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Topic: A thought on new boots..... Return to archive
08-03-02 02:29 PM
Riffhard With this "Ultimate Stones Fan"package that as been made available for the low low price of just $3,450.00.They say that included in the deal is a replay of that nights perfomance while you mingle backstage with a bunch of hangers on types and wanabes.
That begs the question just how many great soundboard quality boots are gonna turn up at the end of the tour.It would appear that this could be a bumber crop year.Not only that but these will be the club shows for the most part.So if the set lists we've been seeing are even close to accurate we should get some real gems out of this tour!Imagine if they actully do,as Jagger inferred,a complete album.A complete live copy of Exile,or Let It Bleed,or for Maxy even,Dirty Work!!
The odds are looking great for some outstanding boots!

[Edited by Riffhard]
08-03-02 02:39 PM
T&A ...yes, let's keeping the fingers x'd. I was terribly disappointed that the NS tour produced no decent sbds or broadcasts...I thought it was their best tour since '81.
08-03-02 02:44 PM
MidnightRambler I never really understood when they meant a "replay of the night's concert". Even if it IS what exactly they mean: they will replay the audio version of the concert, I still don't think that'll effect the amount of boots this year.

Wouldn't people have to steal these recordings? How do you expect people to do that? I'm sure the RS organization is going to keep a tight ship to make sure no one will take these recordings. Who knows...
08-03-02 03:49 PM
Honky Tonk Man I have a few boots of the 99 tour. Apart from Milwaukee, they are all pretty good soundwise.

I bought Sacramento 99 a wekk or so ago. Its a boot titled "Kiss Of Life". Claims to be sounboard. Its sounds great, though i dont think it is soundboard.

08-03-02 03:56 PM
Sir Stonesalot Oh please. Do you know how easy it would be for someone on the crew, or even someone who works at the venue, to secretly tap into a mixing desk source? The Stones aren't the only ones who record these shows.

Lots of guys who work as roadies supplement their income by walking off with pristine copies of shows. Sometimes it takes a while to get those recordings into circulation...witness the Jersey Devil set, the 89 Montreal set, and the newly unearthed(although flawed) San Jose 99 sbd.

We'll have to just take a wait & see on this tour. I'm betting we'll get to hear as many shows as we want.
08-04-02 07:45 AM
MRD8 Sir S,
Don't you think the San Jose '99 "soundboard" is likely from an ALD(assisted listening device) source? That seems to be where a lot of the so called soundboards come from these days! I have really good sounding ones from this years McCartney and CSN&Y tours so hopefully we'll get one or more from the Stones tour too! On another note I'm hoping that Chuck Leavell is recording some of this years rehearsals like he did in '97...thats where Sister Morphine's Closer Than Close came from...
08-04-02 01:26 PM
Torn & Frayed
MRD8 wrote:
Don't you think the San Jose '99 "soundboard" is likely from an ALD(assisted listening device) source?

San Jose is definitely an ALD recording.
And a pretty awful one at that.
08-04-02 05:11 PM
Sir Stonesalot The San Jose 99 that I just got has some major flaws in doubt about it. There's some digital noise from the original recording...but it's only on a few songs, 5 songs I think. A few others have a couple of crackles and pops, but nothing majorly intrusive. I don't think this is an ALD. It's mixed too well, guitars to the front!. I have ALDs from Philly and Anaheim and they sound like crap compared to this. Maybe we are talking about 2 different recordings? The guy who surfaced this said that to his knowledge, this had previously been uncirculated. But who knows..he could be blowing smoke. The interference on this thing can be intrusive...but when the songs are clean...they sound really good. Good enough to make it a worthwhile addition to my collection.

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