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Licks World Tour 2002 - 2003

Palais Royale. Toronto - August 16, 2002
Everybody seems to be ready! Are you ready?
For the first time in three years, ladies and gentlemen THE ROLLING STONES!!!
Photo by J.P. Moczulski
[Ch1: Sike-ay-delic 60's] [Random Sike-ay-delia] [Ch3: British Invasion]



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Topic: A show that makes it... Return to archive
07-30-02 10:00 AM
Sportinī Ed
Well, another tour with a manic final of SMU, JJF, HTW, BS, ICGNS is just gonna be a punch in the air and will miss any target, I mean donīt bother what the common radio listener want here of the Stones, these are great songs but too much repetition has burnt out the juice in them ...let them rest this time. In fact their production is so rich so why not take the oppurtunity and show the depth and the aristry in there, now the Stones are excillent songwriters (still are) and can also hold together a great musisianship ...there is so many great songs. . Have a look at this...

1) Turd on the run - a mother of an opener, Keith walks on stage playing the opening groove on the tele Mick just walks in from the side playing a bit of harp and starts singing the first vers together with Keith only, than Charlieīs smashing in on "I lost a lot of love..." The rest of the band joins in, Mick harp soloing in the end.
2) 19th nervous brekdown - a real tight verson of it follows up ( Have you seen your mother baby could also work fine here)
3) She was hot - Good time rockīn roll and a beautiful tune " New York was cold and damp..."
4) Heart for sale- Boys cooling off a bit with this blood deep blues groove
5) One hit to the body - Ronnie starts with acoustic and Keith blows up the stadium with the opening riff, Micks runs around spasticly and sings this sex & drugs decadence rocker ( Hand of fate is a fine alternate )
6) Time waits by noone - The boys shoocks with this piece, a long version is performed were Ronnie prooves heīs back in the end
7) Canīt you here me knocking - another shook, boys jamming in the end togeter with the horn section.
8) Coming down again - Keith sings mostly on this one, Mickīs joining in time to time ( Winter could also work here )
9) All about you - Keith says hello to the crowd and sings sweetly a jazzy version of this, Mickīs still on stage and sings together in harmony on the chorus.
10) Lady Jane - Mickīs dressed in a satin coat performs this Majesteticly or should I say Sir Mick?

Here starts a section never done before, some mellow tunes are performed with a fiddle player introduded on stage ( how bout Martin Fay from the chieftains ) giving it a fine mature feel to it.

11) Always suffering - one of Charlies favourites starts this section Boys singing great in harmony together. Mick singing honestly this song about true love. ( Blinded by love is a fine substitute )
12) New faces - a beautiful folk tune that breaks any heart ( She a rainbow to alter with )
13) Heaven - like a mystic hymn or a psalm this one echos out, performed with some dazzling synth effects takes this one far out "oooooh senses be praised..." ( in fact Moonlight mile could be a substitute )
14) As tears go by - another surprise and a climax of the show. Great violin fills here. This is the part were the audience ...falls in love

15) Get off of my cloud - Crowds jumping and singing along.
16) Little red rooster - Back to the roots ( or why not The storm, Mannish boy or Ventilator blues)
17) High and dry - A bluegrass kind of version of this great tune and puts a smile on every face.
18) I just wanna make love to you - Keith and Ronnie rocking on the left wing and Mickīs running about. A tree minuites rocking version of this sets up the spirit for the final...

19) All down the line - After a short break the boys kicks this one in. Full power to the boys. Weīre getting close to the flashpoint now...
20) Play with fire - Boys knocks out the audience by doing something unexpected and performs one of there finest and most sensitive ballads, must I say that the crowd will sing along on the chorus. After the last chord has rang out Mick majesteticly takes a deep bow and turns around and the boys leave the stage and the crowd in a state of ...vibrating magic!
21) Street fighting man - After four and a half minutes break Keith opens this one with Charlieīs bassdrum sounding like an earthquake and guitars like canons shooting fire. Towards the end when Mickīs throwing the cains of water on crowd there is a smell of revolution and for a moment it captures the essene that gave birth to this era ...or as Mick once put it "a show that makes it, I mean really makes it, makes it all the way, is a show that creates madness..."

God bless you guys and good luck!

07-30-02 10:23 AM
Jumacfly Ed

where can i find Tix for this show?!!
very nice post!

07-30-02 11:50 AM
MidnightRambler Indeed I like your list but you mentioned something about all the big hits that should be given a rest this time (SMU; IORR; ICGNS; BS...)

But I don't think that really is going to happen because I'm sure a lot of fans who got tickets for some of the big shows like the stadium or arena shows, KNOW that this is their 40th anniversary...and are EXPECTING to hear those songs...rather than the other great ones you mentioned.

The stadium shows are probably for the mass public, then it filters down when you get to arena for the semi-hardcore group, then the club show is for the 100% hardcore-Stoner.

If anything...they should've gotten rid of ALL the big hits for the No Security Tour. That tour should've been PURE hidden gems. They should have given all their "Hot Rocks" tunes a break THEN, and bring them back this year.

Don't get me wrong, I wish they would either take out their "Hot Rocks" songs...or at least try to re-design it so they can, like you said: "re-juice" these great classics...

Hey, Keith! Give us a call! We have a couple suggestions about the set list!
07-30-02 11:44 PM
Prodigal Son Indeed. Turd on the Run needs to be done. That song is just one of the most exciting fast blues they ever did, baby. So why not. Hope they do it.
08-03-02 10:39 AM
NewGuyInTown Thatīs my kind of Stones!

People seem to forget the reason why the Stones kept going on for so long, ( of course Mick knows how to run the business ) but above all itīs the SONGWRITING. As true artists they constantly write songs, and their creative ability has been fruitful over the years. There are so many bands from the 60īs and 70īs that just donīt get it together anymore. But the Stones are more than a rockbusiness they are artists.

Now a Stones album might not top the charts ( which doesnīt mean the songs are poor ), the Stones write songs for living spirits not for the masses, but any lover of rock music with a bit of a taste knows that you can pick great songs from each record and THAT impresses and gives the Stones their status. There might just be a handful of other artists in this category, Bob Dylan and a few more.

To me a great proof was the release of Steel Wheels which contains songs that up to these days are great, Hearts for sale, Blinded by love, Almost hear you sigh, Continental drift ( a masters piece ).

As for the last tours it seems that they havenīt made enough effort to delve in the treasure trove of songs, not enough time or just comfort might be the reasons for that. So let this 40 years anniversary tour be an homage to their songwriting! The songs themself will hold up the show.

Indeed I like your list and what Iīve heard so far from the rehersals, itīs looking fine!

Hey Ed, letīs go out sportinīand bailinī after the show.
08-10-02 07:39 AM
Sportinī Ed Youīre welcome! Iīve been sportinī up and down the westcoast of Ireland lately and heading on for gay Paris next week, anyway I just thought a little about the fellows backing up the Stones this time. Chuck Lavell, real good player but I think itīs just time for someone new. I always thought Billy Preston and Ollie Brown made a good job on it givin it a loosive feel. Whereīs Billy these days? He was a good singer ...and dancer. And the backing singers Lisa and that guy, I donīt know... In fact the best tours have had no backing singers at all, I think Keith is a great harmonic singer He should sing more. Bobby Keys on sax ofcourse or Ernie Watts if heīs still alive. Well it seems like a lot of great musisians who worked with the Stones have fell off the wagon somewere down the road, the Stones themself are the survivers.
08-10-02 10:42 AM
Boomhauer You know, I would like the STones to play a lot of obscure songs too, but those songs that they play most of the time are fucking classics! What in the fuck are you hoping for, a miracle? You don't think they are going to play Start Me Up or Honky Tonk Women? I love those songs and I want to hear them.

08-10-02 11:21 AM
MRD8 I always have to chuckle when I read this kind of can tell how much you have dreamt of this because of the explanation that goes with each looks like a real labour of love! But the reality is that there are very few Stones fans that go to their concerts that would want to see/hear more than five of those songs in any one show! The Stones are an enigma because their albums don't sell well but their concerts sell like hot cakes! That is because the average fan who goes to see them every few years wants to hear the Hot Rocks songs that they hear everyday on the radio and live every four years or so...95% of Stones fans could care less about a new album or even a new song! If the Stones were a fan friendly band like say David Bowie then they might have a few fan only gigs where they'd play all or most of these...but they are probably THE least fan friendly band out there! They had an opportunity to prove it on this last major tour and they have blown it with their greedy fan club deal and the dwal with Scam Goody!

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