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Topic: Last Night's Rehearsals 7/31 Return to archive Page: 1 2 3
08-02-02 04:21 AM
beer In the Marquee 71 video and the Ladies and Gentleman video Taylor plays the solo on Dead Flowers. I'm sure pretty sure he played it on the studio version too.
A while back when Uncut Magazine did the Stones double issue some guy wrote in it that Jerry Garcia played the solo on Dead Flowers! I've never heard that anywhere else so the guy must not have a clue about what he was talkin about.
08-02-02 11:06 AM
Lazy Bones wrote:

That was actually from MissU's report on the stonestoronto email list. They didn't give her credit on a great review of the night. She had a great night getting Keith's autograph!

I posted that on Dougs Board and I did give credit to the
Stonestoronto list at the very top of the message. I didn't credit Brenda directly because she doesn't want anything coming out of Toronto posted on any other boards. She wants everyone to join her list. So again I credited her list as follows.

Swiped from
at the risk of meeting my maker before I'm ready

08-02-02 11:09 AM
Miss U. wrote:

I've asked people to keep things in the club, and made it clear all Stones fans are welcome to join...but people will do what they want..."robin hood syndrome".

Brenda you are an active member of at least Rocks off and Undercover. Why can't you just share the information you get on those and any other Stones list your on? I just don't get it.

08-02-02 11:17 AM
Miss U. wrote:

I already have a place to post my's called "Stones Toronto". It takes up enough time as it is. That's not to say I won't drop a word or too here.
[Edited by Miss U.]

Brenda I don't want to get in a flame war with you. But you have posted information from other sources on your list. And you have never asked that members of your list not post info from other "outside" sources. So please just stop.
08-02-02 11:29 AM
Maxlugar What's the big deal if someone steals something from you and pushes it off as their own?

Are we not all one?

If we are all one than lets show we're all one! (Preach it brother!)

By the way, last night I got up to take a pee and when I got back my Dope was missing from my night stand.

Has anyone seen it?

Has anyone seen my dope?


Developing hard................

H.R. Puff 'n' Max! (Formerly H.R. Puffin Max)
08-02-02 01:10 PM
moy lol miss u so we are the poor, you're the rich and "robin hood" is bringing the gold here

have you figured out that as soon as the rehearsals finish you're gonna run out of "gold"?

i remember the news posted by jaxx, voodoo, gazza and me (and others) posted in other boards like aol without credits, that's not new

so you want everybody subscribing to your list just for some weeks? and then?

[Edited by moy]
08-02-02 04:15 PM
Miss U. Ken, I don't see why you wouldn't credit me personally for something I wrote on my site. I appreciate you crediting my group at least. I noticed you seem to be angry, however, and use any instant you can get to diss me on boards just because I've asked for respect & web etiquette.

As for Stonesalot, you never took my side, you never will, no surprise. We know whose side you're on.
Everyone is welcome to get the info, including yourself. I have no obligation to you to copy everything here just because you refuse to join for personal reasons. That doesn't mean it's OK for others to steal.

My site is about more than just rehearsal reports, it'a a community for people who come there in a friendly manner with good intentions, to meet other Stones fans in Toronto. I didn't found the club for lurkers whose only intention is to steal info & then try to make ME look bad for their bad manners. A little respect, huh.

Some people want to be seen as a hero for stealing stories and undermining my club. Not appreciated.
The club will remain since there are many people who live in Toronto who like the Stones.

Do you think Voodoo would like it if people took all his photos that he posts here? Why do you think he puts his "stamp" on them....did he take all those photos But because he is the one who put the energy into this site & the photos he deserves the respect. Same thing applies to me & the stories on my site.

I've made it clear news stories are public domain. That's all. And I've always credited my sources on there, Ken.

08-02-02 04:22 PM
winter A wise man once said:

"people, people, whose fighting and what for . . . come on now let's get into a groove"

tell me a story 'bout how you'd adore me,

08-02-02 04:25 PM
winter damn it, i spelled "whose" wrong, it should be "who's" and not "whose"

i'm so fricking stupid, sometimes i just want to uhhhhhhhhh,

wait, did i post that out loud, anyway, sorry,

08-02-02 04:44 PM
Sir Stonesalot I've said repeatedly, I have nothing against you, or your site. I checked it out. It's fine. But I don't live anywhere near has nothing to do with me. Your site is a small site devoted to a small number of people.

That's great for you, and those of you around Toronto. So because of our geographic location, you don't want to share with us?

That makes no sense.

We are all Stones fans...and not all of us are lucky enough to live where you do. I guess it's too much bother to post your experiences here for all to share. Only people from Toronto are allowed to be privy to that.


And by the way...I steal Voodoo's pics all the time. It takes about 2 seconds to crop the "Rocks Off" from the header pics. And I don't really care if he doesn't like it.

Oh yeah.

The Maple Leafs suck the corn from my turds. Ty Domi can eat instant flaming death.
08-02-02 04:58 PM
Nellcote I am going to take my giant phallus from the 75 tour and go home and wait for the 09/03 tour opener if I read any more of this type of talk.
08-02-02 05:01 PM
TwelveX5 Right on Stonesalot!The Leafs have sucked since Derek Sanderson used to kick all their asses.By the way before we all know it the rehearsals will be in Beantown and my pal
Winter will get his day in the sun at The Fleet Ctr.
08-02-02 05:13 PM
Sir Stonesalot Winter will get his day in the sun...?


Justice will prevail.

Just so you all know...I'm on one side, and one side only...MY side.

And don't get too full of yourself 12x5...the Bruins eat dung too.
08-02-02 05:16 PM
gypsy Miss U, you are the epitome of web etiquette.
08-02-02 05:21 PM
Nellcote Sir Stones;

Do not blame the Bruins team for the greedy owner
Jeremy Jacobs. He is the dung eating menace!
08-02-02 05:25 PM
Sir Stonesalot Nelly,

I could give a flying fuck who owns the Bruins.

They would suck if Keef owned them.

They ain't the Flyers. Hence they suck.
08-02-02 05:25 PM
TwelveX5 Hey Stonesalot I haven't been a B's fan since #4 left for Chi-town.You remember him right.He's the guy that made Bill
Barber take dives all the time.
08-02-02 05:26 PM
Sir Stonesalot wrote:
Your site is a small site devoted to a small number of people.

Yeah - and it looks like they are starting to figure a few things out now...
08-02-02 05:29 PM
winter to all:

Any news on the Boston rehearsals will be communicated in code. Accordingly, I suggest you start buying your cracker jacks.

08-02-02 05:34 PM
Sir Stonesalot #4?

Nope. Don't know, and don't care...he didn't wear orange and black, so he means nothing to me...

Bill mean the guy who scored goals on the Flyer's Stanley Cup winning teams...or Bill Barber who was just dumped on his ass because he couldn't get his millionaires to play together?

You know, sometimes it is really hard to like professional sports.
08-02-02 05:36 PM
TwelveX5 Hey Winter we got a little over 3 weeks for Beantown rehearsals.We will not divulge any info to Flyers fans who
are full of themselves.
08-02-02 05:44 PM
winter 12X5 my friend,

the news shall only be known to those who can unlock the mystries of the code,

08-02-02 05:48 PM
winter By the way, does anyone know what the Stones rehearsed last night?


08-02-02 06:04 PM
glencar I'll get back to you after I check out Miss U's site. And I'll NOT credit her! Bwahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaaaha!
08-02-02 06:04 PM
Torn & Frayed
winter wrote:
to all:

Any news on the Boston rehearsals will be communicated in code. Accordingly, I suggest you start buying your cracker jacks.

I bought a bag of peanuts the other day from that whistling guy on Yawkey Way. He whispered something about Exile being played at the Orpheum.
Take it with a grain of salt, though. The Sausage King told me they were going to do Some Girls.
08-02-02 06:07 PM
Sir Stonesalot Whatever dude.

I can always stay with my Auntie and Uncle out in Woburn, and take the subway into the rehearsals.

I shit on your stupid code.

You guys are as bad as Miss U
08-02-02 06:22 PM
TwelveX5 Torn and Frayed;That's funny the florist told me it was Flowers.
08-02-02 06:25 PM
nankerphelge Wow, this got ugly quick.

The dark side of touritis. Look at what its doing.

We have an attribution controversy on whether Mick farted or burped on the way out of the rehearsals. We have some serious hockey issues, no question. That, apparently triggered the use of code words, or at least the threat of code words. "Dogs and cats living together ... mass hysteria!"

08-02-02 06:28 PM
Torn & Frayed
TwelveX5 wrote:
Torn and Frayed;That's funny the florist told me it was Flowers.

Yeah, but that's why I didn't believe the newsstand guy at Quincy Market when he told me they were definitely going to play Yesterday's Papers.
Vested interests, innit ?
08-02-02 07:28 PM
winter Stonesalot:

it was merely a jest, there will be no code, did you really think i was serious?

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