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Topic: HA HA, What Keith thinks! Return to archive
08-06-02 06:25 PM
Honky Tonk Man This is taken from the Sun Newspaper.

Guitar legend Keith Richards says fellow Rolling Stone Mick Jagger has joined a brigade of ass kissers by accepting a Knighthood. Keef says: "Mick made out the whole thing was been foisted on him. It throws him into the same bin as Sir Paul McCartney and Elton John. It's a paltry honour and proof he's joining the brown-noses. Mick won't mind me saying that, he's got the skin of a rhinocerous. I know, i've seen it!

Well Done Keith!

08-06-02 07:26 PM
Scottfree Now that my friends is humor!
08-06-02 07:33 PM
Scot Rocks LOL

Great stuff,

Keef is the King of R & R, no crappy establishment titles for him.

Long Live King Keef!!!!!!!!!!

08-06-02 07:39 PM
Saint Sway awesome!

I've been waiting for Keef to voice his 2 cents on this whole knighthood crap

and its exactly the kind of classic no-holds barred Keef quote that I expected

08-06-02 08:00 PM
Mother baby I'll bet Keith never said that.....

Source please.
[Edited by Mother baby]
08-06-02 08:16 PM
Honky Tonk Man It does not state the actual source, but for fucks sake, does it matter?

It was in Domonic Mohans column. Hes pretty much on the ball.

Why so defensive?

Get a sense of humour and lighten up!

[Edited by Honky Tonk Man]
08-06-02 11:12 PM
Riffhard That is a true quote.It's in the latest issue of Blender.Keef also say's after listening to the first two cuts of GITD."It should be called dogshit in the doorway.He's not very good without me is he?"
Classic Keith!

08-06-02 11:22 PM
gypsy Keith is the man! He's the only one that can talk shit about Mick publicly and get away with it.
08-07-02 12:02 AM
VoodooChileInWOnderl From the BBC

Wrinkly rocker Keith Richards has decided to have a dig at fellow Rolling Stone Mick Jagger's solo album 'Goddess In The Doorway'. Is this the end of a beautiful relationship?

The Stones have had a feud or two in the past, but this seems to be a little below the belt. Keith Richards told the Mirror: "He's not very good without me, is he?" and when asked about Mick's coming knighthood he commented: "It's a paltry honour. He's joining the brown-noses. I said 'Hold out for the lordship'."

The wild men of rock are starting a new world tour in the US this September. Is this going to be full of cat scratching antics? Come on lads, why don't you just kiss and make up. Actually, thinking about it, give the kiss a miss. Ew!
08-07-02 11:06 AM
Honky Tonk Man Ahhh, this is why we love the Stones!
08-08-02 05:35 PM
lucasd4 And just what has Keith done for us lately?? Not one proper solo album in nearly ten years...not one riff worthy of classic status since "Start Me Up" which he wrote 25 years ago...boring, repetitive, drawn-out ballads like "Thief in the Night, How Can I Stop..." No great Keith sung outlaw anthems since "Little T & A"...coasting/barely playing with his live guitar playing since the SOME GIRLS tour at least....and one more boring, drawn out ballad from him on the new greatest hits collection....the only thing he's great at anymore is running his mouth and criticizing everyone else
08-08-02 05:41 PM
TheSavageYoungXyzzy "How Can I Stop" is one of the best Stones songs in years.

So shut 'yo mouf.

Keef has so done a solo album in these last ten years - "Wingless Angels", anyone?

Yes, Keith's been writing too many ballads for my tastes lately. But I'm not going to tell Keith fecking Richards how to write his music. And if he wants to badmouth people - I'll believe him, because no matter what he has and hasn't written in these last ten years, he has good tastes and knows *how* to write a great song. Remember, Keith's first wonderful full song? A ballad, let you remember - "You Got The Silver".

-tSYX --- Yeah! Yeah! That's a big surprise!
08-08-02 06:36 PM
stonedinaustralia yes xyzzy i would count wingless angels and its one of the best things keith ever did for us (imho)

as for too many ballads and your comments re good taste and knowing how to write songs (and i agree he does have those things) but, and here allow me to draw your attention to the epigraph in greenfield's STP book - a quote of herman hesse in "steppenwolf" which i think is right on something we could all do well to keep in mind:

"Music does not depend on being right, on having good taste and education and all that"

"Indeed, then what does it depend on?"

"On making well and as much as possible and with all the intensity of which one is capable. That is the point"

as i said recently poeple should stop expecting him to be pumping out stuff like he's still 28 years old...christ he's done all that and better than anybody (and i mean anybody) else

if ballads or reggae or whatever he wants to do is what he wants to do then great as long as that's where his heart is at and i've never doubted that from him
08-08-02 08:11 PM
swapwoodfortaylor He did 'Highwire' and 'You got Me Rockin' since 'Start Me Up'.
08-08-02 08:46 PM
Mother baby [quote]Mother baby wrote:
"I'll bet Keith never said that....."

Okay so I was wrong....oh well.

[Edited by Mother baby]
08-08-02 08:51 PM
steel driving hammer Good reading here.

Everybody agrees, no blows...

But yes Mick should of Shoved It Back On The Shelf.

Don't give Mick no Gossip collum either,

Just give Mick what he does best, The Stones.

I think the History of The Rolling Stones mean UHeal of alot to Mick.

Mick it's easier down the road less travelled to your final desination.

But still it's Mick were talking about, and he don't owe me nothang.

But sheeeeet, Mick could join the African Jungle and I'd 'still' praise him.

Folks, " T H E " tour is just days away!

Hope Mick breaks out the 1969 American Top Hat.

Steel Driving Rolling Stones Hammer, like John Henry's,

uh, will never stop.
08-08-02 09:00 PM
CousinCocaine I'm soo glad at least Keith is still a real Stone and you can rely on him! I had my doubts lately.

This knighthood was so embarrassing to me considering their history.
08-08-02 09:47 PM
CousinCocaine wrote:

I understand why alot of fans feel that way. But I think if one looks at it in terms of conquest rather than surrender it makes more sense.

And we didn't lose Vietnam! It was a tie!

-tSYX --- Well I know your name is Ronnie, and own a big dog farm-ie...

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