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Topic: Mick Jagger Declines To Meet Jerry's New Beau Return to archive
08-06-02 03:45 PM
sandrew Copyright 2002 The Press Association Limited
Press Association


Anthony Barnes, Showbusiness Editor, PA News

Model Jerry Hall has revealed her ex Mick Jagger has refused to meet her latest boyfriend.

And in a swipe at the Rolling Stones star, she said it was "a helluva change" to be treated with generosity by new love Tim Attias. In an interview with Tatler magazine the Texan beauty, now increasingly absorbed in her acting commitments, said it was too soon to talk about marrying her latest beau after a year-long romance.

She met the financier in London when a friend brought him round to her house and had dinner together after he saw her appear in The Vagina Monologues. Now they are on the same Open University degree course.

Although she has met Tim's parents, he has not yet met the partner with whom she had four children, Jagger, and may never.

"He would like to but Mick doesn't want it to happen. He's a bit old-fashioned like that," she said.

She stayed silent when asked if Jagger was jealous.

Jagger has a long-standing reputation for being prudent with his money, but Hall said her new partner was far more free with his cash - and "normal".

"To be treated nice and kind and generous, it makes a helluva change," she said. "While we were on holiday in France, Tim and I would go shopping every day after lunch and he would buy me a dresses. How much does a girl like that?

"And it's great to be with someone who is emotionally healthy and normal."

Hall said she was glad to be out of the "unhealthy" relationship with Jagger which ended after the rock star got Brazilian model Luciana Morad pregnant.

"Life is very good now," she said.
08-06-02 04:30 PM
jb Yea, I rather live a normal life after being a parasite for 20 yrs !!!!
08-06-02 07:28 PM
Scot Rocks Yeah I read that story in the Daily Retard tonight as well, but who really cares if that guy meets Mick or not as usual, the real story of the UK press was too try and spin the story about frugal Mick or something else negative.

08-07-02 07:36 PM
Jaxx evening standard's version of the Tatler STory

Jerry: Jagger can't accept my new man

by Luke Leitch, Arts Reporter
For the 24 years he was with Jerry Hall, Mick Jagger's philandering was legendary.

But after their split, the singer seems to be finding it difficult to accept there is another man in the Texan model's life and he has refused to meet her beau, millionaire banker Tim Attias.

Hall, 46, reveals Sir Mick has an aversion to meeting the new man in her life - even if Mr Attias is more than happy to meet him.

"He would like to," says Hall in an interview with Tatler magazine, "but Mick doesn't want it to happen. He's a bit old-fashioned like that."

When asked if Sir Mick might be jealous, Tatler reports that Hall "merely arches one eyebrow ... her silence speaks volumes".

In her extensive interview with the society magazine, Hall says that since the annulment of their marriage two years ago she and Sir Mick now "live separate lives".

"I had an unhealthy relationship and I am glad to be out of it. Life is very good now.

"I adore Mick but our relationship became bad for both of us. I have to accept my share of the blame for things going wrong. I am great friends with Mick and he will always be the father of my children and he's good at that when he's around. But I have moved on and I feel so lucky."

The couple formerly lived together with their four children in Richmond but she says he now has a flat in Paris. "When I go away he sometimes stays next door to be with the children but we don't stay in the house at the same time."

Sir Mick, she adds, is "touring for the next two years and when he comes back he's not going to live in the house. He'll either get his own place or I might move."

Hall met 35-year-old Mr Attias in that same Richmond house when he visited with a mutual friend but sparks first flew when he watched her perform in Eve Ensler's show The Vagina Monologues.

"We went out to dinner afterwards and discovered we have a lot in common," she says. "We adore each other but are taking everything kind of slow because I have come out of a very long relationship that was quite dysfunctional. I have a need to sit out a bit before I jump in seriously. I don't want to say too much about Tim as it is not easy for anyone suddenly to find themselves the centre of press attention."

However, it is clearly more than a flash-in-the-pan relationship. Hall has even met Mr Attias's "charming" parents but insists there is no suggestion of a wedding - yet. "Hey, it's way too early. I'm not rushed to do anything."

Although they have enjoyed a holiday in the French West Indies, Mr Attias is equally willing to accompany Hall on her less exotic appointments - and has even joined her Open University course in humanities. "It's not exactly glamorous," Hall says. "We go to classes at the Twickenham Learning Centre every three weeks."

What makes Mr Attias so appealing? "To be treated nice makes a helluva change," Hall says. "While we were on holiday in France Tim and I would go shopping every day after lunch and he would buy me a dress. How much does a girl like that? And it's great to be with someone who is emotionally healthy and normal."

Despite any lasting bitterness over the end of their famous marriage, Hall insists she was thrilled when her ex-husband was knighted, saying: "It was long overdue. He has made such a contribution to music."

But she doesn't covet the Lady Jagger title, stressing she's more than happy to be plain Ms Hall.

"Yes I can make a joke and say I could have been a Lady," she says, "but I don't wish I was married to him now."

08-07-02 08:30 PM
gypsy Good for Jerry! I hope she has found true love with this man. She put up with a lot of crap from Mick, because she loved him, and probably believed that he would stop his philandering. But, they never do. Sometimes, it takes a long time for a woman to realize that she can't change a man.
08-07-02 08:48 PM
Gazza >Sir Mick, she adds, is "touring for the next two years

Wait...TWO years???????????????? Woo-hoooooo!!

Maybe Mick doesnt like the guy cos hes got even more money than HE has. ....

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