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Topic: No news on stuff; I wonder why? Return to archive
08-01-02 05:39 PM
Boomhauer Here are some of my opinions on why we have no news from the band:

1) They read these Stones boards and see the fans don't like only two new songs, and they are going to add some more.

2) They are thinking about which obscure songs they want to put on the album, and this is delaying the news.

3)They don't have a name for the tour yet.

4)Some say the domain name of or is not underway and the website will be up soon, meaning the news will be saved until it is up.

5)They are going to surprise us and put out a new studio album, and Bob Clearmountain is finishing it up (yeah right, but they did do more than two songs, right?).

6)They can't decide which new song will be the single.

I saw that U2 has already reported that they are going to put out a single in October, which will be on their second "best of" release in November. Personally I don't care about U2, but the Stones haven't even said when a single will come out and what the name of it is.

Also U2 is putting out a DVD of their videos. I think the stones should consider this, also.
08-01-02 06:35 PM
T&A The most likely reason is that the information isn't finalized yet - probably 'cos they don't know which "new old" tunes to toss on it to appease the die-hards who may not buy the album for just two new tracks. No, I don't believe they finished any more than just the two - and I'm pretty sure they know which one is the single (hint: it ain't the Keith ballad).

I imagine they'll try to get the single out around labor day so that folks will hear it while the tour gets started. But, I believe it's more likely the album won't be out until late in September at the earliest.
08-01-02 07:02 PM
Sir Stonesalot Here's a novel idea...

Maybe there isn't any news because THERE ISN'T ANY NEWS to break!

They simply recorded 2 new songs to go on a greatest hits set....that's it. That's all there is.

Wishing it was different doesn't make it so.
08-01-02 09:13 PM
Boomhauer OK. Ummm, well, hmmmmm....... I think I'm just trying to get something. Anyway, I guess we'll just have to wait, right Sir?
08-01-02 09:43 PM
Sir Stonesalot Yup. Just ride it out my boy.

Whatever is going to be will happen in good time...soon, even. The tour kicks of in just about a month!

Time marches on....and waits for no one.
08-02-02 01:39 AM
Rescued I was listening to WXRT in Chicago this evening. After playing Midnight Rambler the DJ reported that they expect to have a new Stones song on the air before the end of August. He also reported that the greatest hits package is indeed entitled 40 Licks, and that the number of new tracks included still has not been finalized. This is one of the major rock stations in the city - and one of the few commercial ones that plays a lot of Stones alongside "Modern Rock" artists. They have a good relationship with the Stones and usually get stuff early. They had Bridges to Babylon 2-3 weeks before official release. Their Stones news is usually credible.
08-02-02 08:43 AM
Mr T aww damn - 40 LICKS? I hate that title. I'm probably gonna wind up putting a big piece of masking tape over the cover & just write "Warhorses" -I hope that's not true - radio lies every now & the - and besides - nothings set in stone til it hits shelves
08-02-02 05:19 PM
Boomhauer Yeah, I think 40 Licks or War Horses sound good.

I'm just wondering when the new site is going to come up. I saw on Stonesdoug board that the domain is gonna be used. One month away from the tour tomorrow. It's gotta be coming up soon (also the single).

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