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Topic: CDR Trees Explained In Plain English!! Return to archive
07-31-02 01:48 PM
Sir Stonesalot A tree is a free method(well, not exactly, you have to buy some blanks and pay for postage)of distributing a recording to a lot of people in a relatively short period of time.

Here's how it works:

A Tree Administrator will post an invitation to join his tree for a specific recording. He will ask you to send him an email stating that you want to be included. You will also have to provide some other info for him, like your geographic location, what you burn with, and if you want to branch or be a leaf. If you decide to branch, how many leaves are you willing to take on(trust me, if you say anything less than 5, you won't get a branch).

Usually sign ups only last for a short period of time....say a week. If you miss the sign ups, don't worry. Lots of people are about to get their hands on it, wait a couple of weeks and you can trade for it, or grovel from someone. It happens all the time. So even if you miss the sign ups, you are still gonna end up with the discs eventually.

When the tree sign ups are complete, the tree administrator will generate a tree strucure. This could take a few days, especially if its a big tree. A tree structure is basically a big list of everyone on the tree. It is broken down into branches. The names farthest to the left are "seed branches". They will get "seed discs" directly from the tree admin. The seed branches are responsible for burning copies for all the names directly under his on the tree structure. These people would be "sub-branches". When the sub-branches get the discs from the seed branches, they are then responsible to burn copies for all the names directly under them on the tree structure. These people are leaves. The end of the line. All leaves have to do is go to the mailbox and pick up their discs.

Here is a small sample of what a tree structure might look like. (Tree Admin)
>>>Nasty (seed branch)
>>>>>>>>>> (sub-branch)
>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> (leaf)

yadda yadda yadda.

So the tree admin (me) would be sending discs to Nasty, Gazza, and Voodoo.

Nasty would be sending discs to Jaxx & Maxy.

Maxy would send discs to gypsy, moonie

And so on down thru the list. Now, you gotta understand, that sample structure is just that, a sample. The actual tree will be a lot bigger than that. Each branch will have at least 5 sub branches or leaves. If I end up running a tree here, I'll also break it down by continent. All the North Americans in one section, all the Euros in another, all the Brits in another, all the South Americans in another, Asians in another, Antartica in another....

Make sense? It should. It ain't rocket science.

Now the rules. Whaaa? Rules? Anarchy in the tree!


For a tree to run smoothly, everyone has to play by the same rules. If everyone doesn't work together and communicate, the tree will fall apart. I've seen it happen.

1. First rule of trees, you are responsible to contact the person above you on the tree structure. The branch is under no obligation to contact you. If you do not contact your branch to set up your trade or B & P(I'll get into this in a minute)they can assume that you are no longer interested in participating. CONTACT YOUR BRANCH AS SOON AS THE TREE STRUCTURE IS POSTED. They won't have the discs yet, but do your contact early, and get your set up out of the way. In the end, this will get you your discs quicker.

2. For a free tree(which is the only kind of tree that I'll be involved with), all trades will be on a disc for disc basis. No 2 for 1's allowed. Branches must also accept B&Ps. A B&P is short for Blanks and Postage. If someone under you doesn't have anything to trade(naked pictures don't count gypsy!), and I'll bet that happens a lot on a tree that would run here, you gotta accept blank CDRs and return postage. You'll get the proper amount of blank CDRs for the set, and that is what you will burn the music on. Then you will use the enclosed postage to return the discs to them. Remember, it's all about SHARING the music.

3. If you have a problem while the tree is running it's course, try to work it out yourself, and then contact the tree admin for help.

4. If you branch, you gotta do things in a timely manner. You can't sit on discs for weeks at a time. Turn around should be within 1 week. You are NOT required to send out discs if a leaf has not yet sent you trade discs or a B&P. However, cut them some slack...if they put it in the mail, send it out. It's not their fault if the Post Office drags their feet in getting it to you. If the stuff never gets to you...they are responsible for sending out replacements. If the discs you send out arrive smashed up, you are responsible for sending replacements.

5. You must burn Disc At Once(DAO). No track gaps(Pay attention Voodoo!). This does not apply to compilation discs, or studio outtakes. In other words, you gotta send out exact, clean clicks, pops, or digi-noise. If you send out crap, everyone below you is getting ripped off. If you send out crap, you are required to send out replacement copies. There are ways to ensure good clean copies...Use EAC for extraction, and burn at a slow speed, no more than 2X.

6. Don't use shitty discs. spend the extra couple of bucks and get a good brand. Cheapy discs=crappy sound. Memorex sucks. I've had nothing but problems with them. I've had good luck with TDK Certifieds, Fuji, Maxell, Kodak Gold, Mitsui, and Sony. you can't go wrong with any of those brands.

That's about it. A successful tree depends on good communication. Branches should keep their people up to date, and leaves should make sure that they set something up early on.

Go ahead with your questions...get 'em out now, before we get into a real tree situation. I know this is new to a lot of you, I'm not gonna think you're an idiot. Unless you don't ask your questions now, and get into a problem later. THEN I'll think you're an idiot.
07-31-02 05:31 PM
Martha Thanks for taking the time to explain the tree to a novice like myself. I really appreciate it Sir Stonesalot.

And I agree;

" Memorex sucks. I've had nothing but problems with them."

07-31-02 05:34 PM
Joey ">>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> (leaf) "

I love that leaf !

Makes for one wholesome tree ...............I think I will " Branch Out " right now .



07-31-02 05:43 PM
scope Thank you SS. If anyone didn't get this before, they should now. I hadn't realized about the B&P part. It makes it fair for everyone.
I also have to commend you on your example of people on the tree. You make scope laugh so hard!

Next time, don't forget to add
07-31-02 06:01 PM
Joey "Next time, don't forget to add "

Scopey ???????

Is that really you ????? God it is good to hear from you !

This board DESPERATELY needs your talents as you really know how to write a post !

You are truly " MINTY FRESH " and I look forward to your next post with baited breath .

Bunny Joey

P.S. Have you seen the WHO yet ?

Or " THE TWO " as I call them !!!!!!

07-31-02 06:03 PM
sirmoonie Jesus! Joey, was it really him? Was that really Scopey? Man, that dude can write one damn fine post!
07-31-02 06:04 PM
Joey Amen , Scopey is God in my book !

and now ................THIS !



Joe Fly

07-31-02 07:42 PM
Scot Rocks Thanks SS, for that explanation. I am a novice at these sort of things so thanks for clearing everything up.

07-31-02 08:56 PM
Gazza When the tour starts and the shows start circulating, I'd like to think that,as far as possible,we can do "trees" via this site for each show (or as many as possible) so that fans can get access to the recordings instead of paying out even more high prices to bootleggers (God knows,this tour is costing us enough already as it is..)

all we need now is some kind folks out there to "roll your tapes..."

07-31-02 09:25 PM
Gazza wrote:
all we need now is some kind folks out there to "roll your tapes..."

To anyone who has been to a concert recently, how was the security? Is it still possible to sneak recorders/cameraas into the shows? For MSG I would bet that they will still be using the metal detector wands and searching bags which they've been doing at other events there. So to those of you that have seen the Who this week, what was the scene? Could you have gotten a recorder past security?
07-31-02 09:39 PM
Sir Stonesalot Well, I was subjected to a pat search at the Who gig. If I had worn long pants and cowboy boots...yeah I could have taken the MD recorder in. But it was 90F. Too hot for that shit!

A metal detector would be tough to beat though, or is it just the wands?...Anybody know anyone who works concessions at MSG? That would be the way to get the recorder in. Give it to an employee to take in, and then hook up with them and get the recorder.

I don't think a disposable camera will be that hard to get in. It's plastic.
07-31-02 09:49 PM
scope The last time I was at MSG was in April and it was still just wands. Most of the guards with the wands look like the lazy type and I don't think I ever saw them bend down to wave past anyones feet, so boots may do the trick. And don't you just love the irony in that!
07-31-02 09:59 PM
Sir Stonesalot Cool. I think I can get the MD recorder in if that's the case.

I'm going to all 3 NYC shows...If I get the recorder in to all 3 shows...I promise to make sure that you all get a crack at them.

08-01-02 12:55 AM
Martha I've only been subjected to the wand treatment once so far and that was for McCartney at Gund Arena in Cleveland. That was the highest security I've seen this year for any Ohio shows.
08-01-02 01:46 AM
gypsy Oh gosh! I just now read this post...too funny! Ya gotta make up an addy for KeepRigid or his pesky lawyer!
08-01-02 06:52 AM
Lazy Bones Re: return postage. Although branches usually lie within the same continent, return postage can be difficult. For example, I'm in Canada, if I send discs to my branch in the US, I can't purchase return postage here and send it. So a 2:1 to cover the return postage is usually best. Of course, as stated, things like this can and should be worked out between the branch and leaf.
08-01-02 12:21 PM
Sir Stonesalot Martha...I'm so sorry that you've only experienced the wand treatment once....

I'll give ya the wand whenever you want.

Heh heh heh.

Ohhhhhhhh Yeahhhhhhhhh!!!
08-01-02 12:34 PM
Joey Forget the Wand Treatment !!!!!

Usually when I go to a concert , security always tells me to lift my sack and spread my cheeks .

What's up with that ?

Please .....................I's justs gots to know !

Jo Jo

08-01-02 12:50 PM
Lazy Bones
Joey wrote:
Usually when I go to a concert , security always tells me to lift my sack and spread my cheeks .

Try going to the female guards.
08-01-02 01:04 PM
Martha Martha...I'm so sorry that you've only experienced the wand treatment once....

I'll give ya the wand whenever you want.

Heh heh heh.

Ohhhhhhhh Yeahhhhhhhhh!!!

Well...let's see it then...come on...out with it...!

Once is NEVER enough.

08-01-02 05:56 PM
Gazza >To anyone who has been to a concert recently, how was the security? Is it still possible to sneak recorders/cameraas into the shows? For MSG I would bet that they will still be using the metal detector wands and searching bags which they've been doing at other events there

cant speak for every act,but pretty much every Dylan show in the USA since 9/11 has circulated easily and quickly on CD/CDR..and I'd imagine plenty on video too

Theres always a way..until only a few years ago here in Belfast it was standard procedure to be frisked and have your bags searched going into a concert in case some psycho smuggled a bomb into the place. Didnt stop concerts being recorded,though.

Thanks for the offer on the three New York shows, Sir Stonesalot - 3 down and about 100 to go!!

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