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Topic: Mr Woods, best live performances with the Stones? Return to archive
08-05-02 05:34 PM
Scottfree What songs, what years, you get the picture, I'm trying to figure out all the discourse about Ron? Yes he frustrates me cause he dicks around so much (albeit I love the guy in another sense for doing so), however, for me in 1981-82 he mixed extremley well w/Keef mainly on tracks, Just my Imagination, Under My Thumb, Beast of Burden, Let me Go, Negro Limo. Your thoughts?
08-05-02 06:16 PM
T&A '75 - you name it. He saved Keith's ass the whole tour.

'78 - you name it. He played lead like a man possessed.

'81 - his role is already beginning to fade. Black Limo, Whip, Neighbours, Beast and LIB are night-in-and-out Woody highlights.

'89 - '99 - where is Woody? Nice wah-wah work on OOC...but for the most part his role is reduced to sideman.

08-05-02 08:30 PM
nankerphelge I was listening to Love You Love tonight -- he was amazing. And I'm addicted to '78, their finest hour in my mind.

I give him some credit on '94-'95 -- I think it was a period of lucidity for him -- I hope he gets the opportunity to show what he can do - from the rehearsals so far, they could really showcase some of his abilities if he is up to the task (he said it was wicked!). The '78 rehearsals of Prodigal Son with Ronnie eating the slide up is just too damn hot. And weren't we all reading an interview when Not for Beginners came out that he just got a new pedal steel that he was putting together. Or was I dreaming about that -- give Ronnie some string instruments and let him go. They so cut out his Weissenborgenborden Koa wood twangy-ass thing in St. Louis's Corinna it was a crime -- he fucking nailed it on the PPV and its MISSING on NS.

I listened to Crackin' Up tonite and man did Ronnie just dig around in there or what.

Hope he's up to it -- we'd love to hear it.

08-05-02 10:51 PM
TheSavageYoungXyzzy Ronnie is our Savior on Love You Live. Mick's miserable singing through "If You Can't Rock Me/Get Off My Cloud" is saved by the blistering chord-crunching fingers of the Savage Young Ronnie. I like the version of "Jack Flash" on Love You better than on Ya-Ya's. Faster, more menacing. It ain't no blues, it ain't no disco, it's only rock'n'roll, and Ronnie owns it!

Of course, no one will forget Ronnie's coup-de-grace, the one performance that destroyed all question of his credibility -

"Can't You Hear Me Knocking", The FleetCenter, September 3, 2002! Whooo! Whooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

-tSYX --- Well it's sure been a cold, cold winter, and Keith's been draggin' Ronnie cross the ground, and Mick's lyrics have all been brown and fallow, and Brian Jones is six feet underground... And I wish I'd been out in the Orpheum, when the light for Micky Taylor got put out...
08-06-02 02:45 AM
Prodigal Son lol, Savage Young. Indeed Ronnie really rescued the boring efforts done on Love You Live. gosh, sure do hope poor Woody gets back into a prominent role as a pivotal member with something to show for everyone to marvel at.
08-06-02 05:21 AM
stonedinaustralia well i must admit i haven't heard a great many outside the offical live releases, but there are two that always come to my mind -

first, one most would know, his guitar break in YCAGWYW from Love You Live

the other from a '75 boot i have on vinyl entitled "who went to church this sunday" - the live version of "wild horses" -quite brilliant all round and a fantastic "electrical" interpretation of what is essentially an acoustic song (on SF anyway) and notwithstanding a duff chord change from keith - ronnies break in this is beyond description - admittedly i think he uses some kind of "phase" effects pedal or something but it really is out of it and he shows, when it comes to imagination, preparedness to take a risk and sheer emotion, that he leaves mr. taylor (for all his fine technique, vibrato and fat gibson sound) deep in the shade

[Edited by stonedinaustralia]
08-06-02 05:54 AM
Jumacfly Well, i got "LA Forum 75", and i must admit I love that kind of guitar mess....Ronnie turned our Stones into a
rough guitar band.
no more clean solos, just more energy!!
the way he plays with Keith, those two rough riffers twins, his great solo on YCAGWYW...well, i love this sound.
Ronnie is not the best guitar player, but he gave the boys a very specific sound, till 82.

....but, you know, time waits for no one.
Now Ronnie is more a phantom than anything else..his game was actually pathetic during the two last tours.
You can t hear him in a stadium for example.
he looks like is not plugged.
I think the way jagger wants to play the songs (closer than the original, so cleaner of course)deserves Ronnie.and i agree with you, he became a sidemen , more than a Stone. Nowadays, Chuck Elton has taken his place in the "orchestra".

so, a solution??
yes, give him another chance...he must play louder, must be involved by Mick and Keith.
We don t want Ronnie only as a slideman on tumbling dice, we want him as a a real STONE MEMBER.

Cheers, DDay-30

08-06-02 06:02 AM
beer Well, my friends, i dunno, but i can absolutely recomend the STRIPPED video. Ronnie kicks ass in it. An incredible version of Gimme Shelter, Love In Vain and Dead Flowers.
Somebody's gotta agree that Ronnie tears it up in that video?!?

08-06-02 07:59 AM
Jumacfly :

Now Ronnie is more a phantom than anything else...

Nowadays, Chuck Elton has taken his place in the "orchestra".

so, a solution??
...he must play louder, must be involved by Mick and Keith.
We don t want Ronnie only as a slideman on tumbling dice

Cheers, DDay-30

well,"preach it brother", i'm with you all the way...

and the solution to all of this is not to get rid of the sidemen/women (or the slideman) but to keep them in their place i.e. on the side!!(although it almost goes without saying Chuck has got to go!)

& kind of on topic yet referring to another thread re CYHMK, stop expecting k to play like a coked-up 28 year old anymore 'cos he ain't one... & the opening riff to CYHMK is pure Chuck Berry (its just amped -up robert johnson)- well maybe not so pure but that brings me back to the coke again-& he can still play it better than anyone breathing, he wrote the f$%er for chrissakes...

more, unfortunately, we'll probably never hear k's back up vox again. the deepest loss/disappointment i felt when i saw them live for the first and (so far) only time was that i never heard him do that live ('tho he did two tunes lead)... he can still do a lead vocal no problem (the best in the buisiness...rollover tom waits) but those everly brothers style " harmonies" are gone... sad but true...

anyway, getting back to ronnie being a phantom, you're right ju, he needs to take control of his sound and his role... just like he did circa SG he should be the (and you'll excuse the expression) "go - between" betweeb m & k not chuck (stu must be rollin' in his proverbial sometimes) a way this what this upcoming tour is all about...maybe the last roll of the dice (where have you heard that before?), they really do want to get it right. Outside the hard core, their reputation and legacy are at stake... can they pull it off?? i expect so & i hope so & ronnie has to carry his share of the weight

the saddest thing to contemplate is that ronnie doesn't care anymore and would rather be painting or riding his bike

but we've aired all this before & we must keep in mind, all yer love's in vain (apologies to max for loading post with song title're right M. it's not good)

08-06-02 07:17 PM
RonniesDarling Maybe Ronnie dosen't care anymore because they left him so in the back since the 80's? However I can't imagine Ronnie being like that since he used to watch them on TV and buy their records when he was a teenager, I heard he always dreamed of becoming a stone someday, and he did it! So bravoe!

08-06-02 07:35 PM
Saint Sway its a scary thought... but... the make or break of the Stones rockin on this tour might just depend on wether Woody steps up his game or not

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