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Topic: Attn Guitarists: SFTD Ya-Ya's question Return to archive
08-06-02 10:33 AM
patioaintdry This is an irritating question. Can any of you guitar players point me in the right direction chord/fret-wise to play the Keith lead and solo parts for SFTD off of Ya-Ya's? I've only been playing for 4 mos. and remain quite the novice. Thanks.
08-06-02 11:04 AM
sandrew Well, it's all based on the E-D-A-E chord progression. Keith never makes much of an effort to "blow through the changes" with his solos. On that recording, he starts low - in the 5th position - and plays those great first bars on the A and D strings. Then he shifts up to the 12th position and basically plays around with his Chuck Berry double-stop riffs. One of his best and most memorable solos...

The second solo - Mick Taylor's - is astoundingly good. With his trademark fluidity, Taylor starts by playing the "major" notes, probably in the 9th position. Then he switches into a more bluesy, pentatonic-based feel, in the 12th position. The part where Watts comes off the cymbals and starts riding the high hat, and Taylor is hanging on that circular little Claptonesque riff - that is wicked! Pure magic.

08-06-02 11:21 AM
Maxlugar That solo Taylor does is indeed fluid and astounding.

Have you ever seen the poem I penned about Mick Taylor's fingers?


Here it is:

Mick Taylor's Fingers:

They make me quiver
When they deliver
I cry a River
With my gin Soaked liver
Whilst the notes, they slink and slither

-- Maxlugar, date unknown

Pretty good, huh?


08-06-02 11:24 AM
patioaintdry Very helpful. Thanks, SAndrew. My double-stops need work, but I am getting comfortable with the blues pentatonic. Jamming with a friend gets a bit redundant doing the E-D-A rhythym so this will definitely add to the fun.
08-06-02 02:42 PM
sandrew Playing Stones music on the guitar is like sex - it's fine when you're alone, but even better with a partner. I've always thought the intro to "Off the Hook" is a brilliant example of the Keith/Brian weave. Not much talked about, but it's one of my favorites.
08-06-02 03:12 PM
patioaintdry Agreed! "What A Shame" is also an overlooked gem.

Not to bore other folks SAndrew, but would you happen to be familiar with the guitar work on Little T&A? Tabs i've pulled off the web seem to sound incorrect -- and observing Keith's playing in both the LSTNT and Hampton 81 videos, he's barre'ing a lot but I cannot clearly distinguish the chords/position. In the case of Hampton, it's the 67th generation copy i have.
08-06-02 03:29 PM
sandrew Patio - I think he plays T&A in open-G, but it's easy enough to play in standard tuning. You can start the lick by picking out, in the shape of an F chord, the following notes: F-A-C. Then slide up to a D power chord.

During the verse, Keith comps in the 5th position on C and F/C (the "Start Me Up" chords). The chorus is: Bb, then Bb with an A bass note, then a slight variation of the F-D intro, then A, then the Bb thing again.

I don't know how clear this is in prose, but it should help.
[Edited by sandrew]
08-06-02 03:59 PM
Stonesmillenium2001 Keith uses a Dan Armstrong clearbody guitar and Mick Taylor uses a Gibson SG with vibrato bar.
08-06-02 05:24 PM
patioaintdry sAndrew - it's a helluva lot better than i've been doing and mmakes sense. thanks again for all of your help.
08-07-02 05:27 AM
Mathijs Little T&A is played in standard tuning, not open G. The intro is a power chord progression of seconds, starting from A at the second fret (A and D string, A string open) to the power chord of D. Thus: A, B, C, D. Chorus is Bflat-F and Dm-A, verses are C - Csus4. The track is easy to play, except for (take a look at the LSTNT movie) the Berry riffs Keith throws in, which are D-bends in the A position. Those are typically keith and hard to copy. For the real Keith sound, use a Mesa/Boogie 300 series head or a Mark 3 combo or head, use channel 2 and set the band-EQ on compression. And use a 1973 Fender Telecaster Custom with Schaller bridge of course...

There's more info on keith's guitar on my web site:


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