated for sharing.
08-08-02 10:43 AM
T&A Riff:

Good job reporting this stuff. We all are trying to sort it out and make some sense of it. The playing back of the original song has been part of the process since at least the VL rehearsals - this was documented in detail as part of the Rolling Stone magazine expose in '94. This may - as some have pointed out - be a part of the confusion. Who knows?

One of the problems in trying to discount or corroborate your report is that I have yet to hear/see one first-hand account of the rehearsals that discusses in any detail what is actually being heard. Not one time have I heard something like - "When they rehearsed When the Whip Comes Down Ronnie didn't play the solo" ... or "...he played a killer solo that reminded you of the glory days of 78/81." Without some information shared like this from someone who knows the difference, we're all gonna have to take a wait and see approach until September 3.
08-08-02 11:14 AM
Ken Riff,
As I said I'm not doubting your source, I'm just not buying it based on what I've learned over the past couple of weeks.

However the part about running rehearsal tapes from 99 at the present rehearsal holds no credibility with me at all.

Therefore I question the whole story.

I'm not flaming you, as I am aware you are only passing along a story told to you buy someone in the 'know'

08-08-02 01:46 PM
bez85 what's wrong with playing a tape to remember how a song goes..even if it is a rehearsal tape. i think some of us are reading way too much into all of this, and who said it's ronnie making the band sound bad..what if it's keith..oh no, a whole set of keith bashers with his head..
08-08-02 01:48 PM
Martha Riffhard,

I don't know if this applies to you, but I seem to focus on the one or two people who diss me and ignore the many people who don't or who outright support me. I focus on the negative in other words and get defensive and wast my energy on that.

From all the posts in this thread it is apparent that you are far more supported for posting the info you have been given (and the way you so very carefully stated it) than dissed. So hang in there and keep us informed with what you learn.

Again I thank you for doing just that.

Try not to take the negative stuff personally!

You are loved and appreciated by many here.

Peace be with you my friend,
08-08-02 02:07 PM
Mother baby Press Bait.
08-08-02 04:11 PM
Boomhauer Testing avatar.....
08-08-02 05:00 PM
Miss U. >>>>I have yet to hear/see one first-hand account of the rehearsals that discusses in any detail what is actually being heard. Not one time have I heard something like - "When they rehearsed When the Whip Comes Down Ronnie didn't play the solo" <<<<<<

I have posted on my site briefly how I noticed they modified some songs from the usual standard version...the songs I've heard are mostly different from any other version I've heard, not that I have every boot out there.
08-08-02 05:59 PM
swapwoodfortaylor How can RW be 'going down hill'...he never got up one in the first place. Remember, (or choose to forget!), The Artwoods' in the 1960s. There's been no progress since then.
08-08-02 06:15 PM
T&A Miss U:

I'm not criticizing your reporting or others. I'm merely suggesting that if someone can specifically discern from the rehearsal hall what they hear coming out of (or not, as the case may be) Ronnie's guitar, we can lay to rest these rumors (or not, as the case may be). To say the songs sound different than other versions is interesting to note - but it does little to address the question at hand.

I'm not sure everybody who listens to the Stones necessarily can dissect what they hear in a song. The Stones - with their two-guitar weave orientation - consciously strive for an overall sound of the band (the total being greater than the sum of the parts theory). However, upon very close inspection one can usually detect who is playing (or not, as the case may be) what. THAT IS THE QUESTION! :0)
08-08-02 08:52 PM
sammy davis jr. the stones working hard?? Are you kidding? Thats why they got into the business in the first place.
08-08-02 09:34 PM
CousinCocaine To be honest, I'm very worried this time. And I've been lots of times with my Stones over all these years.

Some of you don't want to know - all the Stones are not in their prime anymore - but Woody is really going down for some years now. I saw a Wood solo show (his playin was terrible and I'm a musican myself) + a guy I know was invited to Ireland while the solo sessions went on. He knew Ron from before and he said he was in a real mess.He seemed to loose all his skills just like old Brian.

I had kind of hope when he went to rehab but now the Stones have big problems with him. Remember it's not the first time and for a band with the status of the Stones with such a big tour before them it's frightening !! These days nothing can be hidden away for long and imagine the world press when they just don't get it on by Sept.

They stood by Ronnie till the last moment but now he has to deliver.
08-08-02 10:13 PM
Mr T if it were a problem - then they'd go back to rehearsing songs they could easily nail. As long as their are doing 3-4 different rarities every night - I don't think we need to worry that they are having difficulties with songs

I don't have a whole lotta faith in Ronnie, but I have a lot of faith in the band for being able to rise to the challenge
08-09-02 12:45 AM
Miss U. Seems to me that alot of people in this thread who have little faith in Ronnie or want to "swap Wood for Taylor" are all to eager to believe this BS.


>>>>To say the songs sound different than other versions is interesting to note - but it does little to address the question at hand.<<<<

It does address the claim that the Stones are not really rehearsing, but just playing a tape, as posted above by someone else.
They are also playing the same song over several times, each a bit different from the last.
Also, as I have actually BEEN at the rehearsals, I know from experience that most of the time you have to strain to actually hear the music enough to make out what the song IS, let alone dissect which part is Ronnie's or Keith's. I've had to actually rest my ear against the door to hear clearly.

>>>I'm not sure everybody who listens to the Stones necessarily can dissect what they hear in a song. The Stones - with their two-guitar weave orientation - consciously strive for an overall sound of the band<<<

Very true, and I can say, that the "overall sound" is fantastic.

>>> (the total being greater than the sum of the parts theory).<<<


>>> However, upon very close inspection one can usually detect who is playing (or not, as the case may be) what. THAT IS THE QUESTION! :0)<<<

There are clearly 2 guitars playing, and it sounds great. Everyone I've spoken to at rehearsals who's heard it is impressed.
08-09-02 01:30 AM
T&A Miss U:

Thanks for your response. I'm confident that it will be a great tour, whatever Ronnie brings to the proceedings. A tour does not rest on his contributions. He's the #2 guitar dude after all.

We'll all find out what's what soon enough...
08-09-02 06:34 AM
swapwoodfortaylor COUSIN COCAINE....Brian did not lose his skills towards his end. This is the first criticism I have ever heard of his musical skills. I rate him as being the finest 'all round' pop mucisian from the '60s.

MISS U....The reports on RW may be right or wrong. I come from a position where I saw MT with The Stones at Birmingham Sept '73, shortly after the celebrated 'Brussels Affair', and then was horrified by RW's inability to contribute at Stafford May 1976. He seems to have been included in the band for social can't have been for his guitar skills. I sincerely wish the chap well but he has never added any quality to the Stones' output. I am not jumping on a bandwagon. My views have simply hardened over the past 26 years with ample evidence.
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