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Topic: The last month before the tour starts Return to archive
08-04-02 02:29 PM
nankerphelge The last stage of touritis. Everything is all electric -- it is in the air! Remaining calm is difficult.

My heart now follows a Wattsian beat. What ever Chaz does, my heart does. That little rap-a-tap in If You Can't Rock Me -- my heart does that. Tap-tap-a-tap before When the Whip Comes down -- my heart does that too!

Last nite I dreamt. I was floating in black nothingness -- then I saw a bright white light in the distance. It was small but got closer and bigger and more menacing. Then I heard many voices and laughter and merriment. I saw into the light and there was music and people and percussion instruments. Then I was standing on top of the Fleet Center -- with a Foster's Oil can in my right hand and a large smoking chiba stick in the other. And the light was all around me and I bathed in it, drinking its lucious tones up.

Opening Night.

08-04-02 07:25 PM
parmeda Yes, Nank...
I think we're all going through that same feeling right about now. The anticipation is killing me! As the days creep up closer together, and we feel that pulse in the pit of our stomaches...I can only hope for one thing...GETTING MY ASS TO THE STADIUM ON TIME!

(I somehow sense an Emotional Rescue needing to happen...SOON!)
08-04-02 07:34 PM
Sir Stonesalot I can't believe I'm doing this...

"I will be your knight in shining armour...."

God I hate that fucking song.
08-04-02 08:25 PM
nankerphelge Listened to ER tonight making dinner -- Indian Girl is as bad as i remembered it. Dance and ER too! But it has its moments.

08-04-02 09:04 PM
parmeda Okay you two...
In the following weeks to come, if you should hear a banshee-like shrill coming from the Chicago area...that would be me. I would expect nothing less than to see the two of you ride up on those horses, lol..
08-04-02 09:13 PM
TheSavageYoungXyzzy I *literally* drooled looking at the ABKCO remasters today... I just have so much hope for them... I hope I'm not being set up for a major disappointment, for I need something to get my proverbial rocks off to in order to hold me over until El Dia De Los Rocas Que Van.

As for Dance Pt. 1 .... how could you! Now, granted, "Emotional Rescue" is awful, but how can you not... well... dance? But I do hate... hate... *hate*... "Indian Girl". I will never ever ever ever ever ever *ever* listen to it again and I curse myself for the day I felt remote curiosity in regard to that song.

Nevertheless, touritis, man... She's got you by the balls! You can't break loose at all! She's got your name! She's got your number! She screamin' like thunder! And you can't get away from it all! 's too bad! She got you by the balls!

-tSYX --- Where the boys all go... hey, waitaminute... hang on... that's Mick Jagger, not me....
08-04-02 09:24 PM
sirmoonie Interesting just how wrong some people can be. Nothing wrong with Indian Girl, nothing at all. Pure Stones country.

Hey Nanky, what are we doing standing on the corner of West 8th Street and 6th Avenue?
08-05-02 08:14 AM
Maxlugar Here here Moonie.

Indian Girl, to me, is one of the better tracks on that album.

It's a real tear jerker too. Nice lyrics.

It will be played in one of the clubs this year.

The ones I hate are: Dance pt 1, Let Me Go, Emotional Rescue, She's So Cold and All About You.

Summer Romance, Send It To Me, Where the Boys All Go and Down In the Hole are passable, to me.

Hey if you ever do go down to West 8th st and 6th ave go to Revolver Records. It's where I get all my stuff.

08-05-02 10:31 AM
Joey "Hey if you ever do go down to West 8th st and 6th ave go to Revolver Records. It's where I get all my stuff. "

And if you are ever on 54th Street between 6th and 7th , please stop into my favorite bar in the whole world ..." Names and Faces Lounge " is here that Bartender Jude will make you the finest " Caribbean Cooler " that you have ever sucked down .

" Help Me Ronnie "

H.R. Puffin Joe

08-05-02 10:43 AM
Sir Stonesalot "Caribbean Cooler"?!?

Why do you want the ultra-macho MaxLugar drinking one of those "girly man" drinks?

The homosexual set just loves those damn "Caribbean Coolers".

You trying to turn Maxy?

I KNEW IT! YOU ARE "IN LOVE" WITH MAXY!! You want Maxy to be your "Bitch"!

Maxy ain't nobody's bitch.
08-05-02 11:06 AM
Maxlugar I only know of Faces and Names Lounge. The Names and Faces Lounge
must be the place where Joey tries to "turn" guys.

S. Stonesalot, I think you are on to something....


Developing hard..............

08-05-02 11:31 AM
Joey I only know of Faces and Names Lounge. The Names and Faces Lounge
must be the place where Joey tries to "turn" guys. "

You make young Joey giggle like little girl !

" Tie me up and call me Suzi Ronnie "

Jo Jo

08-05-02 11:34 AM
sirmoonie They serve Guinnies from the tap at Faces and Names Lounge. Cool and thick. If you play ER in the jukebox - particularly Dance Pt. 1 over and over - the bartenders will give you every other Guin-draft free. Its a win/win sitch. Pareto superior.
08-05-02 11:34 AM
Sir Stonesalot Don't do it Maxy.

Don't go over to the pink side.

Stay here with us.

Please don't go all Mercury on us.

Quick, pull up some hetero porn. Think about your wife's beaver...J Lo's ass....gypsy's rack...anything that will keep you in our "Hetero World".
08-05-02 11:53 AM
nankerphelge Hell, just think about Steelie asking if ya go, know what I mean, wink wink, nudge nudge.
08-05-02 12:18 PM
Maxlugar Oh please don't get down on Steelie and Joey for being homosexual.

They are still our brothers. Gay, Straight or Bi, they are a part of the C10 and we should foster a better understanding of them. Hate builds walls but love can jump high.

I am of the opinion that we are all God's children.

And you know what they say about opinions. They are like flowers: everybody likes to smell them.

"When love comes out of the bullpen, your heart gets up and does the wave" - Maxlugar 8/5/02.


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