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Mexico City, during the shooting of "She Was Hot" and "Too Much Blood"
January 1984 by Agapito Pelaéz K... Gracias Rogerriffin
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Topic: last night Return to archive
07-31-02 10:10 AM
voodoopug any one get any word on rehearsals last night?
07-31-02 10:39 AM
Joey No , but I lost my dope again last evening .

Have you seen it ?????????

I was watching the " Howard Stern Show " on E ! Network last night -- they had that sexy Playboy Playmate Tina Jordan on the program ( She is Hef's new girlfriend by the way ) and during the commercial break I went to reach for my Chiba and it was missing .

Damn !!
07-31-02 10:46 AM
jb Joey, when I attended the University of Florida from 80-84, it is unquetioned that Gainesville had the finest quality of chiba ever produced in the continental United States. The buds glistened with THC and the sweet , sticky texture was awe inspiring.
07-31-02 11:09 AM
Joey Hey Josh ,

Do you ever watch Howard Stern's show on the " E " television network . Man , last night they had this hot little bimbette on the program ( Tina Jordan , Miss March 2002 ) who just opened up her very own fitness store ( all with Hefner's cash ) . It is called " Bella's fitness "

Go figure ...................

I was thinking of becoming a member .....and you ?


07-31-02 11:26 AM
jb membership has its privileges...however I can't stand Stern anymore as he always bad mouths the Stones...
07-31-02 11:26 AM
winter Hey JB:

Wanna make a little wager on the Canes/Gators in the Swamp? I was going to fly down for the game, but the Stones come first.

Wintah the Ibis
07-31-02 11:35 AM
jb You forget...I grew up in Miami and graduated UM school of Law. I am I die hard Hurricane fan and never cared much for the Gators. In fact, remember when the gainesvillians started to toss horse dung at the UM players in one of their last regular season meetings, and Schnellenberger had us kick a 53yd field goal to "rub it in" to the classless gator fans..The was a proud moment for me. As far as UF, a great college town, constant partying, fraternity gang bangs, and I have never stepped foot in Gainesville since graduating in 84!
07-31-02 11:47 AM
David i love professional/prison league footbal.
07-31-02 11:54 AM
winter JB:

Sorry, I had another senior moment. I've been having to many of them lately for 31, maybe I should lay off the bottle.

Anyway, Some friends and I road tripped up to UF in '93 following Hurricane Andrew since classes were postponed and Miami was a quasi war zone. As I am sure you recall, there is no shortage of hot women at UF. It made Miami look like a school for the deformed. Great parties as well. I have a vague recollection that one bar had "drinkin with lincoln" - penny beers all nite.

Great place to party, glad to see you made it out of there alive.

Wintah the forgetful,
07-31-02 12:06 PM
winter David:

Let me guess, BC or Notre Dame?

07-31-02 12:10 PM
David go irish!
07-31-02 12:28 PM
Maxlugar That pussy Howard Stern is always knocking the Stones.

He went to McCartney a few months ago and was praising him up and down though.

Stupid loser.

"Keep on lovin'" - Maxlugar 7/31/02
07-31-02 12:32 PM
winter Predictable. Helluva team you had there last year. Anyway, with an avatar like that, you can't be all bad.

07-31-02 12:37 PM
winter Maxy:

Maybe Stern likes Macca boobies. I said months ago that I thought Stern sucked, and I took a lot of shit for it. At one time he was funny, but his act has become very tired.

Fart jokes, and hey can I see your, or your wife's, tits.

What a way to make a living, beats the hell out of the gig that I have,

07-31-02 12:38 PM
winter so there is no confusion, the predictable post was directed to David,

07-31-02 01:16 PM
steel driving hammer When does that Anna Nicole Smith TV show start?

Heard Britany Spears walked out on just her 4th song this Mon in Mexico.
Crowd booed, and she said sorry Mexico.
What a joke she is.
I just hope she doesn't become political.

But Arnold Schwarzenegger for Governor should be.
07-31-02 01:22 PM
jb I heard Britney was in Mexico at the same time as the know what they say about "catholic girls"..
07-31-02 01:59 PM
Maxlugar Britney is an incredibly beautiful and driven young girl. Not sure there is real talent there though.

The fall will be very hard. Hope she socked it away in some swiss bank.

I saw a behind the whatever on her one time and felt nothing but sorrow for her cute little self.

Her handlers dictate her every move. Even when cutting songs her "people" tell her how to sing it.

Britney, Maxy is here for you. I have my incredibly toned arms held out to catch you.

Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm WHOA! mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmaxy!
07-31-02 02:04 PM
Joey 'You know what they say about "catholic girls"..'

No , I don't ! But I was wondering if you could please tell me WHY WHY WHY Marvin Gaye Sr. shot his son to death ?

What's up with that ??????

Bunny !

07-31-02 02:27 PM
sirmoonie Why are you guys always going on about Gayes?
07-31-02 02:50 PM
jb As much as I try to hate her, Britney's beauty more than makes up for her destroying the music industry with her co-horts BSB, En Sync, etc. I think she will be fine Maxy as she has earned over 100 million these past few years.
Joey, Marvin Sr.shot his son who was in a cocaine induced paranoia state while he was staying in his parents home. The old man apparently beat Mrs. Gaye and young Marvin "dissed" his father and failed to show him the respect a man of the house deserves. Consequently, his father shot Marvin Jr. to death and sadly died about 8 yrs later.
07-31-02 08:35 PM
gypsy EEEEEEEWWWWW! Joey! That Tina Jordan is so gross. She looks like trailer-park trash! She's trying too hard to look like Pamela Anderson. She is in this month's Playboy with her daughter (pics from Hef's Easter party-I have no idea why they're in this new issue). She looks really bad, and her kid looks like a trog (and, I really hate to say bad things about kids).
08-01-02 09:48 AM
Joey 'She looks like trailer-park trash! She's trying too hard to look like Pamela Anderson. She is in this month's Playboy with her daughter (pics from Hef's Easter party-I have no idea why they're in this new issue). She looks really bad, and her kid looks like a trog (and, I really hate to say bad things about kids). '

Yeah , I hear you Gypsy , but ain't plastic surgey wonderful ? However , trashy or not , I would imagine being Hef's " Mother Hen " has its advantages ! for the kid ...........typical Hollywood thing ........Run Away !


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