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Topic: Songs that would sound better stoned Return to archive
08-01-02 01:51 AM
tumblingdice I hardly ever listen to much newer music as most of it sucks but when I do hear something I find myself thinking how much better it would be with a Stones touch. Do any of you ever hear a song and thing Damn if the Stones did that it would be great or hear a song that sounds as if it should have been the Stones. One off the top of my head was Sugar Ray's I just want to fly. Every time I heard that I could just picture Mick doing a great vocal as it seems perfect for him, and can only imagine what the boys could have done for it musical wise. Any of you ever thought like this and if so what songs?
08-01-02 02:00 AM
parmeda Great topic...tough question.

Two songs popped into my mind instantly...
1. She's Got The Jack - AC/DC
2. Suicide Blonde - INXS

I'm sure there's lots more.....
08-01-02 02:03 AM
tumblingdice Of course almost all of Keith's solo work and some of Jagger's I would have loved to have heard as a Stones Album. Man most of Keith's songs are just right for a Jagger vocal, I can imagine them done that way and almost all of Mick's beg for Keith to riff it and Charlie do it right.
08-01-02 04:46 AM
Jumacfly Frank Black :" dog in the sand" is a great stone-rock record.

Can easily imagine keith and ronnie on guitars, these records features many differents guitars sound, as ronnie and keith can play sometimes: many riffs, great slide lines, accoustic...and the melodies and text sometimes looks like...jagbonics!

well, a great one, this "dog in the sand".

08-01-02 06:07 AM
bez85 all the frank black and the catholic's cd's kick fucking ass..if you're a hard core stone's fan ,i quarantee you'll like the catholics..
08-01-02 06:13 AM
Jumacfly Hi Bez

i m a huge fan of FB!!
i prefer his solo work than the pixies (who were also great).
he kicks ass, and "dog" is my favourite of all!!
i also love "teenager of the year", "FBlack", "cult of ray"...i haven t got "pistolero", how does it sound??
i saw him live a few years ago, he s great: he began in a record shop, playing accoustic set, and then in a old theatre , here in montpellier called the Rockstore.
hope i ll see him again. may be as an opener??

give me Keith phone number....LOL!


08-01-02 06:47 AM
bez85 i like pistolero better than dog, and i like the first official F.B. and the catholics cd even more..totally raw guitars recorded live in the studio with not one over-dub..frank rules..his new one comes out Aug.20th and from what i've heard not one cd but 2 different cd's will be released on that date..
08-01-02 07:41 AM
Jumacfly a Stones tour, a new Frank Black record this August, what can i ask more???!!
thanks for the news.

08-01-02 02:19 PM
nankerphelge Y'all gonna think I'm absolutely nuts, but in the Ain't Too Proud to Beg and Imagination vein, I always thought they should cover Locomotion.

08-01-02 02:30 PM
sirmoonie I think a Stones version of "Louie, Louie" would be killer. Put the Jagger slur effect on that tune.....mighty fine!

Young's Powderfinger would have been cool if done in their SF/Exile sound.

08-01-02 02:48 PM
Joey The Stones definitely should have done " Won't get fooled Again "

Double Mongo !
08-01-02 04:08 PM
Scottfree Uhh all of them!

08-01-02 05:30 PM
TwelveX5 I'm on fire by Dwight Twilley
08-01-02 05:58 PM
Nasty Habits Little Red Riding Hood by Sam the Sham and the Pharoahs.
08-01-02 06:08 PM
tumblingdice Brown eyed girl..
winning by Santana
don't do me like that and even the losers by Tom Petty
08-01-02 06:30 PM
TwelveX5 Dirty Water by The Standells.
08-01-02 11:44 PM
Prodigal Son I could see them doing "No Woman, No Cry," a much-needed Stones shot to "Dude Looks Like a Lady" despite it sounding like "Honky Tonk Woman." Probably more.

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