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Topic: Leah, Lizzie, and Jack Daniel's Return to archive
08-05-02 02:50 PM
sandrew Copyright 2002 Express Newspapers
Daily Star



WHEN Stella McCartney held her engagement bash last week she did it in true rock sprog style - with a 16-hour booze binge. Not to be outdone, wild children Elizabeth Jagger and Leah Woods are two of the stars for Jack Daniel's raunchy new ad campaign.

And let's not forget Kelly Osbourne who can out-party her dad Ozzie. The kids of rockers have come of age and are stealing the spotlight from their parents. RUTH HUGHES takes a look at the heirs to rock royalty throne. KIMBERLEY STEWART, 22 Job: Model and actress.

Parents: Dad is ex-Faces star turned solo singer Rod Stewart, who happily admits he has splashed out his many millions on "cars, women, wine, song and football." Mum, Alana Stewart, is exwife of movie star George Hamilton and is reported to have dated Silvester Stallone.

Rock star credentials: Kim has posed nude for a men's mag but claims she is opposed to drugs and has slept with just two men.

However, she was more than happy to hop into a hot tub with movie star Ben Affleck and BBMak's Christian Burns at a Los Angeles party.

Well, wouldn't we all!

STELLA MACCA, 32 Job: Designer for top fashion house Chloe.

Parents: Dad is Beatles legend Paul McCartney.

The band admit they took drugs in their heyday but Paul was very faithful to Stella's mum Linda.

Linda McCartney pioneered a vegetarian food empire and did lots of work for charity. She was clean-living but is said to have smoked dope. Linda died of breast cancer in 1998.

Rock star credentials: A real party girl and friend to the stars. She was Madonna's maid of honour and is best pals with Gwyneth Paltrow and Kate Moss.

There have been no scandals about her and she seems to be as down-toearth as her mum and dad.

ISAAC FERRY, 16 Parents: Dad is relatively boring Roxy Music star Bryan Ferry. Mummy is society girl Lucy Helmore who has had drug and drink problems but has now cleaned up her act.

Rock star credentials:

Suspended from Eton for sending a hate email to an anti-hunt campaigning school friend. His appalling spelling may indicate he has potential as a pop star. Isaac, a keen huntsman, wrote: "You looser.

Why don't you stop waisting your time and get a real job/hobby."

LEAH WOOD, 23 Job: Model and wannabe recording artist Parents: Father is Rolling Stones star Ronnie Wood, the archetypal hard-drinking, drug-taking rock star. He is currently back in rehab to try to become teetotal in time for the Stones' forthcoming mammoth tour.

Mum Jo Wood modelled as a teenager. She is reported to have said to Leah while on a Stones tour: "Come on honey, have some of this joint."

Rock star credentials: Leah has said she is "wild but stable". She says she tried cocaine and regretted it and jokes that she is tame compared to her mum and dad. Her boyfriend is Jamiroquai star Darren Galea.

SEAN STEWART, 21 Job: Wannabe rock star Parents: Rod and Alana Stewart (see profile of Kimberley Stewart) Rock star credentials: He is a thoroughbred rock 'n' roll offspring.

Sean was arrested for possession of the drug vicodin outside LA's infamous The Viper Room.

He has been charged with assaulting a teenager.

And, at 21, he has already been in rehab.

Oh, and he was expelled from school too.

KELLY OSBOURNE, 17 Job: MTV reality TV star, singer and soon-tobe actress Parents: Black Sabbath singer Ozzie Osbourne, famous for biting the head of bats, almost killing his wife and being mad enough to allow cameras to follow his dysfunctional family.

Mum is Sharon Osbourne, even more fearsome than her husband. Currently battling cancer.

Rock star credentials: Her cover version of Madonna's Papa Don't Preach has topped US charts. She says: "I'm not going to be the next Britney or Christina.

The idea that I'd even think like that stinks. Those people can kiss my fat a*se."


JADE: Job: Jade is a designer and creative director at top London jewellers Asprey and Garrard.

Parents: Daddy is Rolling Stone legend Mick Jagger. He was famous for his drug-taking and exploits with groupies in the 70s.

His lovers included party animal Marianne Faithfull and both his marriages were wrecked by his womanising.

Jade's mum, Bianca Jagger, was a great match for Mick. She loved partying almost as much as him and is said to have handed Andy Warhol her knickers at a posh dinner. She also once told Mick - very loudly - while at a party: "Yo u 've slept with everybody in this room."

Rock star credentials: Photographed nude and getting intimate with a mystery man on a beach in Ibiza last year. She also dressed in bondage gear for a poster for the hedonistic Ibiza club Manumission. Expelled from a girls' boarding school for smoking dope and dating boys.

ELIZABETH: Job: Model.

Parents: Mick Jagger. Mum is the original supermodel Jerry Hall, a regular at notorious nightclub Studio 54 in her younger days but claims she never took drugs and drinks moderately.

Rock star credentials: Elizabeth was smoking and going to nightclubs before she was 16 and turned her back on her A-levels to take up modelling. . . much to the disdain of dad Mick. Loves partying but has not slipped off the rails.

LOAD-DATE: August 5, 2002
08-05-02 05:10 PM


Wonder which shows ol' Lizzie is attending??
She likes to party you know.
Maybe she'd like to Spiv wif us!

08-06-02 02:58 AM
Prodigal Son Wild bastards I tell ya. Let's hope they go places in life instead of partying, causing trouble while depending on their parents' fame and wealth. It is typical to see that (like with the current President). So I hope someone comes up and carries on in their legacy of music like Marlon or Ronnie's son (Mick's sons one day I hope won't be partying animals with no direction) instead of pussyfooting around. BTW, it's pretty bloody ironic how most of them are looking to partying and drugs while Keith's daughters are relatively clean and level-headed (dunno about whatever she changed her name to, the one who was Dandelion). Wow! Keef is the only former heavy drug user of all of them and his kids are fine. Could this mean Keith is a better parent (after his junkie days) than Mick and all the rest?
08-06-02 04:23 AM
gypsy Dandelion changed her name to Angela in the 80's. She was raised by Keith's mom, Doris. She is a stable girl in the U.K. She was married in 1998 to a carpenter named Dominic Jennings. She's supposedly very level-headed and down-to-earth. I have some pictures of her, including a picture of Keith walking her down the aisle. She looks very much like Keith!
You can look at them here:

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