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Topic: most underrated album Return to archive Page: 1 2
08-03-02 01:32 PM
F505 the most underrated stones-album certainly is Between the Buttons. Listen to jewels as Backstreet Girl, Yesterday's Papers, Connection, Complicated and Something happened to me yesterday. And not to forget Keiths intro on Miss Amanda Jones. Fabulous! Is Oldham still alive? If so, make him the producer of a new Stones album. This man is a genius!

so if you're out tonight

don't forget if you're on your bike

wear white

08-03-02 02:25 PM
Prodigal Son Loog was a genius in marketing the Stones, but his production was not so good. The Stones had problems with the muddled, poor mixes he produced which explains why Mick hated BTB.
08-03-02 02:38 PM
T&A I agree with both statements - a great album, but horrible production. Let's hope the new SACD-mastered disc improves the sound. Meanwhile, it would be ultra-cool if they dragged out She Smiled Sweetly live this year - they rehearsed it last week. According to Karnbach, the song was played during the short '67 European tour...
08-03-02 04:32 PM
wkoetke Emotional Rescue is their most underrated album, in my opinion. The album has so many different styles - country (Let Me Go), disco-funk (Emotional Rescue, Dance), reggae (Send It To Me), pure pop (She's So Cold), rauchy punkish guitar tunes (Where The Boys Go). I listen to this album much more than, say, Tattoo You, which is universally praised.

Voodoo Lounge is the next one: also a great album that seems to get a lot of criticism among hard core fans, but I think it's terrific.

Also: It's Only Rock And Roll
08-03-02 05:15 PM
Stones Undercover is the most underated album. It was my favorite Stones album until Voodoo Lounge came out.
08-03-02 05:21 PM
winter I was listening to VL today. A couple of observations:

1. Love is Strong should have been a much bigger hit (I don't know why it didn't take off)

2. They should have released Sweetheart's Together


08-03-02 05:22 PM
tumblingdice Voodoo Lounge is the most underated album.
Most Stones fans put it down but for me it was the next Some Girls. Great rockers, Sparks will fly, ballads, New faces, blues and all. Best album they did since at least some girls.
08-03-02 06:11 PM
T&A Let Me Go - a country tune? You must have a different version of the album than me....
08-03-02 07:30 PM
F505 Let me guess. People who praise Emotionale rescue, Voodoo lounge or whatever album after Some Girls must be between 20 and 30 years old. Am I right or not? I advise them to listen (just once) to Between the Buttons. And indeed, if Let me go is country then Back street girl is hardrock...
08-03-02 07:31 PM
Scot Rocks Loads of underated albums, but Voodoo Lounge especially, Undercover and I must admit...Dirty Work is growing on me a little!!!...if only they got rid of a few dreadful tracks and that awful cover, one look at it and the thought "crap album" immediately appears in your head, but underneath it there are some nice moments there. However I would have to say Voodoo definately. It is class, a modern classic, if only Brand New Car, Moon is Up and Stuck on the Jugular and the line "sharks will cry" were thrown away.

08-03-02 07:43 PM
Boomhauer I always thought the lines "I ate the turkey and the stuffing too/I even saved a little bit for you" was pretty funny, just like "sharks will cry."

I think all of the Stones albums are underapreciated. Also, I'm sick of critics. I never read any of that shit that people at billboard and rolling stone put out.

"Tattoo You, which is the last great Stones album, was released in 1981" jargon shit is so f-ing pathetic. It's almost as if that if a song doesn't make it into the top ten, the record is shit. Well, here's a quote I think the Stones think should take from Bob Knight (I'm gonna change it though): "When we die, we wanna be buried upside down so the critics could kiss our asses!"
08-03-02 07:59 PM
Honky Tonk Man Their debut album!!

When was the last fucking time anyone mentioned it!


Im not a huge fan of the early Stones, but jeez. There is not ONE bad song on this album. Evan the best albums have the odd duff song.

Beggars Banquet = Factory Girl. I cant stand this song

Let It Bleed = hmmm, there is not a weak song here

Sticky Fingers = Moonlight Mile. I dont care if people like it. It is pompus tripe

Exile On Main Street = Well, a couple of numbers dont quite get me nodding my head,but it all fits together so well.


[Edited by Honky Tonk Man]
08-03-02 08:08 PM
T&A Yeah - all those early albums are great. Factory Girl and Moonlight Mile dissing? Wow - I've never heard such heresy!!!!!
08-03-02 08:16 PM
Scot Rocks Yeah I love their debut album as well, it does kick ass, but I felt that Voodoo Lounge is their most underated.

Btw Alex, how can you not like Moonlight Mile...but don't worry you will in time that song grows on you...

08-03-02 09:27 PM
tumblingdice Yeah F505 I am almost 30 but there is no need for me to go back and listen to between the buttons as I wore that album out long before they ever released Voodoo Lounge. The older albums are great, hell even the 80's were great but voodoo lounge is right up there with them all.The second coming of Some girls in my opinion.

By the way playing all of the first album would be good at a show then throw in some more as it would only cover about half of a show.
08-03-02 09:36 PM
tumblingdice By the way F505 I do love BtB, in fact it is the last comercial cd I played from the boys here at my desk on the PC. Besides boots it was played last. I do love that one. Connection is one tune I would love to hear Mick and Keith sing together this go around Yesterday's papers I feel would work as well. Cool calm collected would be great but would go over most peoples heads at the shows. Miss Amanda Jones would probably make a show explode as well especially if a bunch of us die hards were there.
So let's hear it for BtB, the second most underated next to Voodoo Lounge!!!
08-03-02 09:36 PM
Turner By far, Black and Blue.
08-03-02 09:54 PM
tumblingdice To understand this little rhyme
you first must tap your foot in time
Then the buttons come much nearer
and the Stones you see more clearer.

Does that bring back memories F505
which would be another song I could love at a show
Flight 505
08-04-02 04:32 AM
F505 Glad you like it tumbling dice.

Black and Blue underrated? It is one of their finest albums of the seventies. In fact they did make no bad album in the seventies.

And yeah, if they only could play Flight...

08-04-02 08:05 AM
Honky Tonk Man Sticky Fingers is an awsome album, but im sorry, "Moonlight Mile" just isnt me. It sounded awful live on the 99 tour. I think the song has some nice elements to it. Its quite pretty in patches, but its too majestic for my likeing. Sa me goes for "YCAGWYW" I like my Stones Down and Dirty, Keith riffing, Charlie thumping, Mick Howling and Ronnie smoking.

08-04-02 11:12 AM
Mr T Bridges To Babylon

that album kicked ass - it made me wonder what the big deal about Start Me Up was

Steel Wheels was pretty damn underrated too
08-04-02 11:39 AM
T&A Alright, HTM, now you've crossed the line! YCAGWYW??? Arguably their finest moment!! The studio version, however, pales by comparison to the live version circa 72/73. Those versions are - hands-down - my favorite Stones moments of all-time. HERESY!!!
08-04-02 12:02 PM
Honky Tonk Man Mr T&A!

The 1972 version is AWSOME in every sense of the word. The 73 version is awful and the studio version with the choir boys is the pits. Just give me "DA DA, DA, DAD DAD DAD DA, BROWN SUGAR!!!!!!!" Now that is the Rolling Stones my freind.
08-04-02 12:36 PM
Mikey Black and Blue.

Raunchy, rude and in your face.
08-04-02 03:05 PM
Mikey wrote:
Black and Blue.

Raunchy, rude and in your face.

And quite terrible, at that. "Fool To Cry" rude? If they play it during this tour I'm going to yell "Keith! Keith! Give me a pillow!"

Hrmm... It's Only Rock And Roll I love, but that's not a maligned album, just underappriciated. I've got a special place in my heart for Emotional Rescue too, if principly for the brilliant funky "Dance Pt. 1". The album that got panned that I love? Bridges To Babylon! Whoo! "Flip The Switch"? Brilliance! Lyrics stupid? So? McCartney's had the problem for forty years and people still worship him! "Gunface"? "You Don't Have To Mean It"? Even "Thief In The Night" isn't awful, just misproduced and in the wrong place on the album (Whose bright idea was it to put two Keith tracks back to back?)

And I want "How Can I Stop" to be played at my wedding. Or harem dedication, depending. Keith is my balladier.

-tSYX --- Monkberry Moon Deliy-ai-ai-ai-ai-ght!
08-04-02 03:28 PM
Boomhauer Well, I think Black and Blue is f-ing awesome. Hand of Fate, Crazy Mama, Cherry oh Baby, memory motel......

One time I had "Hot Stuff, da na na na na binnnnnng" running through my head I couldn't even sleep.
08-04-02 07:25 PM
Prodigal Son Indeed that has to be Black & Blue. Some of the best rockers, yet always overlooked in the Stones catalogue of greatness. Alex, YCAGWYW, is a great song you gotta admit just without the choir which kinda ruins it a tad. Black and Blue never gets majestic unless you consider "Fool to Cry" that way, but I don't and "Memory Motel" maybe is the only trumphed-up song.

ooohh boy, listening to "Highway Child" my gawd, the Exile outtakes are fucking awesome thankyou Honky Tonk Man Alex. Mick T. gives us some pure ecstasy on "I Don't Know the Reason Why" too. I need more. But I guess I'd have to start paying you for it. We'll see.
08-04-02 07:32 PM
Prodigal Son BTW, I am more dedicated than ever to learning Keith's riffd and mastering the art at making my own riff songs. What can I say? As long as you've got your Stones, you're set, the inspiration is always there if you pop on the CD player. Love to play "Hot Stuff" on my guitar, the chiming riff then the licks you hear all over the title chant. BTW, 40 Licks is a great title can't wait to see what's on it (althouh I don't collect albums for the fact they're Stones albums, so I don't need it). Keith will keep the Stones going no doubt. We won't be seeing them step away for a while. Like he said about his junkie days, "I used to be able to play Mick in tennis, go off to the bathroom to have a fix, go back and still beat him."
08-05-02 12:20 AM
JaggaRichards Voodoo Lounge
Because it has 'The Worst' on it.
One the the most beautiful Stones/Keith songs EVER!!!
08-05-02 08:40 AM
Maxlugar I too think they are all under rated.

What place did Exile come in again on the VH1 Greatest Albums special? Like 11th or something?

Not right at all.

But I'd say Voodoo Lounge should have had more acclaim. It should have put them right back on top. It didn't do bad but it certainly wasn't everywhere that summer like it should have been.

And yes, Dirty Work is shat upon way more than it should be. Some people wouldn't know good hard rockin' Stones if it bit them on the scrotum.

But whatever....

Maxlugar, C10.
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