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Topic: Fuck off, all of yas! Return to archive
07-30-02 02:09 PM
Sir Stonesalot That is how Pete Townsend greeted us last night at the Hershey Stadium. After putting up with about a half hour of Robert Plant caterwaulling...the once mighty Who took the stage.

Some thoughts....

Pete Towsend is a guitar playing dynamo.

Roger is in FINE voice...not gravely at all.

Zak Starkey is a fuckin' ANIMAL on the skins.

The Who have an outstanding body of work.

I think Roger waxes his chest.

Pete's brother Simon looks like Moby(or vice versa).

Ringo Starr could not hit a snare as hard as his son...even if he used 2 hands.

Old people who tell young people to sit down at a rock concert are complete assholes.

The Who don't play nearly as loud as they used to.

Thunder got louder after John died.

Seeing the Who was great...but it wasn't a Stones show.
This Who tour is a great appetizer for the fall....I'm READY! Ready's anybody can be...

If The Who charge $32.00 for a t-shirt, and $20.00 for a tour program....what do you think the Stones are gonna charge?

I hope the Stones take a page from The Who and play on a small stage...close to each other. You could see Roger and Pete feeding off of each other..because they were so close together on the stage. I think this would help Keith & Woody...and force Mick to stand still and fucking belt it out!

Anyhow, FPM & I had a cool(actually it was really fucking hot.)night at a rock show. Life is good.
07-30-02 02:12 PM
TomL How was Plants set, all new stuff. Seen the Who around 5 or 6 times, shouda went this time but all my cash flow is tied up on Stones stuff.
07-30-02 02:34 PM
Sir Stonesalot Tom, I'm the wrong guy to ask about Robert Plant. I can't stand the guy. His voice is like fingernails on a chalkboard to me.

I probably would have been a big Zep fan if it wasn't for him.

Some more thoughts on the Who show.

1/2 of the Who is light years better than 1/4th of Led Zep...especially THAT 1/4th.

The Who are still mighty.

The only sad moment of the show was at the end, when Pete and Roger were taking their bows...they looked small and lonely with no Moonie and Ox.

Some stupid radio station was outside in the parking lot playing Creed. I was insulted. FPM went over and humiliated the guy from the radio station. Playing Creed at a Who concert should be punishable by instant flaming death.
07-30-02 02:34 PM
Joey "Ringo Starr could not hit a snare as hard as his son...even if he used 2 hands. "

Stoney .................

You make Joey giggle !!!!!! I am so glad Fleabit and yourself had a great time and Happy Happy Birthday Fleabit ( Actually , your birthday is tomorrow , but what the Hell )

.....and Happy Happy Birthday to Stoney and myself ( August 1st ) !!! YES !!!

The " TWO " as appetizers !!! I beg to differ , but the point is moot !

" Pete Townshend IS a guitar playing dynamo Ronnie "

Bunny Joey

07-30-02 02:44 PM
TomL So all three of us are August 1 huh?
07-30-02 03:12 PM
sirmoonie "Playing Creed at a Who concert should be punishable by instant flaming death."

A-pissing-men, SS.

Glad you and FPM had a good show.

SPIV me all ovaahhhhhhh.........
07-30-02 03:59 PM
steel driving hammer >"Playing Creed at a Who concert should be punishable by instant flaming death."

What He Who Said!

So instead of helping out those Coal Miners in your own state, you decided to Rock and Roll?


Those 72 shows..........................................???
07-30-02 04:02 PM
steel driving hammer Btfw,

From a guy who rarley goes to live shows, I know they usually sell shirts 'outside' the event right after the show for much less.

07-30-02 04:17 PM
jb Having seen the Who many times, it is unquestionable that they put on one of the best shows in rock....but the difference b/t a Who show and Stones concert is that when you leave a Who concert you may say "what a great show" whereas a Stones concert you feel like you just experienced a little bit of rock history which cannot simply be explained in terms of a show....
07-30-02 04:38 PM
Joey "Just experienced a little bit of rock history which cannot simply be explained in terms of a show...."

Only if Mick Taylor shows up !

07-30-02 05:26 PM
Martha Thanks for posting about the Who show Sir Stonesalot...been waiting to hear from you on that. I thought Zak was awesome too, when I saw him last tour.

I just returned from seeing YES and must head got blown off...they are simply incredible musicians..and Rick Wakeman is back! So a bit of R & R history for me.

I am planning to beg, borrow....starve...whatever it takes, to get to the Who show in Columbus the 28th. Does anyone know why the later added shows have cancelled?

Of course...the build-up is to the Stones in October...which will simply rip the place apart.

Ohhh how I Loooove music!

ps the new Springsteen CD (The Rising) came out today and we grabbed it on the way back from Cuyahoga ROCKS! Excellent effort from the Boss and the E street band.

Voodoo...Great shot today! You still rock my world with all those great photos you find!
07-30-02 06:45 PM
complicated Sirstonesalot,

Thank you for the informative and entertaining Who report (you have a great sense of humor)! In regards to Robert Plant's voice, you are in fine company, a certain Mr. Keith Richards once described his voice as "f****n' acrobatic" (whoop whoop up and down all over the place). Now I like him just fine as long as he sings straight (like on the Zep unplugged) but I cannot bear to listen to the guy when he does the overkill thing!
07-30-02 08:36 PM
Sir Stonesalot Plant's encore was "Whole Lotta Love" started out promising enough...guitar player playing Muddy's "Rollin' Stone" lick...unfortunately that was the highlight. The rest of it was Plant shrieking. I guess he was trying to use his voice as a harmonica or just sounded like 2 cats screeching in the night to me. Most everyone sitting around us thought it was just great though. This one dunken kiddo in front of us said.."Man there is no WAY that Plant is an opening act." I didn't say anything, but I immediately thought, "Then why is he doing it?" IMO, that's all the guy is best. Dull dull dull.
07-31-02 12:22 AM
Prodigal Son Well, indeed. The Stones are history when you see them. It's different because the Who do rock out and are awesome but it's all nostalgia because they've been inactive in the studio for 20 years. Over. Kaput. Plus, their deaths haven't helped. But even with Moonie and the Ox and if they hadn't broken up in 1982, it still would've been nostalgia because it would be seen as Mods who went past their prime. Their motto always had been "Hope I die before I get old" while the Stones have always been a rebel bunch of bad boys that have always shown no signs of giving into nostalgia. They're still relevant, still touring and still a real band after 40 years! Just like Muddy Waters and Keith's other heroes, the Stones are still making music 40 years later and have survived through everything. They will never fade away or be cast aside. The Stones will keep going until one of 'em drops dead (god forbid) sometime when they're old in their 70s. Keith will always persevere through old age. They age like a fine wine no matter what critics say. And when critics get all over them for still going, well so what! They've never broken up and we still hear complaints. Aerosmith is only a bit younger but no one complains of geezers still making records and touring. Probably because Aerosmith acts like they're a contemporary band still and can sell records. But because the Stones are just going on big tours and not topping the charts, they get a slagging. I think by now that Aerostink on the most part is in it for the money, but the Stones do it for the fun of it mostly (Charlie sometimes grumbles, but still gets his cash out of it). The Who are nostalgia just touring for the money as well. Yet the Stones are legends for their ability to keep on keeping on. That's the bottom line of the Stones being the most hard fighting band ever. To make it this far and not be reduced to singing hits from over 20 years ago and nothing but. The Stones actually have a catalogue to choose from in the 80s and 90s. We'll see if they keep making records, but I'm sure they'll do it again (if Mick can once again forget about impressing young kids with music he isn't well-known for, only stuff with lackeys his kids like listening to). The Stones are history for sure. The Who are merely a great act that used to be current. Sorry Joey, it's the truth.
07-31-02 12:34 AM
Prodigal Son Oh yes, in addition, that station needs a strong ass whooping. If some station were outside a Stones concert with many of the Netboard fans here at Rocks off and at GasX3 I'd love to see it when they start playing some shit like this Christian rock crap Lifehouse, P.O.D., Creed and also stuff like Andrew W.K., Linkin Park. God I hate myself for having heard of this nimrods, but anyway. I'm sure this station set up outside would be barraged with all of the guys blasting Stones right into his mic, screwing up his broadcast. Then he'd have to be high on the air as everyone would start lighting up the chiba right around him. The guy who actually does that has balls and/or is very stupid.
07-31-02 09:35 AM
Joey "I am planning to beg, borrow....starve...whatever it takes, to get to the Who show in Columbus the 28th. Does anyone know why the later added shows have cancelled? "

Hello Martha .............

Please see this show ! The WHO added three club shows and cancelled the gigs in Iowa City , St. Louis and Cleveland .

Yes , the boys took a page from the Stones' book and are playing a couple of intimate club dates in Chicago and Los Angeles . The Chicago " House of Blues " show is priced at only $ 400 .00 but sold out in minutes ( Surprise -- Surprise -- Surprise )

" Help Me Ronnie "

Bunny Joey

07-31-02 09:52 AM
Scot Rocks Damn I wanna see the Who some day, hopefully though as the saying goes...

"Good things come to those who wait"

07-31-02 10:15 AM
bez85 sorry Beer, you and no-one else will ever see The Who live again...all things must pass
07-31-02 10:18 AM
bez85 sorry Beer i meant Scot Rocks

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