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Topic: Last Night's Rehearsals 7/31 Return to archive Page: 1 2 3
08-01-02 07:40 AM
winter Someone on Stonesdoug board is reporting:

Dead Flowers
Little Queenie
Cherry Oh Baby (very strong on bass)
That's How Strong My Love Is
Salt of the Earth (over & over)
All About You

well alright,

08-01-02 07:58 AM
beer Thanks! Will Mick Taylor be playing his amazing solo on Dead Flowers? ? ?

Things are looking good..........

08-01-02 08:02 AM
Nellcote Hey Wintah;

For that mistake posting, I may have to recall my Guiness for you on 09/03. DON'T LET IT HAPPEN AGAIN!
BTW, where is the meeting spot?
08-01-02 08:43 AM
TomL Would love to hear Salt of the earth.
08-01-02 08:47 AM
Lazy Bones
winter wrote:
Someone on Stonesdoug board is reporting:

That was actually from MissU's report on the stonestoronto email list. They didn't give her credit on a great review of the night. She had a great night getting Keith's autograph!
08-01-02 09:10 AM

The first Guiness is on me. I think the place is the Harp for the pre-party, unless anyone has any other suggestions? What time are we starting? I'm taking the day off, so I can start early. I do, however, want to be in good enough shape to remember the show.


As for not citing the exact authority, I was rushing out the door at the time I made the post, I just wanted to pass the info along. I'm just glad somebody is up there share the news with us.

08-01-02 09:39 AM
Nellcote Wintah;

I plan on leaving work at 1200 on 09/03.
We should be in town, from the burb's about 200PM
The Harp is great, however, pacing is the word.
No need to get jucied up and sloppy!

08-01-02 09:58 AM
winter Nellcote:

Sounds great. In a couple of weeks, I'll call over to the Harp to make sure they are doing something special for the opener. Before the No Security shows they were playing boots (MSG #3 from b2b), and it was all good. I'll also make sure the Guiness taps are going to be juiced up and clean.

Is anyone going to check out the pretenders? I've never seen them. I probably won't check them out at the opener. Maybe foxboro or Hartford. But I'm definetly going to head into the Fleet Center early enough to make sure I don't miss the lights go down. With security delays, etc., better to play it safe.

08-01-02 10:01 AM
Lazy Bones
winter wrote:
As for not citing the exact authority, I was rushing out the door at the time I made the post, I just wanted to pass the info along. I'm just glad somebody is up there share the news with us.

Winter, I wasn't referring to your post. When it was posted on Shidoobee, MissU wasn't mentioned. I received that review, from MissU, via the stonestoronto email which also included a great story of her experiences last night. I just thought I'd give her recognition here. That's all.
08-01-02 10:10 AM
Nellcote Wintah;

I really don't get how the Pretenders got the gold star. Not exactly a relevant band at present.
Hard to think it's about 30 odd days away. Ready to Rock!
08-01-02 10:17 AM
winter Lazybones:

Thanks. I didn't think you were singling me out. I just know that some people on these boards are very sensitive to getting their proper credit. I hadn't even checked to see if the source was revealed or not on the other board. No hard feelings here. I was just psyched to see more great/different tunes being rehearsed. Lets just hope they keep it up.


I agree on the pretenders call. However, I do have a soft spot for brass in pocket. Brass in pocket, beast of burden and train in vain by the clash all kind of remind me of one another. They bring a smile to winter's face when I hear them on the radio.

Let the games begin,

08-01-02 01:04 PM
winter The list on Stonesdoug board, now also includes:

I Can't Turn You Loose
Dear Doctor
Ain't Too Proud To Beg
How Can I Stop

presumably, also from last night. Sorry if I keep referencing the other board (I'm not sure of the politics here). Just trying to pass along the news.

Dear Doctor would be excellent.


08-01-02 01:09 PM
nankerphelge Really remarkable how many unusual tunes they are dusting off! That's How Strong My Love Is is one of my favorite early songs. Mick just sings it with so much emotion!

08-01-02 03:27 PM
Miss U. Thank you very much, Lazy Bones!! Appreciate that.
It was a night I'll nevah forget! Any mixed feelings I had about Keith were obliterated when I saw that silver skull signing my photo & that smiling flattered look in his eyes.
Feelin it today...

It's nice to at the very least be referenced accurately if people in my club take info and post it all over the fucking place. Winter, if you take the time to post stuff like that, then at the very least take the time to post 5 more letters with it..."Miss U."

I've asked people to keep things in the club, and made it clear all Stones fans are welcome to join...but people will do what they want..."robin hood syndrome".
08-01-02 04:02 PM
Sir Stonesalot Hey Missy!

Winter already apologized...said he was in a hurry. Happens to all of us....

If you are so worried about not getting the proper credit, which you are certainly due, then post it here yourself.

That'll clear up some stuff, aye.
08-01-02 04:12 PM
winter Miss U:

I'll make it easy, I will never reference any other club on this site again, and I won't use any info from any other club or any other participant at this site. This way no one feels uncredited, unappreciated or infringed. I was just trying to pass the good word around. I was in no way claiming it was my info, which is pretty apparent from my posts.

I don't really care where the info comes from as long as it is accurate. I'm just glad somebody is kind enough to give us reports. And I thank you personally for the info about last night. It was great, and congrats on getting Keith's autograph.

The last thing I want to do is get into any political issues between clubs, sites and/or people. So I haven't taken the time to figure out what they are or who they may be with. If that makes me a bad poster here, than I sincerely apologize.

No more robin hood here,

08-01-02 05:14 PM
Sir Stonesalot Winter....

Get a set of balls, man.

You did nothing wrong. There was no evil intent.

I think pretty much everyone can see that.

If they can't, that's their problem.
08-01-02 05:57 PM
Martha I was in no way claiming it was my info, which is pretty apparent from my posts.

It was apparent Winter, thanks for posting the did so appropriately like SS said.

08-01-02 07:36 PM
winter Stonesy and Martha:

Thanks for the support.

Stonsalot, it's not really a matter of balls though.

Here's my perspective. I visit this site to get stones info, an occasional laugh and an occasional dose of bull shit. I realized a long time ago, that some of the other folks that visit and post here and other places are particularly sensitive to getting "appropriate credit" for Stones info, as though it is proprietary to them. If that's the way they feel, so be it. Who am I to criticize. Me, I just love the band and like getting some good laughs.

I also realize that the fact of the matter is that Stones news is no different than the weather, only for us, a bit more interesting. No one "owns" the fact that Mick did the nasty with another 22 yr old model or that the Stones rehearsed a particular song on a particular night. It's all factual (at least some of the time).

That being said, I am relatively new here, and haven't ever met any of you (except 12X5), and I hope to grab cocktails with some of you before some of the shows. So I don't really have any interest in ruffling anyone's feathers here(that's why many of my posts are obsequiously riddled with qualifiers). Its not lack of balls or a backbone, its lack of interest in bickering over matters that aren't worth bickering about. Sure, occasionally I'll make a comment about Macca's not so perkies, but that's just good fun.

Moreover, as I mentioned earlier, I never have paid attention to the politics here. As JB can attest, I'd probably forget them even if I did. I don't really know if the folks that oversee this site are offended by references to other sites, and I don't know who has disputes with whom, who has histories, etc. But I do know that I have no interest in getting in the middle of some inter-stones fan site/club dispute or competition, if one exists. Hence the qualifiers in my posts.

If relaying info without a full cite (while stating at least generally where it came from) is the functional web equivalent of peeing in someone's cheerios, then I ain't gonna do it anymore, and I am sorry for doing in the first place. Hell knows I don't like the yellow stuff with my cereal. I personally don't have the patience or the inclination to get into a pissing match about who's right and who's wrong. My posts speak for themselves (how's that for stating the obvious).

Enough said, now lets all collectively pray that Keith dusts off Little T&A for the opener and that the set lists look a lot like the rehearsal lists (without Harlem Shuffle that is).


08-01-02 08:52 PM
W Randolph Hearst Winter - don't worry about it. And if you stick around you'll see what I mean...

These boards are set up for passing on information. It's the Internet, duh. It's always a good idea to quote a source if you have one but often the stuff has been passed around so much and well - no one gives a rat's arse except Kookoo for Cocoa Puffs. It is not like weird little factions of geeky Trekies having pissing contests about turf. Okay - um - I have seen some of that but like I said - if you stick around you'll spot them a mile away and just have a laugh like the rest of us. Perhaps even egg it on a little for sport... Believe it or not - a large percentage of people who post at these places are pretty normal in spite of the fact!

If you see something of interest - please pass it along. I've gotten all of my tickets to three shows that way (great seats and a theater show) - as well as the knowledge on how to play the game - from kind folks on these boards and lists. Don't be bullied into being the kind and sharing person you clearly are. Ignore it.

08-01-02 09:01 PM
Miss U. Winter...

I can see you're not the source of the problem, so the root of the problem is the issue.

As for not "owning the info"; it's my story so yes I do "own" that. As the creator of the site for the benefit of the *community* there, a little respect/ gratitude/ common sense etiquette would be nice (not directed at you winter).

I go out of my way to find info, staying up too late on a work night to bring the news to the group. I live in Toronto..I experience the rehearsals first-hand. I'm a big Stones fan. So yes I appreciate if others at the very least credit the source if the steal info. Ideally people wouldn't steal the info in the first place, as I've made it very clear I don't appreciate that. Most webmasters don't. It undermines the raison d'etre of the place. Yet people do it anyway. I have no control over what they do...
Banning is an easy solution I could have taken if I was so "mean", but I haven't, yet.

I think it's very important not to be such a rabid fanatical Stones fan that you forget about consideration for others.
Of course there's always people who go on message boards/sites just to cause trouble & diss others any chance they get, but eventually they get banned if they keep it up.

>>>>>If you are so worried about not getting the proper credit, which you are certainly due, then post it here<<<<

I already have a place to post my's called "Stones Toronto". It takes up enough time as it is. That's not to say I won't drop a word or too here.
[Edited by Miss U.]
08-01-02 09:05 PM
beer wrote:
Thanks! Will Mick Taylor be playing his amazing solo on Dead Flowers? ? ?

Things are looking good..........


I thought KEITH did the solo on Dead Flowers?
08-01-02 10:26 PM
Sir Stonesalot Oh my Miss U....

Lemme see your copyright on that info. Since you "own" that info, you have a copyright that makes it your property...correct? You've got a copyright on everything on your site?

If's public domain. And technically speaking, does not have to be given credit. Good taste says that you should be given the credit you deserve....but there is no law that demands good taste from anyone. Besides, Winter wasn't trying to screw anyone out of any credit. He was just passing along something he saw...people do here it all the time. He says he was in a hurry when he did it and didn't catch where it came from. I believe him.

Yeah, you were there. So were other people. They take the time to post could you...if you really cared to. I just think you are using this as a weapon to try to get people to join your Toronto site.

That was item #1.

Item #2.

You don't have time to post more than a few words here?

Ever hear of "Copy & Paste"? Takes about 5 seconds to do. You don't have 5 seconds for us? Gee, that sucks. I wish your life wasn't so hectic. That's a bitch. Hope things ease up on you.

Item #3.

I am really happy that you are getting a chance to see the boys up close, get pics and autographs. That is so awesome. I'm always tickled when fans get to have an experience like that. Very cool deal.

08-01-02 10:30 PM
gypsy Stonesy, you are the fucking man!
08-01-02 10:34 PM
Boomhauer When are the boys gonna start digging into the great tunes of the 1980's? It should be soon. Can't wait to see if they rehearse some Dirty Work, Undercover, and Emotional Rescue tunes.
08-01-02 10:41 PM
Martha Hey Gypsy...good to see you on the board tonight!

You said, and I quote: "Stonesy, you are the fucking man!"

I absolutely second that!
08-01-02 10:43 PM
Sir Stonesalot Ha! You made a funny! There are no "great" tunes on Emotional Rescue!
08-01-02 11:09 PM
gypsy Thanks, Martha! Good to see you on the board tonight as well! Hope you're doing great!
I totally agree with Stonesy. I'd like to share a few other thoughts on the situation, but I feel like we have to walk on eggshells...
[Edited by gypsy]
08-01-02 11:32 PM
Martha Eggshells indeed! I'm keeping those thought to myself since I don't regularly employ a lawyer like you do!

I'm hopin' Mick will make a cameo on Letterman tonight since he was there for the taping of the Boss.

I'm doing well thanks for asking, some of that has to do with having such fun reading all the posts here at Rocks Off.

Gottas go see!

08-01-02 11:53 PM
Prodigal Son Well, we all have some connection to the Stones and mine is that my dad has a friend whose son wants to be in the industry and right now is at the rehearsals.
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