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Licks World Tour 2002 - 2003

Palais Royale. Toronto - August 16, 2002
Everybody seems to be ready! Are you ready?
For the first time in three years, ladies and gentlemen THE ROLLING STONES!!!
Photo by J.P. Moczulski
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Topic: Some disturbing news from the inside Return to archive Page: 1 2 3 4
08-07-02 11:28 AM
Mr T we can't forget option #6... TURN RONNIE'S AMP DOWN & JUST FILL UP THE STAGE WITH GUEST MUSICIANS AS OFTEN AS POSSIBLE. OK - so there's boud to be a few songs that just won't be able to get patched up, but there's always good possiblilty that Jeff Beck or somebody will guest & the night won't end without some great guitar work......
08-07-02 11:29 AM
Maxlugar Riffhard, is Mr. Marty the guy that is on Q104.3 in the late afternoons?

If that's him he is far from a Stonesafile.

This guy has played side four of Love You Live twice on the air and has gone on at length about how this is them at the El Mocambo and how great they sound in a small club.

He did that TWICE!

Can he not hear that the crowd is considerably larger than a club?

If that's him, he's stupid.

He will NOT be hired at 102.2 KMAX!

Maxlugar, CEO KMAX Rock Radio.
08-07-02 11:36 AM
Joey "He will NOT be hired at 102.2 KMAX!

Maxlugar, CEO KMAX Rock Radio. "

Can I have a job ???? I could park the cars !!!!

J Jo Joe , J Jo Joe , J Jo Joe , J Jo Joe

JJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJJoooooooooooooooooooeeeeeeeeeeey !

Damn , I's just hurt myself ( again ) !


08-07-02 11:40 AM
patioaintdry wasn't it Mick Taylor himself who observed how surprised he was that Stones sounded like absolute shit while rehearsing for Hyde Park or something like that? And the chemistry of the band kicks in suddenly and they are terrific?
08-07-02 11:41 AM
Honky Tonk Man I would rather have Ronnie mimeing to a cassette on stage, then see Taylor in his place!

08-07-02 11:44 AM
Maxlugar That's pretty sad Alex.
08-07-02 11:53 AM
Scot Rocks This a shit rumour and we can only hope to God that it is off the mark, even it is from good sources. Personally, I think that everyone knows how important the tour is and they are gonna get it right, Woody, if he is having some problems, well lets just hope that he can nail it the coming days and weeks. As it is a rumour the only thing that we can do is hope that everything goes ok, cos we all want Woody there and doing himself justice.

08-07-02 11:55 AM
jb Ehy the anger towards MT Alex? He is a fellow Englishman who single-handedly elevated the Stones into legends!
08-07-02 12:16 PM
Maxlugar Ronnies been mimming without the cassette player for the last three tours.

I expect more of him this time around.

Is it a crime to expect a big blowout bash on the 40th anniversary tour and thus great playing?

Is it a crime to want a killer set list played with killer guitars on this tour due to the lack of a new release to tour on?

Is it a crime to be disgusted at seeing the second guitar player playing but straining to hear what's coming out of it?

If it is, then LET ME BE GUILTY!

08-07-02 12:20 PM
Sir Stonesalot Hmmmmmm.

I'm not sure what to make of this.

Is Ronnie really too far gone? It is possible.

As a lot of you know, I have been a very vocal supporter of Ron's. He's such a cool guy, and when he's on, a hell of a guitar player.

But if Woody really IS a hollowed out shell of his former self...if he really has lost it...then he needs to "retire" for "health" reasons...a dignified way out.

There are about a billion gazillion guitar players out there who would give their left nut to play with Keef. The Stones could easily snag one of those guys up. And keep in mind that these songs are a staple of many guitar player's songbooks. A couple of weeks is all a really good player would need to start out. The rest would be learning on stage....a guitar players the basics go have some fun. It could loosen things up...and also make Keef play the rythmn monster again. But I really doubt that a replacement for Woody would be Lil' Mick. Too much water under the bridge, and a slap in Ronnie's face. Maybe a guest spot or two, but not a permenant just isn't gonna happen.

I still have confidence that Woody will get his act together. But if he can't, it's not the end of the world. The show will still go on.
08-07-02 12:20 PM
KeepRigid Oh my God!!!!

Are the Stones going to be able to play anymore?!!!

Can they still tour??!!!!!

You mean one of them has had some troubles with substance abuse?????!!!!

The Horror!!!!!

Oh, ye of little faith...
08-07-02 12:37 PM
2000monkey Personally I don't think Mick wants to be in a guitar band. He probably thinks all that wild soloing is passe. You'll notice when they came back from the great garage rock tour of 81-82 in 89 they were a different animal, with slicked up guitar-deemphasized arrangements. I think that has as much to do with Ronnie's smaller role than his drug problems. Keith does most of the work, hamming it up with riffs and solos and Ronnie just fills out the sound with little embellishments and the odd solo here and there such as on Tumbling Dice.
That's probably the way those two egomanicas want it and I imagine that's the way it will be this time around. Mick doesn't really want a guy up there firing off blindingly great solo runs taking the attention off him. It's his show. He doesn't want to be stuck in some 70's guitar rock time warp. Maybe Lenny could lend a
08-07-02 12:44 PM
Maxlugar I actually think it's not Mick at all.

Mick seems to like flash guitaring. Look at the guys he brings in on his solo stuff.

I think it's Keith who is against the whole lead guitar hero stuff.

How many times have we heard Mick yell "Ronnie!" when its time for the solo. It's like he's trying to wake him up to play something hot.

I think Mick loved having Taylor out there doing some tasty soloing.

Keith on the other hand........
08-07-02 01:10 PM
sandrew Maxy - You're absolutely right about Mick and "flashy" guitar players. Joe Satriani, anyone? He loved Mick Taylor's playing and probably misses it on some level. He basically said so in the '95 Jan Wenner interview - how he likes "melodic" guitarists and how there really isn't one in the band anymore.
08-07-02 01:19 PM
Maxlugar Boy, if only Mick picked up the phone in '83...

And called this guy!:


Look at him WAIL!!

Go MAXY! GO! Strangle that Guild!

Melodic Maxy! (Maxikins, C10)

08-07-02 01:20 PM
nankerphelge No way -- Mick couldn't have handled you getting all the chicks Max!
08-07-02 01:44 PM
Mr T well - anyway - I doubt they'll let this tour be bad - there will maybe be some rough spots - but there's amillion things they could do to cover it up:

like I said - fill up the place with guest musicians

3 song set with Mick Taylor

Mick & Keith playing a song (like on Prodigal Son on the Shelter DVD)

Do some acoustic songs that don't really require 2 guitar players...

Get Jagger to play guitar for 1 or 2 songs

that's 1/3 of the set they could easily have excuses to turn Ronnie's amp down - and that's not even going to extreme measures.

but I doubt they'll even need to do that. This is gonna be a great tour - and anyone who doesn't think so - just gimme your ticket:-D The only way to prove otherwise is to wait til September, only time will tell

and besides - there's A MILLION possible explanations of why they sounded off. I heard they had some great nights - so maybe they were having an off night because Mick was dusting off the guitar himself - we know he'll be playing on a few songs. Maybe HE'S the problem. For all we know - it coulda been MT doing the rusty playing! Or, it could just be bullshit or badly reported. All I know is, now is NOT the time to get nervous.

and another thing - if they were really seriously worried about how the band was sounding, you'd think they'd beef up on rehearsal time. They don't seem to be stressing this very much - and I can definitly picture Jagger bitching out people to come to practice 8 hours a day until they had it down perfectly
[Edited by Mr T]
08-07-02 02:08 PM
Riffhard OK,let's set the record straight here once and for all.

First of all Marty Martinez is not on 104.3 Maxy.You are refering to Scott Muney.Scottso is a fan of the Stones.I saw him at the PC.He is,however,much more of a Beatles fan.He is also a radio legend.He was right there with Murray the K.Muney has interviewed the Stones dozens of times over the last 35+ years.His REAL knowledge is certainly more limited than us hardcore fans though.So I could see him making a mistake about El Macambo.He's old as hell.

Now,Mr. Marty is also a NYC radio vet he used to work with Scott for many years at WNEW.Marty does know the Stones well.He would NOT spread rumors.He is only relating what he heard from some techs and enginers who have intimate knowledge of the Toronto sessions.Bear in mind,these guys are all in their late 40's and early to mid 50's.Some of them have worked with the band directly or indirectly since the early 70's.Marty told me that two of them told him personaly that there is a genuine concern in the inner circle about the state of the band.The stories about playing tapes from previous rehearsels was told to him by one of these guys.It is important to point out these stories are not of the "a friend of a friends brother told me" varity.They are accounts of the sessions from people that have been there in person.

As always there is room for a disclaimer here.It is VERY TRUE that in the past the Stones have fallen apart during rehersels leading up to a tour.This was certainly true of the sessions for the SW tour in '89.The Stones have been working up songs that are,to say the least,rare and in some cases have never been played live before.Again,I do not post this info because I want to stir up shit.Noone more than I hopes that this info is overstated.I'm just relating what was told to me.Would people rather me sit on this info if I truly beleive the source?I think not.So there it is.

Let's all hope they pull it together.I hope Woody blows us all away and that we get the best tour ever.More importantly I think we still just might!It's early yet.

Riffhard-Only the messenger
08-07-02 02:13 PM
Mr T well, if you say so riffhard - I won't argue that point. Let's just take comfort in the fact that there are plenty of explanations & they still have time to get it together - as they have in the past. These guys are too professional to let Ronnie ruin things on this tour
08-07-02 02:17 PM
nankerphelge Riffy you are doin' a hell of a job. Yer damn right you shouldn't sit on this. More importantly, while it's early, it ain't that early. Lotsa institutional knowldege in RW -- if they bring a new guy in last minute, you can bet it's gonna hurt. If they have even the slightest doubt, they need to face the reality, have a nice long chat with Ronnie and, as SS says, allow him a graceful and face-saving way out. And then figure out who in THE hell can do the job. And whether Keith likes it or not, Taylor sure as hell should be on any short list!!
08-07-02 02:28 PM
Maxlugar Riffy,

No it's not Scotzo. Shit everyone knows that old fart. I may hire him.

No this is a guy on late during drive time. I'll find out who it is.

Actually it doesn't matter......

Melodic Maxy!
08-07-02 02:43 PM
Joey Riffy ..............

You are doing one Hell of a job indeed --- Please , NEVER sit on anything and just throw it out there for all of us to snatch up and digest and then regurgitate .

I too have been hoping and praying that Ronnie does not pull an Entwistle . Yet , if The Who can replace the greatest player EVER to pick up the bass within a twelve hour time frame and carry on stronger than ever , then Mick Jagger and Keith Richards most definitely have a short list of substitute guitar players already drawn up with each individual's cell phone number highlighted and ready for " The Call " in case Ronnie visits Vegas for the weekend and starts to chase some pretty little young things who happen to look like Jo Howard circa 1983 .

" Help Me Ronnie "

Jo Jo

08-07-02 02:58 PM
Martha Riffie,

Thanks for posting this news, albeit it is depressing. It is appreciated that you are sharing it with us rather than sitting on it.

I know a few people who partied hard over the years and turned into fuckin' vegetables, ( at an even younger age than Ronnie) it can happen to anyone.

Since some of the people who post here actually got photos and atuographs of Woody's in Toronto recently do they have an opinion on his mental state and condition?

I would LOVE to see Mick Taylor play with the Stones..a once in a lifetime offense to Ronnie.
08-07-02 04:56 PM
Bjarke Come on guys, this rumor canīt be true. If it was, why the f..k would Mick and Keith start rehearsing old songs, rarely played before?? If anything, Ronnieīs play is likely a little rusty due to his time in rehab, but the "magic" will kick in once the tour starts.
Mick off all people in showbizz knows what it takes, so calm down, or get really exited!!
08-07-02 05:30 PM
Boomhauer These guys are pros, they'll take care of everything. Ron will be in good form, just as the same as all the others.
08-07-02 06:43 PM
Torn & Frayed
Maxlugar wrote:
No this is a guy on late during drive time. I'll find out who it is.

It's another NEW alum, Ken Dashow.
08-07-02 07:04 PM
Honky Tonk Man Maxy, im not sad in that senses. I feel sad alot of the time. But hell, i may of miss read this and made an idiot of myself. DOH!!

This whole Ronnie thing is a joke. He is my favourite. I most likely think this because i saw him live and not Keith.

jb, are you looking for trouble again? When did i indicate i was angry with Mr T? I couldnt careless if he was a fellow Englishman. We are all the same here. Nationality has nothing to do with the way i feel about people.

Wew take it all so seriously. Do you think anyone else outside these boards will give a rats ass how well Ronnie plays? NOPE


08-07-02 07:38 PM
Mr T he meant MT as in Mick Taylor - not me....

and about this whole Ronnie thing - yeah, I'd rather see him be replaced by Taylor - but everything will wor itself out for better or worse - IT'S THE STONES - REMEMBER?
08-07-02 07:47 PM
Fuc*ing Andrew Playing rehearsals from previous tours? Now I know you and your source are full of shit. I used to think you were a load of shit. Then I read your post. Now I know you're a load of shit. Hey Andrew, a fuckin' Andrew.
08-07-02 09:25 PM
Miss U. Hey---> you're "friend" "Marty" is full of shit!!

I've heard the rehearsals, it ain't no tape, and they sound ABSOLUTELY AMAZING!!

Better than I've heard them in a long time! And their choice of songs alone is enough to put a smile on your face.

Why all the negativity? Seems like people are real anxious to jump on Ronnie.

I can tell you, Woody is getting his act together...drinking Ginger Ale. He is not coming out of rehearsals wasted.
Most of them are leaving rehearsals with a big smile on their face.
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