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Topic: Happy Birthday Fleabit ! Return to archive Page: 1 2
08-01-02 12:50 PM
Maxlugar Yes Sir Stonesalot! I got your little gifty poo. THANKS!!

Great to see that Stripped Special again. I didn't play the cd yet but Friday is a comin' up....

I brought my second vcr deck down to the basment bar and hooked it up to my other vcr to make you the Seattle tape last weekend. I was all stoked that I was finnaly making you that copy and guess what? No blank tapes! I have them now and your copy will be on its way shortly.

Frig' yup!


Mr. Max A Lugar (Yup, the guy the award is named after)

08-01-02 12:56 PM
nankerphelge Oh and happy birthday to FPM and any of you other youngins!
08-01-02 01:10 PM
Riffhard Happy F'ing Birthday to all ya bastards!Fleabit,I'll drink a pint of frothy Guinness in your honor,SirStonesalot,I'll smoke a fat chiba stick in your honor.Joey,I'm gonna do a shot of Apple Berentzin to you.Maxy,I will repeat steps 1-3 while cranking Handsome Girls and some Brussel's Affair just for you.You guys are gonna get me all kinds of fucked up!

September is fastly approching.We will all be juiced up and sloppy in NYC!!

08-01-02 09:32 PM
Dandelion* Happy birthday Joey and Maxy and anyone else I'm forgetting. FPM doesn't have net access at the moment but I let him know of your good wishes. To Cardinal Fang - he plugged the Zeetar into an amp and both pickups? work. Now we just need to find a Zeetar restoration shop.
08-01-02 09:51 PM
gypsy Well, I will remind you guys again of my birthday in a couple of weeks. KeepRigidsLawyer is throwing a big bash for me!
08-01-02 11:02 PM
Sir Stonesalot Cool!

Show us your tits again.

Come on, it's still technically, my birthday.
08-01-02 11:37 PM
KeepRigid Sorry fellas.

Thanks to some (gentle) stringpulling, as well as some smart paperwork by my lawyer, gypsy's breasts(TM) are now fully protected by the United States Government and are also insured (assured?) as an integral part of KeepRigid Enterprises.

Btw, the gala that my lawyer has planned for gypsy's birthday has managed to surprise even me- and I'm pretty used to his pyrotechnics by now.
08-01-02 11:37 PM
TomL Its 11:37 and it's still my b-day. Show me some tits.
08-01-02 11:43 PM
Sir Stonesalot wrote:

Come on, it's still technically, my birthday.

Shit - I knew I was forgetting someone. Last week, right? Happy birthday!
08-01-02 11:45 PM
Sir Stonesalot Fuck you Keep.

She sent me pics before you got a TM on ' don't apply. I know how much you like me...

Won't even allow her to give OLD TomL & I a quick flash on our birthdays.

08-02-02 12:05 AM
KeepRigid It's just business.

Nothing personal.
08-02-02 01:48 AM
gypsy I have the BEST boyfriend and lawyer!
08-02-02 01:58 AM
Sir Stonesalot I have chunks of corn in my shit that are better than that twat(since he's the same guy.). was on the 1st. What did you get me, and when can I pick it up?
08-02-02 12:11 PM
KeepRigid Why so mean to Keep on the birthday, Cardy?

Well, I don't wanna spoil the party, so I'll just go bury my face in gypsy.
08-02-02 12:20 PM
Sir Stonesalot >Well, I don't wanna spoil the party, so I'll just go bury my face in gypsy.<

That is the first reasonable thing that you have said in this entire thread.

08-02-02 12:38 PM
Joey I put some Chiba in her underwear drawer ..................enjoy !

Jo Jo

08-02-02 01:23 PM
TomL Old, but wise.
08-02-02 01:45 PM
gypsy Cardy's not very witty, and always has to resort to jokes involving his bowel movements.
08-02-02 02:19 PM
Joey Hey Gypsy ...........

What does " Stay gold , Ponyboy " mean ???????

Isn't that a common phrase heard around the Bathhouses of San Francisco ?

" Help Me Ronnie "


08-02-02 02:54 PM
gypsy Joey, it's only the best line in the greatest coming-of-age movies of all time-"The Outsiders."
08-02-02 04:32 PM
Joey "Joey, it's only the best line in the greatest coming-of-age movies of all time-"The Outsiders."

Oh yeah , I remember that film starring Diane Lane and Larry Hagman .

Cool flick !

" Stay Gold Ronnie "

H.R. Puffin Joe

08-02-02 05:18 PM
gypsy Larry Hagman as "Ponyboy" absolutely makes that film!!!
08-02-02 05:30 PM
Joey Larry Hagman as "Ponyboy" absolutely makes that film!!! "

Amen my Queen , Hagman sure plays a mean ponyboy.

On another note , I put a little Chiba in your underwear drawer last evening ............did you find it ?


Snaggle Joe

08-02-02 05:33 PM
gypsy Joey, I don't wear underwear. How could you forget, you silly boy?
Yes, Larry Hagman is awesome as "Ponyboy!" I love his scenes with Matt Dillon-very heartwarming...
08-03-02 06:47 PM
FPM C10 A million thanks to all my friends for the birthday wishes. If wishes were fishes then we'd all fly.

Or not!

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