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Topic: Standing...or sitting?Concert etiquette... Return to archive
07-30-02 11:54 PM
annex_crowe When I saw the Stones at the Air Canada Centre for "No Security"-the majority of people were sitting,except for those on the floor.What is up with that?I was one of the only people in my section up and dancing...and this October at the ACC and Skydome I will be UP!!!It's a (Stones)concert damnit!I'm not even going to get into the ticket prices and being told to "sit down" because I'm in the way,etc...

What have you said to someone if they told/asked you to sit down (no matter if they asked you politely, or rudely said something to you) at a concert?
07-31-02 12:06 AM
MidnightRambler This is a very good question. I can only assume that the farther the seat is away from the stage--the more likely that people would want to sit down. Probably all the areas where they seem out of connection w/ the Stones, you'd find people on their opposed to the people on the floor who will feel the electricity of the Stones near them.

My seat for the United Center is smack dab right in front of the B-stage. You can bet that when they hit the B-stage---I'll be standing but how about the rest of the show? Will everyone be still standing or sitting? Anybody sit near the b-stage? What do you do?

07-31-02 12:20 AM
parmeda This was too good to pass up...

The standing vs. sitting has never really been an issue for me. It's a concert. Have a good time and enjoy yourself. However, I have to say that this one time, a young woman really pissed me off, and this is how I took care of that situation...
Picture this. Chicago, Soldier Field, The Stones...jam packed like sardines. I light up a cigarette (remember, I'M OUTSIDE....) This young woman turns around, looks me dead in the eye and says, "I just bought this Stones t-shirt and I'd appreciate it if you didn't smoke around me...I don't want it to stink like smoke." Well, I was dumb-founded to say the least. She never said a word to the gentleman next to her that lit up a joint, nor did she say anything to the drunks that were squeezing past her dripping their beers on her toes. So, I waited. She "forgot" where she was and slid that brand new t-shirt of hers on her seat so she could jump and frolic with the rest of us...that's when I made my move. I lit yet another cigarette and proceeded to flick my ashes on that new shirt of hers...but did I stop there? Hell no! I looked at my husband's beer cup that had about 1/4 of it left, snatched it out of his hand and poured it over that shirt.
I look at it this polite, be courtious, check out your surroundings. You never know who may be sitting behind you.

Have a great time at your shows!
07-31-02 12:23 AM
parmeda Midnight!
I'll be sitting right above you, and I promise I won't slip any beer on you...
07-31-02 01:01 AM
MidnightRambler Parmeda--

Thanks! Good to hear! Chicago's gonna rock! How many shows you attending?
07-31-02 01:30 AM

If the band can stay on their feet for 2+ hours, so can you. I HATE people who sit at shows. Well, not really, but only if they expect me to sit too.

And there were a bunch of lame ass motherfuckers at the Who show at the Hollywood Bowl too.

I pray to god to take the life of anyone outside of the wheelchair section who wants to sit down at the Stones shows I am going to.
07-31-02 02:30 AM
parmeda Midnight...
I'll see you on the 10th! Would love to run into anyone from here that's going...We'll have to talk before then, ok?

07-31-02 06:23 AM
nankerphelge Hey parmy -- nice job on the shirt!! I like that! I was at an airshow once and some dude with a camera butted in front of me to take some pictures -- when he wasn't paying attention, I smeared a big looggie on his lens -- I always wondered what those pics looked like!

"Here's a shot of an F-16, but I'm not sure why this snot is on here."

At the first NS show in DC, this guy behind me askes me to sit down because his lame-ass girlfriend couldn't see -- and this was as the band was taking the stage!!!! I told him quite clealry that I would be standing for the entire show. Dicks -- stay home and wait for the PPV.
07-31-02 08:08 AM
winter I honestly can't believe this is an issue. If I'm not standing, I'm not going. If you're gonna sit, why don't you get a beer or take a nap during Keith's set - frickin disrespectful. I never sat at a Stones show, and I've been to 9 of them.

To me there is no better way to tell a band that they ain't cuttin it than to sit.

As someone mentioned earlier, if Mick can run, jump and sing for 2+ hours, we can at least get off our lazy arses.

I am not saying be rude or disrespectful to those around you (e.g., don't stand on your seat to get a better view if no one else is around you - I hate that), but show the boys some appreciation.

For those of you in the balcony, maybe the rules are different. I don't know.

I am off the soap box,

07-31-02 08:46 AM
sly The only time I ever had to sit for any length of time at a stones show was in the nosebleeds. It's pretty brutal watching a show from a million miles away. As far as the main floor, I've always been able to stand for the entire show. In fact during VL tour at Soldier Field in chicago everbody was standing on their chairs when the Stones came on stage, and my seat broke and I had no choice but to stand. The only other time was at the united center 99 when keith did his set, I had seats near the b-stage and people were sitting, but I was too schmeezed to care and kept boogeying. I hate sitting for a gig.
07-31-02 09:49 AM
Scot Rocks I will be standing and jumpin about like an idiot, if u wana stand and go mental, come to europe!!!

07-31-02 10:17 AM
Lazy Bones
annex_crowe wrote:
When I saw the Stones at the Air Canada Centre for "No Security"-the majority of people were sitting,except for those on the floor.What is up with that?

That's Toronto! Doesn't matter which of the major concert venues you're at (Air Canada Centre, Molson Amphitheatre, SkyDome and even the CNE when it existed), the majority of people sit. Now I've seen many, many shows at all of these venues...and it's not because they're not "fans", it's because they're considerate of those behind them! Every single time a song, by any artist, brings the crowd to their feet concludes, most people in the crowd turn around to look if those behind them are sitting down. Now, please spare me with "fuck them" attitudes. If that's how you feel because you bought your ticket and prefer to stand, that's fine. I personally prefer to stand, too!
In the last 12 years, I've seen 63 concerts at these 4 venues alone. This is the case in Toronto - love it or hate it! The only show of these where EVERYONE was on there feet for the entire show...was Aerosmith.
The real kicker is, if you're the kind of person that likes to dance, if you choose to dance in the aisle to be considerate, they force you back to your seat. I don't get it.
[Edited by Lazy Bones]
07-31-02 11:31 AM
TomL Gotta stand. i hate those dicks that want to stay on their ass. Gotta tell this one. Once at a Robert Plant show at Merriweather Post outside of Baltimore around 10 years ago the following events happened. We were on the lawn and the people in front of us were complaining that we were singing and yelling toomuch. Reallt gave us a hard time. When Plant played a zep song they stood up and there attition was focused on the stage. Me and my buddy pissed all over there blanket and new tee shirts. Several songs later the one women picked up the shirt felt it was wet and smelt it. The look on her face was priceless. We laughed our asses off.
07-31-02 12:03 PM
Martini I think if the majority of the people around you are standing, go ahead and stand and dance around.

If the people in your section are sitting, respect the majority and sit.

Stones fans are by and large pretty good people. Just remember that everyone wants to see the show, and everyone needs to work together and demonstrate respect towards one another to make this happen. That way everyone can hear and see the gig, which is what it is all about anyway.


07-31-02 12:07 PM
David how about singing along? really loud. as in a way to show everybody "SEE I'M SUCH A HUGE FAN I KNOW ALL THE WORDS TO THESE SONGS except saint of me and sad sad sad!!"

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